10 best programs for managing emails

Some use programs to manage emails and just keep the inbox clean. For others, it is discovering the best way to transform this means of communication into a killer sales platform.

If you fall into the second option, then prepare your note-taking app. Over the next few paragraphs, you'll learn about some of the best programs for managing emails. These platforms make it possible to create and manage campaigns that can help you make money on the internet, especially if you work from home.

So, check below the best programs to manage emails!

1. E-Goi

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E-Goi is one of the main email marketing platforms on the market. It brings several templates to create professional emails quickly and easily, as well as other tools to automate your marketing processes.

There, you can create and manage your entire email marketing campaign from scratch. E-Goi allows you to create forms to capture contacts, automatic email templates for online stores and even test different templates and compare the results.

All of this accompanied by a robust tool to generate reports, in which you can get an idea of ​​the open rate of your emails, segment your readers according to their behavior and even how many sales were made from that platform.

So, click on the link now to test E-Goi to manage your emails!

2. MailChimp

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Among the programs for managing emails, MailChimp is the most recognized. With a free and paid plan, the platform also has a collection of templates that you can use to save time in creation.

The assembly of the emails is done through a drag-and-pull mechanics, without requiring great knowledge in design. These messages can be scheduled and automatically sent to your list.

MailChimp also has its own analytical tools, indicating data such as the open rate of your emails and how many clicks each link in a message received, among many others.

Have you heard of MailChimp, but never tested it before? So do it right now by accessing the link!

3. GetResponse

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Making it possible to send personalized messages through a code that identifies the name of the newsletter subscriber, GetResponse also brings complete functionality for those who need a program to manage emails.

You can also manage your list of subscribers, segmenting them according to the way they interact with your emails. For example, you can have a list of subscribers who have already purchased at least once from you or just those who usually open their emails, but have not made any purchases.

Other features include the ability to create forms for contact capture, metrics analysis and integration with social networks.

Do you want to know more about GetResponse? So click on the link now to try it out!

4. LeadLovers

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This tool for marketing automation also has an exclusive module to face the programs to manage emails from this list. LeadLovers allows you to create pages to capture contacts, as well as tools to automate the sending of emails to a segmented list.

It is compatible for integration with some CRM systems, as well as several payment platforms, facilitating the email sales process.

To learn more about LeadLovers, visit its official page and check out what it has to offer!

5. SendinBlue

Like the other programs to manage emails on the list, SendinBlue has the proposal of being a complete email marketing platform, even if it has other automation functions.

The tool itself shows four steps for using your email module, offering free templates to facilitate the creation of different types of email, ways to personalize the content and deliver an email with more personality. The third step is the possibility to segment the list according to the behavior of the subscribers and, finally, the automation of sending emails.

Click on the link to learn more about SendinBlue.

6. Front

Unlike the programs for managing emails mentioned so far, Front is a tool that combines your email inbox with messaging applications, for example. Its focus is to help work teams to organize themselves, centralizing all communication in one place.

You can also use Front to assign tasks to team members, decreasing the use of email for these matters and speeding up the work. In addition, the team can see if any other members have responded to a consumer email and even if someone is currently writing a response.

Need to better organize your team's communication? Then click on the link right now to get started!

7. Zoho Mail

Also with the proposal to better organize your company's internal or external email flow, Zoho Mail integrates your schedule, tasks, notes and contacts into a program.

One of its most interesting functions is the detection of dates in a message, which can be automatically transformed into an appointment in the calendar.

Click on the link to know Zoho Mail.

8. Yesware

Not as well known as the other programs for managing emails, Yesware can integrate with the two main platforms on the market, Gmail or Outlook from Microsoft. With the integration, it becomes possible to track who is opening or discarding the emails they send and whether they are clicking on the links contained therein.

It also has templates ready to use in Gmail or Outlook, making it easier to send emails with a more professional tone. Yesware also has reminders and the possibility to schedule the sending of messages.

See more about Yesware at the link.

9. Groove

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With the proposal to improve your productivity while dealing with emails, Groove is a tool that integrates with CRM Salesforce, allowing you to better manage your company's calendar and emails.

Groove makes it easy to use these two functions, and any additions or changes you make will be synchronized with the Salesforce calendar. That way, you gain more time to solve important tasks, while still communicating with other members of your team.

Do you use Salesforce and need a solution like Groove? Then click on the link to find out more!

10. DeliverySlip

Closing the list of programs to manage emails, we have DeliverySlip. This program offers its users greater security when exchanging emails.

You can protect your files up to 5 GB, as well as email messages and any other type of electronic document. DeliverySlip also allows you to make an electronic signature in your email, among other features.

Need to protect your emails from intruders or eavesdroppers? Visit the official DeliverySlip page to learn more about the app!

What are the best programs for managing emails on this list?

Now that you know our indications and have been able to test them, stay with the one that best met your needs!

And don't leave here yet! Check out our recommendations for free apps to record your PC screen and keep learning more about computer software!

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