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10 Banking Applications That Support PIX

10 Banking Applications That Support PIX

PIX is a real hand on the wheel in many ways, facilitating all types of transactions. With it, we can even shop in markets and street vendors. But to use it, it is necessary to have one of the bank applications that support PIX.

If you're not yet part of this new and modern way to pay for (almost) anything, read on below to check out the apps from the best banks so you can also use PIX!

1. Nubank

Let's start with the platform that really started all digital accounts and cards in Brazil, Nubank. Nowadays, with NuConta you will be able to make unlimited and free TED transfers to any account of any bank.

In addition, you can make withdrawals whenever necessary (no matter how high the rate is). It offers two modes, credit card and account, which are independent of each other. Just follow this link to see more about Nubank!

Nubank Applications from banks that support PIX


2. PicPay

PicPay is the best known platform at the moment, in particular for how easy it was to transfer emergency aid to the app using PIX. Easily one of the best banking apps that accept PIX!

It is possible to make free transfers, have an income superior to that of savings with the money in the free account, have cashback on many purchases, and even pay any payment slip in up to 12 installments (yes, including accounts!). Go to the official website to see more!

3. Inter

One of the best digital banks out there is Inter. One of the things that makes it so good is that it doesn't charge anything for services. In other words, unlimited withdrawals and transfers through the app. Besides, of course, the possibility of making PIX.

Another very interesting thing is that you can make deposits into your account through bank slips whenever you want. Finally, it allows you to make investments, take out insurance, and even ask for loans and financing! Follow the link and start using Inter.

4. C6 Bank

C6 Bank is one of the most complete digital banks, offering, among many other things, debit and debit credit cards with no annual fee, no-fee account and free withdrawals. All this for individuals or companies!

In addition, you can customize the card choosing the color and name on it, have a C6Tag (free parking toll), a points program for discounts on products and tickets, and even cashbacks, investments… everything. Check out!

5. Banco do Brasil

Banco do Brasil is probably the biggest bank in Brazil, and has one of the bank applications that accept PIX. Nowadays, it also offers a free digital account, and makes it possible to do almost anything directly through your smartphone.

In the app, you will have access to balances, statements, transfers (with fee) and PIX, payment slips, top-ups, and more, installment payment slips on your credit card, apply for loans, make investments, and even take out insurance. See more by following the link.

Banco do Brasil Applications from banks that accept PIX

6. Next

Next is an entirely digital bank managed and offered by Bradesco. He has three different types of accounts, only one of which is free of charge. Through Next, you will be able to apply for debit and credit cards, manage your finances, and make different investments.

It only allows one free transfer to other banks per month, and transfers to other Next customers are free. Still, being one of the banking applications that support PIX, this is not a problem anymore. Find out more!

7. Original

Original is a different digital bank, offering a digital account aimed at high-income people. And this is only proven by the fact that you have to pay a maintenance fee of R$19.90 per month, at the moment (June/2021).

But, of course, you'll be able to make free and unlimited withdrawals and transfers, apply for debit and credit cards, have access to a complete platform for investments and insurance, and much more. Follow the link and see what the Original offers!

8. Nomad

If you want an international and dollar account, Nomad is for you. Offering one of the banking applications that accept PIX, it offers a US account for Brazilian customers that is regulated and guaranteed up to 250 thousand dollars!

It's very easy to create the account, no fee, and you can use it to make commercial dollar remittances, international purchases, and even make investments in global markets. You can do ACH and WIRE, both national and international, without any fee. Check out!

9. PagBank

Offered by PagSeguro, one of the largest payment platforms in our country, PagBank is one of the bank applications that accept PIX where you will easily make your money yield more than your savings (even more than double!) .

In addition, it offers you an international account card, free of charge, with no annual fee, and which works exclusively in the credit function, in a similar way to a prepaid card. You can even pay any bill in installments and account in up to 12 installments on cards! Check it out now.

10. Paid Market

Finally, we also have Mercado Pago, another one that was widely used for transfers of Emergency Aid from Caixa Tem. Through the app, you can recharge your cell phone or smartphone, pay bills and bills, send money at zero tariff, and more.

Also, it's a really good option for businesses and businesses, as you can charge using the card reader machine, via the app's QR codes, by PIX, creating payment links, and much more. Follow the link and see everything!

Paid Market Applications from banks that accept PIX

Did you like the best banking apps that support PIX?

Leave a comment with your opinion about the apps we've included here and if you'd rather use an app from another bank. Also, don't forget to check out the best digital banks in Brazil!

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