10 apps to keep productivity in quarantine

If you have not yet managed to adapt properly and maintain productivity in quarantine, there are several others with the same problem as you. You are not alone in this.

Studying or being able to work while dealing with interruptions at home can be a new universe for you, except that there were already many who worked in this regime even before the pandemic. Many digital content producers operate directly from their homes.

What does that mean? That you are in any way inferior to these professionals?

No way! In fact, it is advantageous that these professionals exist. Do you know why?

Because several companies have developed applications to keep productivity working at home. Now, you also have access to these tools!

So if you're having trouble working from home, check out this complete list of apps to keep productivity in quarantine below!

1. MindMeister

Mind maps are one of the best tools to develop the objectives and goals of a project, helping to keep productivity in quarantine. MindMeister is the main reference in mind maps, so I couldn't be left out.

Available on computers and smartphones, MindMeister has a collection of models. These templates serve a variety of purposes, such as creating your team's organization charts, dividing a large project into smaller parts that are easier to achieve or even to organize your studies.

Access the link now to start creating mind maps on MindMeister!

2. Trello

The first option of many, Trello works as a kind of virtual whiteboard. Only instead of drawing on it, you insert your tasks, which are arranged in the form of cards.

You can use colored labels to categorize your tasks – especially useful if you work on multiple projects simultaneously – to post comments, attach files or insert images.

If you are working remotely with a team, you can also add other members and assign task cards to them, for example. You can also use Trello as a calendar app, creating date cards with appointments for the day, week or month.

keep productivity in quarantine with trello

3. Todoist

Although quite simple, Trello can still have excessive functions for some. Todoist is a simpler alternative, especially if you need a productivity app focused only on to-do lists.

That's exactly what Todoist looks like. You can also work as a team, assigning tasks to other members. In addition, you can use colors to prioritize tasks, schedule them and enter comments and help keep productivity in quarantine.

Todoist has a function called Intelligent Scheduling, which learns your rescheduling patterns and gives suggested dates for tasks you were unable to complete on the day, streamlining your organization.

4. Evernote

The native Windows or Mac notepad can be enough for many. But Evernote is the perfect note-taking app. In addition to saving your notes, you can use it as a to-do list, agenda, store digital files, photos of documents taken on your phone and links to interesting articles you found on the internet.

That is, Evernote has a wide range of functions. You can even use it as the only app for everything, as long as you have enough organization.

5. MeisterTask

From the same company that developed MindMeister, MeisterTask competes directly with Trello, offering similar functionality. That is, you will have a kind of digital whiteboard, which can be filled with your tasks and projects.

It also allows the inclusion of members of your work team, making it easier to organize and delegate tasks. Your standard model Inspired by the Kanban method of organizing tasks, you can use it to keep up with the progress of tasks and projects, in addition to maintaining productivity in quarantine.

On the other hand, you can also customize it in a way that helps you feel more productive. After all, the whole purpose is for the app to be one of the apps to maintain productivity in any situation.

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6. Google Calendar

Many underestimate free tools like Google's, but they can very well organize themselves using the agenda that the platform offers.

With Google Calendar, you can schedule appointments and tasks according to the time. Use this tool to have a start and end time for what you need to produce. By not applying a deadline, you are likely to procrastinate until the last moment, which is not healthy.

In addition, Google Calendar makes it possible to configure notifications by email or smartphone so that you are not distracted and miss an appointment. After all, losing an appointment makes it difficult to nurture long-lasting relationships with customers. It also offers integration with a variety of applications to keep your productivity in quarantine.

7. Google Keep

A little-known tool, Google Keep resembles Evernote, but with an interface that resembles murals filled with post-its.

On these digital post-its, just put the reminders you need to keep an eye on or make lists of tasks that need to be completed.

Easy to access on your computer or cell phone, just open the notes app and with just a touch, you can add new notes. This makes it one of the simplest applications to maintain productivity in the quarantine of our list.

It is worth mentioning that it can be integrated with other Google tools, such as the aforementioned Google Calendar, but also your Gmail or Google Drive.

8. Slack

Are you wasting a lot of time on WhatsApp games and mixing business and personal conversations? So Slack is what you need to keep WhatsApp out of your work.

The messaging app is exclusive for work, so you can only add members of your team to your contacts. Slack works by project, that is, you create a project in it and include only those who are related to it.

With the channel created, you have a general chat room in which everyone can participate. In addition, you can exchange direct messages or specific groups, as if they were sectors.

In Slack conversations, you can insert links, images and almost any type of file. The app also integrates with Google Drive, allowing you to share files more easily.

slack is a communicator that does not interrupt your productivity

9. CloudApp

We often spend hours talking about something that could be solved just by taking a print and showing the problem. CloudApp is one of the few quarantine apps to keep productivity in mind that thought of it.

The service allows you to take screenshots and put notes or arrows to explain and indicate errors in any task. You can also use it to explain software features, for example.

In addition, it allows you to record your PC screen, making it even easier to explain tasks, projects or how a program works for your team. That is, you will not waste more time writing long tutorials, solving everything in just a few images or a video with less than 5 minutes.

10. Toggl

Something you need to do to improve your home office productivity is to know how long it takes to complete your tasks. Writing an article, recording videos or improving your site's UX are time-consuming tasks.

Since time is a limited resource, you need to organize yourself in a way that you can handle the maximum number of tasks in a day. Toggl is the app that helps you do that.

It makes it possible to time the time it takes to perform a task, in addition to integrating with your favorite calendar app, also measuring the time that your meetings and videoconferences take.

All of these timings are collected and presented by automatic reports created by the application. It is ideal for professionals whose work is paid for now, as it is a way to manage and report to your client that you have fulfilled your agreement.

Use apps to keep productivity in quarantine!

As much as the quarantine is giving back time that would normally be lost in traffic or on longer working hours, losing productivity can make you waste that time uselessly.

Whether you are honing your skills as a developer or working on your company's projects, these apps will make your life easier and keep you productive. The result of this: more time to dedicate to living with the family and taking care of their mental health, essential in the historical moment that we are currently experiencing.

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