10 apps to turn an iPhone into a remote control

Everyone has in their home various devices that come with remote controls. In many of them, control is the only way to be able to use the device in question. On the other hand, it is extremely common to lose control of your TVs, air conditioners or computers. But did you know you can use apps to turn an iPhone into a remote control?

With that in mind, we decided to write an article listing the best alternatives among these apps to turn an iPhone into a remote control. That way you'll always have a control at hand, even if you lose what comes with your device, its batteries run out, or even if it goes dead. Check it out below and start testing your favorites!

1. Remote Control-ZaZaRemote

The first tool on our list to turn an iPhone into a remote control is this. It offers the ability to control your TV, air conditioner, projector, fan and many other devices that support remote control.

This app requires the user to make various settings and the possible use of a specific accessory. However, once the user has set everything up, they can control a huge variety of devices, offering extreme convenience. To see more, head to the App Store.

2. Unified Remote

One of the best options for turning an iPhone into a remote control is in this app, which offers the ability to control your computer via WiFi or Bluetooth. Fits either Windows, Mac or Linux.

Here you can control things like YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and VLC in the free version. If you choose to buy the premium version, you can control software such as Firefox, Chrome, iThunes and Safari.

Download it from the official website and don't forget to see our detailed article about this program.

Unified remote

3. AnyMote Smart Universal Remote

Another great alternative to turning an iPhone into a remote control is AnyMote, an app that lets your smartphone control a huge amount of home-style devices, such as TVs and air conditioners, from nearly any brand.

You can create macros, which are sequences of functions performed with just one click. You can also set up automated tasks that will happen at a specific time of day. Other functions include voice control and control over devices via Wi-Fi or infrared.

If this sounded interesting to you, download the app via the link and gain the ability to control millions of different devices using your iPhone.

4. WD TV Remote

This is an app for turning an iPhone into a remote control developed by Western Digital, one of the biggest brands of computer storage at the moment.

With this app you can control any branded device that is connected to your WiFi, especially Smart TVs, and can manage sites like YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, flickr, Hulu and Pandora using your iPhone. To download, go to the App Store.

WD TV Remote turn an iPhone into a remote control

5. LGeemoto: remote for LG TV

This is an app specifically designed to turn an iPhone into a remote to control LG smart TVs in particular. It has extremely simple and objective functionality, but it works well.

LGeemoto controls your TV's volume and channels, as well as all other controls you can find on your original device, using your home's WiFi. To use it, just go to the App Store, download it and follow the instructions that will appear on your smartphone screen.

6. SamRemoto

Another app developed by a television maker. Samsung's SamRemoto works exclusively for branded TVs and is excellent at what it does. It offers all the functions you find on the remote control that comes with your TV when you buy it, using WiFi as a connection between your smartphone and Smart TV.

Go to the App Store to download it.

7. Sonymoto

Following on the apps created by the television makers themselves, this app also has the functionality of turning an iPhone into a remote control. Called Sonymoto, which is for complete control of Sony Smart TVs.

To download and use this app, gaining all the options of the original remote control that comes with the device on your smartphone, download the app from the iOS app store and follow the steps that appear on your smartphone.

Sonymoto turn an iPhone into a remote control

8. Universal TV Remote Control

Another option among the best apps for turning an iPhone into a remote control is this. Unlike the latest apps mentioned, this app aims to control TVs of various brands.

It supports a long list of models: Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, LG Web OS, Sony Bravia, Philips and Panasonic Viera, among others. In all, you can change channels, volume, and control videos by giving commands such as play, pause and stop, as well as accessing menus. To download it, go to the App Store.

9. VLC Remote

If you use VLC Player as a video player on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer, this is a great option. It can turn an iPhone into a remote control, but offering complete control over the app in question. Ideal for those who often watch movies or shows in the desktop app by plugging it into the TV but being unable to control the distance between you and the mouse.

Here you have access to features such as Play, Pause and Stop, DVD control, volume, position, next or previous video, full screen, visual equalizer and subtitle control, among others. It has a free version and a paid version which, in addition to removing advertisements, lets you choose which file to play next.

10. Apple TV Remote

The latest of apps to turn an iPhone into a remote control was developed by Apple itself, with the goal of controlling the Apple TV device.

It allows you to do everything easily by typing texts and passwords quickly and giving you better control of what you are watching. You can see the lyrics of the songs being played and adjust the volume by the device buttons, among others. To download the app, follow the link.

Apple TV Remote turn an iPhone into a remote control

So what did you think of our tips for turning an iPhone into a remote control?

Leave your feedback on the apps listed, and let us know if we don't put your favorite option on our list or help you choose a better app. Be sure to check out our list of apps that turn Android smartphones into remote control.

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