10 apps for creating business cards

4. Business Card Creator

Business Card Creator is yet another alternative among the applications for creating business cards. It's free with a paid version that unlocks over 800 fonts and many professional templates for you.

In it, you find, completely free of charge, images, icons and fonts to create your cards, all without watermark. It also offers an edit history, so you can restore an earlier version that you think is best. Download for iOS or Android.

Business Card Maker applications for creating business cards

5. CamCard

CamCard does not offer the ability to create business cards, but simply to scan it. It has the idea of ​​not only being an aggregator of all your business cards, but allows the user to scan their own card for sharing.

It offers Bluetooth sharing with nearby people, by email, contact list and more. Allows you to use the address on the card to find it through Google Maps, and in its free version stores up to 200 cards. Download from the Play Store or the App Store.

6. Logo Maker

In Logo Maker you can create logos, icons, symbols and posters for your company or your brand with a few clicks. It offers many filters, over 5000 fonts, special effects and more.

It features over 1000 templates, over 5000 logo graphics, and over 300 backgrounds, and lets you import your own logo. The app is free for the first 3 days, then you must pay weekly or make an annual payment. Download it from the link.

7. L-Card Pro

L-Card Pro is one of the most complete options among applications for creating business cards. It has a large selection of default templates and allows you to create your own template. It also allows the user to scan as many cards as they want.

It identifies 24 languages, offers instant card editing, card sharing via email, QR Code or social media. In addition, you can find the address of scanned cards in the map application.

Go to the official website to see more. You can also download them for Android or iOS and start creating your cards now.

L-Card Pro Apps for Creating Business Cards

8. Switchit Digital Business Card

Switchit is another great option found in our list of business card design applications. It focuses on simplicity and has many designs ready for you to use. All it takes is customizing contact details and logos.

Most tools are completely free. Here you can add contacts, edit, share your card internationally and customize the templates offered with your company colors. Go to the official website or download from the App Store or Play Store.

9. Digital Business Card Maker

With Digital Business Card Maker you can create your business cards in minutes by customizing from predefined templates or creating one from scratch. With the app, you can create cards for work, party invitations, or for your business.

There are many customizations offered, with fonts, graphics and more. There is also a premium version, which frees more templates, fonts, graphics and options for cropping and resizing images. It is exclusive to Android; download via the link.

Haystack is the last of our app options for creating business cards. It focuses on creating digital cards for you and your team with a consistent style. Here you can define a style that everyone in your company or company should use by adding their details.

You can also see how often other users are visiting your cards. The app allows the user to scan any card they want to always have access to them. Go to the official website or download for Android or iOS.

Haystack Apps For Creating Business Cards

So, what did you think of the applications for creating business cards?

Leave your feedback on the apps we have added to our list, and tell them if you already know one or use one you think is best.

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