10 dictionary apps for iPhone and Android

Everyone needs a dictionary, whether it's reading a book and not understanding a word, studying for ENEM, or even out of curiosity to increase vocabulary.

Whatever the reason, we've sorted out a list of the best dictionary apps, so you can always indulge your idiom using your favorite smartphone or browser.

1. Dicio

One of the best known Portuguese dictionary app options is Dicio, which has a page for you to use in your favorite browser and an Android app. In it you will find definitions of over 400,000 words, synonyms, antonyms and examples.

It offers a wide range of features that make it particularly good, such as being able to download all entries for offline consultation. O “Popup Meanings”, allows the user to see the meaning of words in other apps and the "Word of the day" Show you a new word every day.

Go to the official website for browser use or go to the Play Store to download for Android.


2. The Free Dictionary

The Free Dictionary offers dictionaries in 14 languages ​​such as English, Spanish, German and Chinese, as well as Portuguese. It also translates from English to over 40 different languages.

In it you can find word games, daily articles and various encyclopedias, and you can also share your favorite words on social networks. As you play, you earn points and with them you can donate to needy children. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

3. Urban Dictionary

We also have Urban Dictionary among dictionary applications. It is for those who speak English, but do not know the meaning of some slang or phrase used in movies, series and books. It is a community dictionary where you can help expand your definitions.

In the app, you can search for the term you want and find community-written definitions of each word. It has a very large number of meanings available to anyone who wants to see. Download from the Play Store or the App Store.

4. UnFormal Dictionary

Along the same lines as Urban Dictionary, it is also one of the dictionary applications that are created and moderated by the community that uses them. In it, you can send meanings for all types of words, expressions and acronyms of the Portuguese language, to help other people.

The app has thesaurus, antonyms, related words, rhymes, examples and pushups, so you never miss the ideal term to use. You can favor your words you like most, see the most searched words and vote for the definitions found. It is exclusive to Android and you can download it by following the link.

InFormal Dictionary Dictionary Applications

5. Reverse Dictionary and Translator

Reverso is an excellent translation tool. Very functional, it offers words and expressions in 14 different languages: Portuguese, English, French, German and Spanish, among many others.

The app offers definitions of thousands of different entries, conjugations in 10 languages, context for using the terms shown, and even a pronunciation and translation tool for browsers and other apps. Download for Android or iOS.

6. Vocabulary.com

Vocabulary.com is one of the best dictionary apps for those studying English, with easy-to-understand definitions, even though they are all offered in English only.

All definitions have real usage examples, so you better understand when it applies. It also offers entry questions, helping you increase your vocabulary and making learning a game.

To download for iOS, follow the link to the App Store; It has no Android version, but it also has a Chrome extension and a website to use in any browser.

7. English Dictionary – Offline

This dictionary offered by Livio is exclusive to Android, but is still extremely complete. It works completely online from the moment you download it.

Here you will find definitions of over 325,000 English words, with quick and efficient search, where you can find entries by searching only parts of them.

It has dark theme, random word search and is compatible with many text readers, so you can always translate what you don't understand. Download from the Play Store.

English Dictionary - Offline Dictionary Apps

8. Priberam Dictionary

Priberam is one of the best dictionary apps, which is also one of the best known for a long time. It has 16 dictionaries, four of which are in our language and 12 used for translation into several languages, such as Spanish, French and English.

You can also find in this application verb conjugation, words of the day, most popular words, etymology of over 40 thousand entries, among others. Download for Android or iOS.


VOLP, Portuguese Language Spelling Vocabulary, is one of the best dictionary apps for anyone who wants to improve their Portuguese. It also offers word suggestions from what you type, ensuring the spelling is always right.

Its interface is extremely clean, has more than 380,000 words with grammatical classifications and other information and also has a printed dictionary, which is generally outdated compared to other apps.

It is available for download for both iOS and Android, so you can check the dictionary from your smartphone.

10. Offline Synonyms Dictionary

The last of the dictionary apps on our list is one of synonyms, developed by the same developers as Dicio. It is an excellent resource for those who want to better study the language or work using it.

Through this application you can find synonyms of more than 30,000 entries in our language, all offline. It is ideal for those who work writing texts or who are preparing for some test, such as ENEM.

It is exclusive to Android and is available for download from the Play Store.

Dictionary Synonyms Offline Dictionary Applications

So what did you think about our list of dictionary apps?

Leave your comments on them if you have used them or if you prefer any other. Comment, too, because you're using these tools and don't forget to check out the best apps to study for ENEM.

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