10 best mind map apps online

Mind maps are some of the best platforms for sketching projects. Being able to make mind maps online without needing tools for designers makes life a lot easier for those looking to earn money online.

After all, we know that big dreams need to be broken down into small goals. In this way, it becomes easier to achieve this great goal.

Using mind maps is one of the best ways to increase productivity, especially when you combine them with task lists.

Fortunately, you don't have to take a piece of paper and create the mind map from scratch. There are several applications for online mind maps, which only need internet browsers to be used.

These applications facilitate the design of your mind map, with several ready models, serving different purposes. So check out some of the best apps for mind maps online below!

1. MindMeister

It can be considered the main among the applications for online mind maps. In the free version, you can create up to 3 mind maps without paying anything, with access to most models.

MindMeister has a step-by-step guide, teaching you how to create balloons and relate them quickly and easily. In addition, you can add comments, reminders, icons and even attach files to your mind map balloons.

You can use MindMeister in the browser or download it on your computer and on Android or iPhone smartphones. click on the link to learn more and choose your favorite version.

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2. LucidChart

Following the same model as MindMeister, LucidChart is one of the applications for online mind maps that suits both those who need to make simple maps or need complex diagrams for a presentation.

It also features a large number of templates, making it easy to create your mind map. You can share your mind maps for teamwork, ideal for those who need to work at home due to the coronavirus crisis.

LucidChart can be used in its web version or for Windows and Mac computers. In addition, you can also access your mind maps on Android, iPhone and iPad. Click on the link to meet him.

3. Coggle

If you've never created an online mind map, Coggle is a good alternative to get started. Its demo model is intuitive, allowing you to start adding your ideas and structure your new business idea.

It automatically positions the ideas, but it also allows you to drag them to the position you prefer. It also brings tools to collaborate as a team, in addition to having several keyboard shortcuts to streamline your production.

The free plan of the app also allows the creation of up to 3 mind maps. However, it is only available for browsers. Access the link to start using it.

4. Ayoa

Inspired by hand-drawn mind maps, Ayoa features different models than what we used to see in other online mind map apps. It has a pie-shaped model, rarely seen in apps.

It also allows real-time collaboration for teamwork. Ayoa can integrate with the main cloud storage services and makes it possible to attach files.

It has a free and paid plan, and can be used on browsers, Windows and Mac computers or mobile devices with Android and iOS. Click on the link to learn more.

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5. Mindnode

Exclusive to Apple computers and mobile devices, MindNode is a suitable option. Easy to use and very intuitive, it makes it possible to create mind maps quickly. That is, you will spend less time planning and more time doing what you need to achieve those goals.

It offers 14 days of free trials for new users and can be downloaded from the App Store on iPhone and iPad or on the Mac.

6. XMind

With tools to build mind maps in an intuitive way and enabling other activities such as brainstorming and collaboration in real time. That is, you can use it in conjunction with applications for team meeting and set up team projects, even if everyone is working from home.

XMind has a feature to focus on just one mind map at a time, in addition to being able to put together presentations and customize it in the way that seems most productive to you.

It can be used in browsers, on the computer and on mobile devices. Click the link to learn more.

7. Mindly

Recommended for those who usually work directly from their smartphones, Mindly is an application for online mind maps optimized for small screens. However, it is also possible to work them on your computer, including relying on cloud synchronization.

Its functionality does not differ much from the other apps shown throughout the article. In fact, it is also easy to use, mainly because it is optimized for touch screens.

Your mobile app has a free and paid version on Android and iOS. Its Mac version, however, must be purchased. Access the link to use Mindly.

8. Microsoft Visio

Although not as well known as Word and Excel, Visio is part of the Office software suite and is the choice of mind maps. The application can be integrated with other apps and pull data from files created in them.

You can also create other types of graphics and brainstorm using the many ready-made templates that Visio offers. If you need in-depth software, which can be used by both advanced and novice users, although you need more time for learning.

Click on the link and learn more about Microsoft Visio.

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9. Bubbl

Like MindMeister, Bubbl allows you to create up to 3 mind maps in the free version. Among the applications for online mind maps, it makes it possible to export your works in image format.

Bubbl also brings a collection of ready-made models and its mind maps can also be converted into presentations. Click the link to use Bubbl in your browser.

10. Mindomo

In addition to being among the apps for online mind maps, it can also be used as an app to manage tasks and projects, as well as allowing online collaboration for teamwork.

It can also be integrated and import data from various apps and cloud storage services. It is also important to mention that Mindomo also has a collection of ready-made models and export in image or PDF, among others.

Mindomo is available in free and premium versions for browsers, Windows and Mac computers and version for Android or iOS. Access the link to download the one that is best for you!

Have you ever used apps for online mind maps?

Mind maps are excellent alternatives for setting your goals clearly and objectively. In addition, they make it possible to create the tasks necessary to achieve these goals.

There are several other apps for making mind maps in addition to the examples cited in this article. Test each one and see which one is right for you!

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