10 best apps for team meetings

Before just considered a trend, now the home office has become a priority for anyone who does not work in an essential service, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and doctors' offices, for example. Having apps for team meetings on your computer or smartphone has become paramount.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of alternatives to virtually bring your work team together. This makes it possible to conduct meetings over the internet, without the need to cancel or postpone them.

These apps for team meetings are already used frequently by professionals who are already working from home. You can even use them to get some customers or students and maybe make an extra income with your knowledge.

If afternoon coffee is missing, you might as well use these apps for team meetings to hold video conferences just to keep the conversation going! You just need to be careful not to ruin your productivity.

So, follow us for the next few paragraphs and start your search now for the best app!

1. Zoom

One of the most suitable is the Zoom, available for computers and Android and iOS smartphones. You can attend audio or video conferences for free.

Access is also easy. Simply create a room, generate the link and send it to the participants, who must also have the program installed. For them, just click on the link and the application will open automatically.

It is also possible to set up a work room, for those who prefer a kind of virtual office, in which everyone can communicate during working hours.

Click on the link and get to know Zoom right now!

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2. Whereby

Available on both computers and smartphones, it is recognized as one of the easiest to use.

Whereby allows you to make video or audio conferences, in addition to having integration with YouTube and the possibility of sharing your computer screen. For simplicity, however, it does not have many extra functions.

Get to know Whereby by accessing its page!

3. Google Hangouts

One of the most popular apps, Google Hangouts allows you to start a video conference in seconds. Just go to your page and choose a contact, if you have an active Google account.

You can also just exchange text messages or make a phone call, if you have a number associated with your account. He recently lost his ability to do live conferences, but the other features continue to operate.

4. Google Meet

Suitable for business users, Google Meet can be a solution if your company has never incorporated work at home before.

It makes it possible to synchronize calendars to facilitate scheduling meetings, screen sharing and a more professional interface, since Hangouts is geared towards conversations between friends.

Click the link to access Google Meet!

5. Skype

Perhaps the most famous among applications for team meetings, Skype was the first to allow videoconferencing.

Today it is possible to use Skype on both your computer and mobile phone, including an online version for browsers and even on the Xbox One console, also from Microsoft. It also makes it possible to share the screen, ideal for teaching processes or how to use software, for example.

Skype also makes it possible for you to make international phone calls cheaper than in the conventional telephone system, the famous DDI.

Click the link to use Skype!

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6. GoToMeeting

Another among the more professional looking team meeting apps, this app also allows you to synchronize calendars for better scheduling.

You can start a meeting at any time and you can even have access to an automatic transcript later. It also allows you to exchange text messages between participants.

See more about GoToMeeting through the link!

7. BlueJeans

Especially developed for videoconferences, BlueJeans has a structure of virtual rooms. That is, you create a room and can invite participants to a meeting in it, but all online.

Because of its simplicity and efficiency, BlueJeans turns out to be the favorite of many who do not need applications for team meetings that are too robust.

To start using and testing BlueJeans, just go to the link!

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8. Slack

Another favorite among those who chose to earn money online and from home, Slack is more of a corporate chat than one of the apps for team meetings mentioned here.

However, it is possible to have audio meetings and video conversations in pairs on the free plan. To have access to the possibility of holding videoconferences, it is necessary to join the paid plan.

Still, Slack is one of the most suitable tools for those who need to meet and maintain constant contact with the team.

Click on the link to meet Slack!

9. BigBlueButton

If instead of work teams you have groups of students, then BigBlueButton may be the best among team meeting apps for you.

The app makes it possible to place a virtual whiteboard, shown to all students. There are no limits for video participants. As long as your internet service lasts, you can place as many students or assistants as you like.

It is free and open source. It means that your programming team can make changes and customizations to it. It can also be considered one of the best tools for making webinars.

Visit the BigBlueButton page to learn more!

10. Join.Me

Closing the list of applications for team meetings we have Join.me. With free and paid plans, they make it possible to hold conferences, with the possibility of sharing screens.

It can be integrated with the most popular calendar applications like Outlook and Google Calendar. You can also create virtual conference rooms and send the guest access link

See more about Join.Me by clicking on the link.

Which team meeting apps do you use the most?

For the next few months, the home office will be needed and the best measure to prevent the coronavirus from advancing. Anyone who can work from home must do so to protect themselves, their staff and their families, especially the elderly.

To learn more about the coronavirus, there are some sites and YouTube channels with reliable information, allowing you to better prevent yourself against COVID-19.

Also, check out our recommendations below, all based on the content we saw on the websites and channels mentioned above:

  • Wash your hands frequently, especially as soon as you get home;
  • Do not frequent places clusters;
  • Avoid leaving the house in general, only in unavoidable situations;
  • Sanitize frequently used devices, such as your smartphone;
  • Do not buy masks if you are not showing symptoms. These resources are limited;
  • Do not panic. The situation is alert and it is important to pay attention, but panic does not help anyone. 🙂

Have you already worked with some of the team meeting apps mentioned so far? Which one is your favorite?

Comment with us!

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