10 Best Cashback Apps of 2019

Cashback is a term used to represent a mode of transaction where the consumer receives certain value back – usually a percentage of the total – when buying from certain merchants using certain cashback services and apps. In essence, cashback is nothing more than a discount offered upon completion of the purchase, where you still have to pay the full amount but get part back.

This amount typically returns as a balance within digital wallets, which can be used for future purchases. We recently talked about the best sites to earn money by clicking on ads and this time we want to help you understand and start enjoying cashback. Check out our list of the best cashback apps!

1. Meliuz

To start our list, we have Méliuz, considered the most popular cashback application in Brazil. In it, the user only needs to register for free, find online stores through the Méliuz website and get back when making purchases at these establishments.

The app also has an extension for Google Chrome, and as featured on its own website, over 7 million users are already enjoying its services. It is worth checking out and also take advantage of discount coupons at Americanas, Carrefour, Casas Bahia, among several other great stores. Access the official page through the link.

Méliuz cashback app

2. PicPay

PicPay is also an excellent option, being one of the most used in the country. It makes it easy for you to pay for your purchases by incorporating everything in one app, which includes the ability to pay slips, make and receive transfers, buy credit to your smartphone, and more.

Another great differential is the possibility to install your accounts up to 12 times on your credit card through the app. It’s worth checking out, just go to the official page and download the app.

3. Mooba

Another great alternative among cashback apps is Mooba, which works similar to Méliuz. With it, you will be able to get referrals from the best online stores for various niches, and when you shop at them, you’ll get some of the money back.

Among some great stores available at Mooba at the time of writing this article, you can avail Amazon, Netshoes, Carrefour, Zattini, Kabum, Americanas and many others. Access Mooba by the link and register.

4. Beblue

Available on both Android and iOS, Beblue is also a great cashback option. Getting started is really extremely simple, just download, register and enjoy all the partner establishments of Beblue.

The app also offers notifications with special discounts and even the possibility of getting 100% money back – yes, it’s true. Check it out directly on the website to learn how to get started.

Beblue cashback app

5. Saving

Featuring several different categories so you can make your virtual purchases, Poup could not be out of the list of cashback apps either. In it, you can navigate between selections like sports shops, fashion, home decor, computer and more other categories that cover essentially any product.

Poup also offers a Google Chrome extension that helps you identify stores that accept the service to take advantage of cashback. Like the other alternatives, it has discount coupons so you can save even more, go to the link and check it out.

6. Love Digital

Ame essentially functions as a kind of digital wallet where you can control your balance, make purchases and transfers online and of course take advantage of cashback from partner stores.

Making payments using the app is extremely simple, just point the QR code reader at the time of purchase and you’re done. It also has partnerships with major stores such as Americanas, Submarino, Shoptime, among others. Access and check through the link.

7. Trigg

Trigg is a bit different from other alternatives among cashback apps. In fact, it works like a virtual credit card that returns you part of the purchase price.

With it, you can have complete control over your card, such as lock and unlock directly from the app, as well as take advantage of NFC technology to make purchases by bringing your smartphone closer to the machine, entering the password and you’re done. Check out how to make yours by visiting the official page.

Cashback Apps - Trigg

8. Mycashback

Have you considered earning up to 28% of the value of your online shopping back and getting $ 10.00 simply by signing up for an app? These are some of the advantages offered by Mycashback that help you save even more on your internet shopping.

The company offers various promotions and discounts and also has partnerships with Amazon, Americanas, Takeoff, among several other big names among the ecommerces and marketplaces available in Brazil. Access and sign up for free to enjoy the benefits.

9. Cashola

Also being a partner of stores like Zattini, Centauro, Americanas, among many others, Cashola could not be off our list. In addition to the opportunity to receive cash back from purchases made at partner stores, Cashola’s website also features a listing with various discounts divided by store or category.

Just register for free by accessing the link to start using it. Enjoy and check out how many other people have already made their purchases through the page.

10. In More

In Mais is also another great alternative and has as a differential several interesting promotions – such as the possibility to compete for prizes by transferring points to the app. By partnering with banks, with In Mais, instead of redeeming your points for miles, you can redeem them for credit that can be used to purchase whatever you wish.

Another advantage is that the points transferred to In Mais never expire, besides the huge diversity of rewards to redeem. To understand more, visit the official page, register and enjoy.

Cashback Apps - In More

What did you think about cashback apps?

So, were you able to find an app that caught your eye to make money while shopping? Tell us in the comments which of the alternatives caught your attention or if you already knew and used any of the apps. Of course, don’t miss the opportunity and also check out our guide on how to make money on Instagram!

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