10 best plagiarism detector apps

If you have ever thought or researched how to work from home, chances are that you have come across the number of opportunities that involve text. This applies both to those who write and to those who decide to proofread or correct texts, for example. Only those who work in this area end up needing plagiarism detector applications at one time or another.

Either to make sure that your text is not very similar to the existing one or to revise someone else's text. Whatever the reason, we've separated some of the major plagiarism detector apps so you know exactly which ones are worth it. Check out more below!

1. Duplicate Content Checker

plagiarism detection options

At the top of our list, I have the Duplicate Content Checker. This is a good entry for anyone looking for plagiarism detector apps, especially if you want something specific for your smartphone.

The app can easily check the text you are working on to let you know if there is any duplicate content. The interesting thing is that it even shows where the copied excerpts came from, in case it is really plagiarism.

If you liked it, you can download the app by accessing the following link.

2. Plagiarism Detector

The Plagiarism Detector is a great option for those looking for totally free alternatives. Its interface is very simple, presenting some advertisements, but nothing so intrusive.

Despite having few resources, it is very straightforward and works very well for those who need to do their checks quickly. The ways you can do the analysis are by pasting the text on the website, inserting URL where the text is located or uploading files.

After the analysis is done, the platform shows the percentage of unique content and plagiarized content. To learn even more, just visit the official website.

3. Plagtracker

Another good addition to our list of plagiarism detector apps is Plagtracker. We can say that it is very versatile, as it offers simpler free versions and more advanced versions for a price.

It is a good alternative both for those who want something easy to use and for those looking for a more complete service. Apart from that the biggest limitation of the free version is that you can only do searches in texts of up to 5,000 characters.

If you want to check out more, just access the link below.

4. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is our next alternative, which can be used both on the web and on your smartphone. Despite having a somewhat old-fashioned interface, it is very popular and easy to use.

The cool thing is that he can do his checks in no less than 190 different languages. This is definitely something that we don't find in all apps of this type, so we can consider it as a great advantage.

Those who are interested can check out more by accessing the link.

5. Skandy

how to detect plagiarism

Skandy is another app that you can use directly on your smartphone and that could not be left out of the list. This is because it is one of the most modern and complete plagiarism detector applications among mobile options.

Its interface is very organized, modern and has all its options easy to see and use. To do the analysis, you can either paste the text into the app or upload a file.

It not only accepts formats other than text files, it is also capable of recognizing content in images. To download the app, access the link.

6. Paraphraser

Paraphraser is another really cool option among our plagiarism detector apps. It is not only made for those who want to check if there are parts copied in the text, but it helps to rewrite problematic passages.

Like so many others, it allows you to paste the text or upload the file with the text to be analyzed. The app itself is very easy to use and has a very nice interface.

Fortunately, it is also free and you can check out more by following this link.

7. Turnitin

Turnitin is possibly one of the most famous plagiarism detector apps. So, it is clear that he could not fail to be mentioned in our list, especially for those looking for a professional tool.

It is widely used in companies and universities that need to check texts on a large frequency and scale. As you can imagine, he is able to carry out his analyzes in the most varied languages ​​needed.

A legal advantage is that you can use it to check more than one article at a time. In general it is a good option for those who need to analyze the text of books, audiobooks or even academic articles.

To start using the platform, just access this link.

8. PaperRater

PaperRater is great for checking for plagiarism as well as for analyzing your text in general. It serves to show excerpts similar to other texts, to show if there are spelling errors or if there is something that can be changed in general.

Your results take only a few seconds per text and are usually quite complete. Basically, it is a platform indicated more for those who want a super complete service that can be used in different ways.

If you liked what you saw just access the link.

9. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is our next alternative among plagiarism detector applications. He has a more professional focus, just like the Turnitin we mentioned earlier.

For that reason, it is well used in academic areas and companies that deal with text in general. Like some others, you can do your analysis in different languages.

Its free version still requires an account with the service and is limited by documents of up to 10 pages. More than that and it is necessary to select one of the paid plans offered by the platform.

To check out more, just access the link below.

10. Duplichecker

how to check plagiarism

To close our list of plagiarism detector apps, we have Duplichecker. Right away you can see that the platform interface is simple, which is perfect for those who want a direct approach.

The only thing you need to do is insert the text, either by pasting it on the website, providing a URL or uploading a file. It then checks and shows if there is something wrong or that needs to be modified in the content.

The cool thing is that it also has a built-in spelling and grammar checker, so you can use it that way if you prefer. If you want to use the tool, just access the following link.

Did you like the plagiarism detector apps?

Did you take advantage of our list to find out which are the best plagiarism detector apps? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of our tips and recommendations!

Taking advantage, it is also worth suggesting the use of MeisterTask for those who are looking for tools to organize their tasks. It can be checked and used for free by accessing the following link!

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