10 flight apps at the best prices

Although travel is still limited due to the current crisis we are experiencing, it is already possible to install some flight apps and start planning for the trip after the long-dreamed immunization.

In fact, many of these applications have good offers, a sign of an effort to regain clientele after the world had to stop traveling. Discover some of the best flight apps on our list and start practicing your skills as a traveler right now. Check it out below!

1. Kayak

Kayak is a complete application for those who want to travel and enjoy their own flight, a hotel with everything they are entitled to and even rent cars to come and go without relying on public transport. That is, it is possible to find prices and leave everything programmed, without the need to organize anything after arriving at your destination.

One of the most used flight apps, it is also possible to search for offers by applying different filters, such as country of destination and number of hotel stars, among other criteria. You can also set up price alerts, which will appear as notifications on your phone if an offer appears.

Kayak is available on both Android and iPhone.

kayak screen, one of the flight apps on the list

2. Skyscanner

With a proposal similar to Kayak, in Skyscanner you can also leave all the resources you will need properly programmed. That is, reservations for flights, hotels and car rental services. In addition, it has partnerships with several companies, allowing you to choose the one that is most advantageous at the moment.

An advantage of Skyscanner is that it also serves as a tour guide, suggesting events or activities you can do at your destination. You can find reviews from other travelers, allowing you to choose the activities that have the most to do with you.

Skyscanner is also available on both Android and iPhone.

3. Cheap flights, airline tickets

This application has a partnership with several airlines and specializes in presenting you the best deals for traveling. In addition to being one of the flight apps, it also allows you to search for hotels, as well as find out their prices and special conditions.

Cheap Flights also allows you to configure price alerts, in addition to allowing you to close reservations within the application itself. A highlight of this app is the flight schedule, which shows you at what times of the year flights are cheaper.

Download the app on your Android or iPhone and iPad.

4. Voopter

Exclusive for flights, Voopter brings an extensive collection of options, in addition to allowing you to compare prices in an easier and faster way. In addition to highlighting promotions and allowing you to set up price alerts, you can compare up to four round-trip dates, allowing you to know the best day and time to start and end your trip.

It also allows you to easily share offers on messaging apps. This functionality is ideal for anyone who is combining a trip together with relatives, friends or even that special person they met in relationship apps.

Voopter is available for download on Android and iOS.

voopter illustration

5. Take off.com

One of the most popular travel sites in Brazil, Decolar.com also has an application with functions similar to those we see on the site. This means that you can also use your mobile phone to access the service and find out about travel offers.

In addition to flights, hotels and car rentals, the app also shows attractions from the place you want to travel to. It is possible to check prices, promotions and book tickets for events in advance, if there is such an offer.

The Decolar.com app also allows you to create a list about your bag. This way, you can already register everything you need to take and avoid inconvenient forgetfulness. The application is available on Android or iPhone and Apple Watch.

6. eDestinations

One of the flight apps that takes care of all the travel, accommodation and transportation, eDestinos is quite complete. It stands out for having a partnership with European airlines, which allows you to search for domestic flights operated by low cost aviation companies. Ideal to discover the best price to be able to make your backpacking in Europe.

EDestinos also seeks to help those who need to travel at the last minute, making it possible to find offers to travel on the same day you are researching. EDestinos is available on Android, in addition to the iPhone.

7. Wego

Wego also stands out for allowing you to book last minute flights and hotel stays. In addition, it has many filtering options, making it easy to find the ideal conditions and prices for your flight.

You can also combine flight and hotel prices to find the cheapest package for you. Wego can be downloaded on both Android, iPhone and iPad.

wego screens

8. Momondo

Among the flight apps, Momondo is also a complete solution to find the most advantageous trips for you. In it, you can filter by prices, level of service and even the scales that a flight will take.

You can save offers to book later. However, if you want to book, you can do it directly through the application, without having to contact the airline. You can also use Momondo to find hotel vacancies.

Momondo is available on Android or iPhone and iPad.

9. Mundi

This airline ticket price comparison is in the same group as another app among flight apps: Kayak. There is no real difference between them, as you can use both to find cheap tickets.

However, it is limited only to airline tickets, serving only to find flights. On the other hand, the app is completely free, without charging any fee if you make a purchase for it.

You can download Mundi on your Android or iPhone.

10. Unmissable tickets

Just like Mundi, Passages Must-See is an exclusive app for finding airline tickets. In addition to allowing you to search for promotions and check the price of your dream trip, you can authorize notifications whenever you have a new promotion or cost reduction.

It also has some content with travel tips. One of them, even, we will leave here: remember to download the map of the place where you will travel on Google Maps. Thus, you will be able to guide yourself even if your cell phone is without internet.

Discover the Unmissable Tickets by downloading it on your Android or iPhone and iPad.

must-see tickets is one of the exclusive flight apps for airline tickets

Flight apps: which one is best for you?

Have you used any of the flight apps we show you here? Do you feel like you missed your favorite? Leave your comment and leave your own travel tips!

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