10 best apps for recording lives

If you like to follow live streams, but you can't always watch them due to your routine, recording them to see later can be a good option. For this, we have selected here the best apps to record lives for all devices!

Read on and check out a brief description of each one, with links to see more and download them.

1. Movavi

We started our list with Movavi, which has several products for recording and editing videos. It also has Movavi Screen Recorder Studio, which is one of the best applications for the purpose of recording the screen.

With it, you can record lives and online seminars even away from your computer. To do this, simply activate the option to record the screen, select the desired area and set the time and day to automatically record. Follow the link to the official website to see more!


2. Camtasia

Another excellent application for this purpose is Camtasia, one of the most expensive on our list, but which pays off with the amount of possibilities and capabilities, in addition to allowing not only the recording but also the editing of the videos in a professional manner.

With it, it is possible to record the entire screen, just a region, include or not both webcam and microphone, remove sound from the computer and many other tools for editing. Click the link to see more.

3. Apowersoft Unlimited

One of the best apps for recording lives is Apowersoft Unlimited, available not only for all computer operating systems but also for Android and iPhones.

It is extremely complete, offering a wide variety of different applications, with several options for recording your screen in a professional manner, with editions rarely found. Follow the link to see more.

4. Bandicam

If you like to follow live streams, Bandicam can be an excellent option for you to record what you watch to share later or simply to be able to re-watch.

With it, you can choose which region of the screen you want to record, choose whether you want a webcam, microphone or computer sounds, add text and drawings, record at up to 4K and 144 FPS and much more. Unfortunately, it does not come with a video editor, so it is necessary to use external options for this. It is available through the link.

Bandicam best apps for recording lives

5. OBS Studio

In this list, we also have OBS Studio, which is one of the best apps for making lives. It is completely free, but has few editing tools. Still, with the amount of recording and streaming options, it is one of the best.

With it, it is possible to create “studios”, which are basically recording presets for both audio and video, which can be changed during a recording. Go to the official website right now and start using.

6. Screencastify

Among the best apps for recording lives, we also have Screencastify, which allows quick and practical recordings directly in the browser. With it, you can record videos of up to 5 minutes for free, with easy settings, but with few editing options.

It also allows for longer recordings, but for that it is necessary to purchase the paid version, which comes with several extra tools. Go to the extension's official website right now to install it on Google Chrome.

7. ScreenFlow

We also have ScreenFlow on our list, which is one of the most complete options, but also one of the most difficult to really learn to use. Its interface is very minimalist, but the functionalities keep showing up.

With it, you gain access to a stock media library, with more than 500,000 images, audios and videos (some of which even in 4K), allowing your live recording to be even more professional. Click here to see more.

ScreenFlow best apps to record lives

8. Loom

Another extension, Loom is also one of the best apps for recording lives. It has a functionality very similar to Screencastify, but the interface is even more minimalist.

With it, you can record with your webcam, you can pause and re-record as you wish and, best of all, it gives unlimited online storage for all your users, so you can record without worry. Go to the Chrome Web Store to download.

9. FlashBack Pro

Another excellent option for those who want to record their screen is FlashBack Pro, whose interface may be a little old-fashioned and the editor just a little above average, but which has absolutely incredible sound editing tools.

With it, you can remove all kinds of unwanted noise from your recording, such as the sound of the keyboard or fan. In addition, it has several video editing options, and you can also easily remove the mouse pointer. To see more, click on the link.

10. AZ Screen Recorder

Finally, we have AZ Screen Recorder, an exclusive application for Android. With it, it is possible to record your smartphone screen with ease, using pause and resume tools, ideal for tutorials.

It also features a recording of the front camera, the ambient sound and, even though it is completely free, it has no watermarks. Download it now on the Play Store.

AZ Screen Recorder best apps for recording lives

So, what did you think of our list of the best apps for recording lives?

Leave in the comments your opinion about them, saying if you already knew one and if we present you any better alternative to the one you already used. Don't forget to check out our tips for amazing streams on Facebook Live and how to live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time!

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