10 free apps to see football results on mobile

There is not always time to keep up with everything that is happening in the Brasileirão rounds and any championships that are running. After all, many of the matches take place simultaneously. That's why free apps to see football results are so important.

Whether you're an incorrigible football fan or an aspiring sports trader, these apps will help you keep track of what's going on in each match, as well as show you the results of each one. All apps for football results shown here are free, and it's up to you to test them to find out which one is the best.

Check it out below!

1. OneFootball

One of the most used free apps to see football results, OneFootball brings one of the biggest collections of football information. In addition to the results, the app also brings the main news of this market, informing you about important transfers between clubs, whether national or international.

Throughout matches, you receive notifications about important events from the teams you are following, such as goals, fouls and penalties. In addition to being reminded when matches will start. OneFootball also provides a leaderboard for major tournaments around the world.

The app is available on Android and iPhone.

onefootball screen, one of the free apps to see most popular football scores

2. FlashScore

This app is not just limited to football, bringing results from matches in other sports like basketball, volleyball and tennis. According to the app's page, FlashScore tracks and updates its users in nearly 6,000 different competitions.

In addition, it also brings notifications so you know results about the teams you mark as favorites. FlashScore also makes up for the lack of a narrator by bringing live text comments. Another type of information included in the match monitoring is the lineup, updated in real time.

Download FlashScore on Android or iPhone.

3. SofaScore

Embracing 21 more sports than football, SofaScore is also one of the best rated apps of its kind. Within football, its scope is also enormous. You can even see results from the Brasileirão C series, for example. Just like the results of state championships.

It is also one of the few that can be installed on a smart watch, such as the Apple Watch. Regardless of the device you're using, you can set up SofaScore to update you live about your team's matches, sending notifications whenever something important happens.

Discover SofaScore on Google Play or the App Store.

4. ge

The official application of the sports sector of Rede Globo, ge is a complement to your schedule, allowing you to follow what is happening in other matches, in addition to what you are already seeing. The app has videos showing the main bids of matches, as well as reports that were broadcast on television.

The Globo Esporte app also brings news in writing, in addition to allowing you to follow the leaderboards and schedule with the games schedule. You can also receive notifications about what's going on in the world of the ball or be reminded of the start of matches.

Download the ge on your Android or iPhone.

ge screen, ex sport globe

5. UOL Score

UOL also has free apps to see football results, competing with apps from major portals like the one already mentioned ge. In it, you can follow matches in real time.

It is also possible to follow the analysis of matches made by the columnists of the platform, having access to more opinionated content, in addition to information about the results. It is possible to know the important events of the games in real time, as well as changes in the scoreboard.

The UOL Score allows you to favor up to 10 national and international teams, receiving notifications whenever they play, as well as important events on and off the field. Download the UOL Score on your Android or iPhone.

6. 365Scores

If you tend to follow international football more than Brasileirão, maybe 365Scores is a more recommended alternative. It is one of the free apps to see football results suitable for those who follow various competitions and sports around the world.

Through it, it is possible to know statistics of matches and championships, follow the lineup of your favorite international teams. You can also see through it the leaderboards of tournaments like the Premier League, La Liga Espanhola and the German Bundesliga, for example. All that was left was to be able to play their own football games.

Discover 365Scores on your Android or iPhone.

7. FotMob

Another champion among free apps to see football results, FotMob has more than 10 million downloads. The app is one of the only ones to go beyond the leaderboards and notifications about important events, even offering audio narration even to free users.

It also offers text narration in our Portuguese. In addition, it is possible to follow market news, discover championship scorers and view the leaderboards. You can also use the app to track international tournaments.

Download FotMob on your Android or iPhone.

8. Goal Live Scores

If you like statistics that go beyond goal kicks, fouls and scoring, Goal Live Scores may be the most recommended app. In addition to basic data, the app brings a complete analysis, detailing every detail of a match.

They also have a session dedicated to the best players and teams of the moment, showing the strengths of these teams and their players. In addition, he does not give up notifications when important events in matches of his favorite teams take place.

You can also view articles developed by writers specializing in the subject and analyzes of the football transfer market.

Learn more about Goal Live Scores on Android and iPhone.

goal live score screens, one of the most downloaded free apps to see football results


It wouldn't make sense to have a full article about free apps to see football results without referring to FIFA's official app. Of course, it is not to be confused with football games that bear the same name.

In the FIFA app, you can see the main news about the international association, in addition to knowing the results of the main football matches around the planet. When you follow the results of a game, you can also see the lineup, statistics and even information about the stadium where the match is taking place.

A particularity of the app is the possibility to see the global ranking of the best players and teams in the world. With it, you can find out in advance who are the most likely players to be elected the best on the planet.

The FIFA app is available on both Android and iPhone.

10. LiveScore

Closing the list of free apps to see football results is LiveScore. This application allows you to follow only your favorite leagues, receiving notifications of important events that happen in it.

In addition, he also focuses on showing a large number of statistics, for those who really like the mathematical part of the sport. Other important details are the news section on the market, as well as the possibility to follow the competition ranking tables.

Download LiveScore on your Android or iPhone.

Free apps to see football results: which ones are your favorites?

With these options, we believe that you will have all the information you need about the matches of your favorite clubs, players and competitions at hand.

Which one is your favorite? Leave your opinion in the comments below!

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