10 best TikTok videos to have fun

In quarantine times, having fun and laughing a little can be tricky. In order to relieve your tension, we have made a selection of the best TikTok videos for fun!

To see them all, in addition to a brief guide on how to use TikTok, read on!

1. What is TikTok?

Before we get to the best TikTok videos, let's explain what it is, for those who don't know it yet.

It is a platform, exclusive for Android and for iPhones, for sharing and recording short videos, which cannot be longer than 60 seconds.

Currently, it is used for all types of content, allowing users to add captions to videos and perform video editing directly in the app. In it, funny videos, informational videos, voiceovers and much more are shared.

There is also a way to use TikTok on your computer, although it is not the full experience if you use it on your phone. See also some of the greatest curiosities of TikTok!

It is widely used in conjunction with other applications to optimize the reach of publications, such as Stim Social, one of the best for those who want to gain followers quickly.

It has the functionality of liking, commenting and sharing, in addition to having hashtags to facilitate the search for the content you want to watch.

What is? best TikTok videos

2. How to use TikTok?

Now that you know everything about the platform, let's show you how to use it so that you can also post your best TikTok videos.

The first step in using it is to download the app on your smartphone. To download, follow the link to the Play Store for Android or to the App Store for iOS.

It is necessary to create an account at TikTok, a very simple process to do. First select your interests so that the app shows you refined results and proceeds. To create the account, you can connect with the account of various social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, through your Google account or using email.

When you finish registering, you will see a screen teaching you how to use the app, recommending you to swipe up to see more videos. Thus, you will see videos of those who follow and those who post content related to what they like.

How to use best TikTok videos

Finally, we will show you how to create and record your own best TikTok videos to share on the network. To do this, click on the "+" in the middle of the screen at the bottom and record as you wish.

If your goal is to be popular on the web, you need to always stay up to date on trends and record related videos. To do this well, it may be good to keep up with famous TikTok users and use the most used hashtags on TikTok.

One more thing that can be done to reach even more people is to use video editors externally from TikTok to edit their creations, making them even more beautiful.

3. The best TikTok videos to have fun!

Finally we come to the main topic: the list of videos for you to laugh and have fun. Read on and check out our selection, with videos and various types and from several different creators, including famous ones.

Maísa voicing herself

This one is a video of Maísa lip-syncing an old conversation she had with Sílvio Santos, when she was still small. It's quite fun.

Check it out here!

The game turned

Here, the predator turned the prey in a very unexpected way. If you like animals, you will surely love this video!

Check it out here!

Who dances better?

In this one, of the best TikTok videos, the question that doesn't stop is who is the best dancer (and who taught the dog to dance).

Check it out here!

When you finish washing dishes and…

Do you know when you're doing the dishes and someone puts a dirty glass or plate in the sink? So, this video shows exactly what we want to do in this situation.

Check it out here!

The joke backfired

The person went to play a trick on his mother, taking the card to her and saying that she could buy whatever she wanted in it if she guessed what was written on her hand. Guess the result?

Check it out here!

When the coffee is hot and you still try to drink

You served that freshly brewed coffee, which smells just like it. But of course, it's too hot and you get burned. This video makes a really funny joke about it.

Check it out here!

Feline Tic-Tac-Toe

In quarantine times, those who live alone can be very bored. But if you have a cat, you can play with it and keep the two of you very entertained with one of the most classic games of all!

Check it out here!

Dancing cat

Generally, when you take the cat in your lap and keep moving it a lot it gets stressed and scratches you, but that is not the case with the pussy of one of the best TikTok videos.

Check it out here!

Dog who loves pool

This dog really loves to bathe in the pool, but he is very well trained. His face of animation and happiness is a must!

Check it out here!

Different dog

Finally, here is an example of the difference between dogs. Two of them eat from the hand of their normal owner, but the third …

Check it out here!

So, what did you think of our selection of the best TikTok videos?

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