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10 apps to stay informed of the 2022 elections

10 apps to stay informed of the 2022 elections

Elections are still a long way off and the atmosphere is increasingly intense. Fights between parties, discussions between candidates and journalists in debates and interviews, in addition to individual voters not knowing which direction they will take. But there are apps to stay informed of the 2022 elections that are worth knowing.

This is a very important and decisive moment for our country and we must be connected to the subject. Knowing who to vote for, where to vote, how to vote and even help people who will vote is essential in this current scenario, even more so in an era full of fake news in elections.

Therefore, the Superior Electoral Court has launched some apps to stay informed of the 2022 elections. These are tools that can be used by voters and even by those who will act as election officials.

Here we will list the top apps to use in this year's elections. But first of all, here's a tip for you who use Instagram!

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1. My Deputy

The application My Deputy is controversial and very useful when monitoring the deputies present in Congress. After all, you, as a taxpayer, have every right to know how the deputies are spending the benefits they receive, since it is you who helps to pay so many expenses.

By downloading the app, you have access to a list containing all the elected deputies so far with valuable information. Expenses of each one, attendance at the congress and how they voted in the approval of laws are some examples.

It is very important to know how each deputy enjoys what he earns through our votes. This app is available for Android and iOS and can be an excellent tool to identify what is fake news about the performance of these deputies in the exercise of their function or what is real.

My Deputy apps to stay informed of the 2022 elections

2. e-Title

The e-Título is an application developed by the TSE to facilitate access to the citizens' voter registration card. In it you will have a digital copy of your title, information about your electoral status, shows you where you are voting, and it works as an application to justify voting.

After downloading the app, it is necessary that you fill in all the data correctly. The e-Title replaces the physical document when voting.

If you have completed the biometric re-registration, the information in the app will be accompanied by your photo. However, if you have not registered, the presentation of an official document with a photo will be mandatory.

It is noteworthy that this app will only work for people who are up to date with the TSE. The e-Title is available for Android and iPhone.

3. Results

Through the Results, you will follow, in real time, the results of the 2022 elections. This way, you will be able to follow them in real time and share them through WhatsApp applications.

The consultation will be nominal and will include the number of votes each candidate had, showing who was elected or if there will be a second round. You'll also be able to bookmark your candidates to track their situation separately. One of the best apps to stay informed of the 2022 elections, the app is downloadable for Android and iOS.

4. Newsletter in Hand

Boletim Na Mão is an application that will read the QR Code contained at the end of the bulletin printed by the ballot boxes in the polling stations.

The tool will give you a digital copy of the ballot papers, containing information such as eligible voters, attendance, missing voters and many other data. This app can be downloaded for Android and iPhone.

5. Board member

This app will serve people who will act as polling station in the 2022 elections. The polling station is a support channel for the work and services provided to the TSE on polling day, and is therefore one of the apps to stay informed about the elections 2022 for exclusive use.

In it, you, the board member, will find tips and important information that can help you better during the event. In addition, you have access to the member's manual, guide and channel.

You will also receive notices or alerts from the TSE in your region if something important happens that needs to be reported. The Desk app is available for Android and iOS.

Apps to stay informed about the 2022 elections

6. Power of Vote

Then there's Voting Power, an app for Android and iOS that gives you access to full sheets on politicians with information on how they voted on laws that are currently being voted on in Congress.

You can also interact with representatives to let them know if you agree or disagree with their decisions, and you can even communicate directly with them!

The app is a third-party app, with no affiliation with the House or Senate, being non-partisan and non-profit. Check the Play Store or the App Store!

7. Support

This app is one that is available exclusively for iOS devices. In a very similar way to the previous platform, with this one you could keep an eye on what the politicians are doing (and what those who have already left have done).

Besides, it has a very cool match tool through which you'll be able to find the candidates that have the most to do with you to help you choose who to vote for. Follow the link to see more!

8. Vote on the Web

Vote on the Web is a non-partisan website, which aims to present the bills in progress at the National Congress and increase society's engagement in these issues. Therefore, it is also one of the best apps to stay informed about the 2022 elections.

When opening the site, you will find lists of projects presented by congressmen in Congress. The big trump card comes from the possibility of audience interaction.

In each bill, you get to vote against or for and give your opinion on the matter. In addition, you can also vote on the proposals that will still pass through the Senate or the House. The website's great mission is to strengthen democracy.

You can still see all the deputies that are in the Chamber and everything that was done by each one of them. Projects registered, approved and disapproved and how their votes were in each session are shown in the app. The tool was developed by a team of Law students, Journalists, Advertisers, Programmers and Designers, who are part of Webcitizen.

To take part and vote on the bills, simply register on the website and pay attention to the files posted there. You can also use the app to follow the performance of members and get the opinion of your followers by learning how to poll on Instagram!

9. Ranking of Politicians

The Ranking of Politicians serves, nothing more or less, than to be a classification by score of the politicians who are currently in the National Congress.

Without any affiliation to movements, groups or parties, the platform claims to have only three banners: Anti-Corruption, Anti-Privileges and Conscious Vote. With that, the score is given to each one. Go to the Play Store!

10. Sparrow

Finally, we have another app created by the Electoral Justice. The Sparrow aims to let voters oversee elections by reporting improper and illegal practices.

In other words, you will be able to film or take pictures of any irregularities and file a complaint with the Electoral Court. Find out more for Android or iOS.

Sparrow apps to stay informed of the 2022 elections

Did you like our list of apps to stay informed about the 2022 elections?

Could you take advantage of our app tips to use in one of the most decisive moments in our country?

Don't forget to leave your comment telling us what is your favorite!

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