10 apps to download videos and stories on Instagram

You can often be using your phone on Instagram and watching some video you want to save or some story you always want to see again. Unfortunately, the platform does not allow the user to do any of these tasks easily, and it is necessary to use other apps to download videos and stories.

If you've been through this and want to be able to download everything simply, without having to ask your friends to upload you videos individually, your problems are over. Here is a list of 10 of the best applications that allow you to download the content in question. And if you like the Instagram theme, check out some more articles where we talk about it:

1. Repost for Instagram – Regrann

The first of the apps to download videos and stories is Regrann, one of the oldest of its kind and also one of the most popular, precisely for its immense amount of great features.

Its main function is to simplify the reposting of images and videos from the platform, but within it you can also download the media quite easily.

To do so, simply share the media link with the app and click on the save icon. This will allow the content to be stored on your Android smartphone. If you want to see more, go to the official website.


2. Repost – Photo & Video Repost

This application is much more than a way to repost pictures and videos on Instagram, as well as allowing you not only to download them, but to browse Instagram within the application itself. You can also make edits as you wish on downloaded media.

As one of the apps for downloading videos and stories, it also does not sin, not only offering functionality, but in a very intuitive way. All that is required is to open the image by the repost button and click the download button. To see more about this app, go to play store.

3. Story Saver App

Another app for downloading videos and stories is this, which offers the functions of reposting content, as well as the main functionality of allowing its user to download any media they want.

It also works as a replacement for the official Instagram app, as it allows you to log in to your account, connect to Facebook and fully use the platform through the app, as well as create your own stories. To download it, follow the link.

story saver app apps for downloading videos and stories

4. Story Ghost

Another such application is Story Ghost, which is available only for iOS devices, which allows the user to view all public profile stories without leaving a trace, so that they are not identified.

Allows you to simply download, without the need for login, all stories of those who have not left your account in private mode, which may be a negative point, but also allows the user to schedule future reposts easily. To see more, go to the official website.

5. Story Saver

Names repeat a lot in apps for downloading videos and stories, but they are different apps. This is another of the apps to download videos and stories, which allows the user to save all Instagram media they want in a very simple way and in any format.

You can also share (repost) downloaded files easily. Plus, you can bookmark accounts to always be on top of what your favorite profiles post. Just like the previous one on the list, you can do everything anonymously if you wish. To see more, go to the Play Store.

story saver apps to download videos and stories

6. Story Saver

We have one more app with exactly the same name, but again, it's different from other apps for downloading videos and stories. This is one of the most complete on the list, not only allowing you to download all the content you want, but also ensuring greater ease when using IGTV.

In addition to allowing a user to save any platform content they want, it also offers the ability to download everything that specific profiles have posted with one click. This app is only available on the Play Store for Android devices.

7. FastSave

Another app for downloading videos and stories is FastSave, which allows the user to download multiple media files at the same time. To do so, just click the share URL button within the Instagram application that the download will start.

In this app you can prepare slideshows of all files downloaded by it and also organize them from the main menu. It also allows you to download videos from IGTV. To see more of this great application, go to the official website, where you can download apps for Android or iOS.

8. Repost Story for Instagram

We've been through a lot of “Repost for Instagram” and “Story Saver” and now we've come to Repost Story for Instagram, which has the main function of reposting, or republishing, media from other Instagram profiles on yours.

However, it also allows you to download any images and videos that have been posted on the platform, as well as allowing you to check your post history, know which posts you like, and view stories anonymously. It is available for both iOS on the App Store and Android on the Play Store.

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Repost story for instagram apps to download videos and stories

9. In Grabber

One of the best app options for downloading videos and stories is this, which offers users the ability to download such content as well as save it from their feed and IGTV.

It makes it much easier to repost content on both Instagram and other social networks like Facebook and, unlike most apps on the list, lets you download live streams. It is only available on the Play Store, without version for iPhone smartphones.

10. Instant Saver

Finally, we come to the last of our apps to download videos and stories from our list, Instant Saver, which works by allowing the user to repost unmarked Instagram content, as some on the list do, for free.

It also allows you to categorize everything downloaded by the application, making it easy to search later when you want to repost. It also allows you to save media as favorites for even simpler access. It is only available for iOS on the App Store.

So, what did you think about our list of apps for downloading Instagram videos and stories?

You can use these applications to better control your future posts on the platform, and you can easily repost old content yourself. Remember that to post other people's media, you need to ask permission from them.

Tell us what you think in the comments and be sure to check out our tips for the best Instagram apps and how to gain popularity on the platform.

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