10 best free sites for football results

It is undeniable that football is not only a Brazilian passion, but also a worldwide one. Even with several TV programs about the most popular sport in the world, the narrative of the stories is often not to the point. For this reason, sites with football results can already keep you informed about what happened in the “world of the ball”.

After all, there's nothing like knowing what happened in real-world football before turning on your favorite sports games on the iPhone. If you are looking for a way to quickly access football results in national and international championships, check out some of the best free options below!

1. FlashScore

One of the main references when it comes to world football, FlashScore makes it possible to see the results of the matches of the main national, South American and world leagues. You can either follow the German Bundesliga or the B series of the Brasileirão, for example.

Its interface is very simple, allowing you to follow the football results of matches that are happening live, as well as monitor the week's history. In addition to football, FlashScore allows you to view results from world basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball and baseball matches, among many others.

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flashscore home screen, one of the best free football scores sites

2. Football Scoreboard

FlashScore is an international website with a Portuguese version. The Football Scoreboard is a site completely “made in Brazil”. But that does not mean that you will be limited to the football matches of the Brasileirão and the Copa do Brasil.

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can follow live football results, know which games will be played in the round and even search for specific team and championship results. On the other hand, the site is limited to football results only, not counting other sports.

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3. Livescore.in

With an interface very similar to FlashScore, but being a different company, Livescore.in also stands out for having all types of football league. Ideal for those who want to follow football results to find out if their sports betting worked.

It also brings results from practically every type of existing sport, such as Floorball and cricket, which are not so popular here. When you register, you can register which sports and championships you follow more closely.

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4. Sofa Score

With possibly the best name among football results sites, Sofa Score also serves as a compendium and results for football and other sports. For example, it is even possible to track results of electronic football games.

In it, you will also have access to the results of championships in Brazil and in the world. It also serves as a calendar app, allowing you to schedule yourself to watch your team's matches.

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5. Futebol.com

One of the oldest free football results sites, Futebol.com is one of the main destinations for those who want to follow results and learn more about sports betting. It brings information about national and international leagues, in addition to allowing you to register which are the leagues and teams that interest you most.

As its name implies, however, Futebol.com is limited to these sports. On the website, you can also find expert guesses if you choose to bet on the sport's matches. But remember that tracking the results is free and you don't have to be a gambler to use the site.

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football.com home screen

6. Goal.com

Unlike the previous site, Goal.com works more like a sport news portal. The website is also part of the Terra group, one of the largest on the Brazilian internet.

In addition to the news, you can follow the result of live matches, as well as understand more about what is happening in the football market and behind the scenes of the teams. It is ideal for those who prefer the news portal model to track results, rather than applications.

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7. AzScore

Another website recommended for those who want to earn money through sport, AzScore brings the main results of football, basketball and electronic gaming tournaments. You can follow the main tournaments both here in Brazil and in the European leagues.

In addition, the website also shows you probabilistic data about which team will win. In its database, you can follow the history of football results of teams and championships.

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8. Super Score

Ideal to keep up with the games of your favorite championships on a daily basis, you can already see the matches of the day the moment you enter the site. With one of the cleanest interfaces between football results sites, it has separate categories for national and international football.

You can also create a Super Placar register and register your team. That way, you will always know when he is playing and will be able to see the result if you are unable to watch the match.

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9. The Goal

Gol is a site that also resembles more news portals. With an area dedicated to telling you what happened most recently in the football universe, the website also features statistics, market information and an encyclopedia with terms common to the sport.

In addition, O Gol also cares about bringing news of international football and has a community area where you can chat with other fans.

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10. SportyTrader.pt

Closing the list of free football results sites, we have SportyTrader.pt. Ideal for Portuguese sports fans, it brings predictions of football matches and also basketball.

In addition, it also serves as an aggregator of online sports betting houses. Thus, you also find out which companies are offering the most interesting bonuses.

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sportytrader home screen

Which sites do you use to track football results?

Finally, it is worth mentioning that all the sites above offer the results for free. In other words, even the pages dealing with football betting do not require you to commit to betting to see the results of the rounds.

Which sites do you follow to learn more about the most beloved sport in the world? Comment with us and leave your recommendation!

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