10 Free mind maps to facilitate your studies

Despite the uncertainty about events due to the coronavirus and the quarantine it imposes on us, the fact that we are prevented from leaving can be productive for studies.

It is possible that you are frustrated with tests for competitions, entrance exams or order exams – such as those of the OAB, for example – postponed indefinitely, but think that you have more time to prepare. Do you have doubts about how your studies will start? Have you tried using free mind maps?

If you still don't know what mind map is and how it can benefit your studies, we highly recommend you to see the following paragraphs. We will show you what mind maps are, what they are for and we will present you some free templates to get started right now!

What are mind maps and what are they for?

Have you ever worked in a company and had to deal with organization charts or graphs like that? We can say that they are mind maps!

Mind maps are drawings or graphs made with the objective of organizing objectives, goals and actions. They are one of the best productivity tools. After all, they allow you to organize everything you need to do to fulfill an objective.

That way, you avoid that feeling that something is missing to do, preventing you from even forgetting an important step you should take. Best of all, mind maps are not for corporate use only.

You can also use free mind maps in your study projects. To be honest, any personal, professional and financial goals can also be organized by mind maps.

This time, our goal is to present free mind maps for studies. So, below we’ll show you some templates where you can start organizing your schedule.

Each model has its particularities and advantages. So you should test them and see if they make your routine easier. Check them out below!

10 free mind maps for your studies

Now that you know what a mind map is, it's time to introduce you to some models. There are a multitude of models on the internet and on various websites for making mind maps.

For this article, we chose to present MindMeister's study and productivity models.

One of the main apps for making mind maps, it has free and sectorized models, in addition to allowing you to create a mind map from scratch.

You can register with MindMeister by accessing the link using your Google account or Facebook profile to register, in addition to your email.

After accessing your account for the first time, you will have access to the free mind maps that we will show below. Check it out below!

1. Exam Preparation

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From English exam preparation, it allows you to organize everything you need to remember and study for an important exam.

You can take notes at Notes, organize your study material in Resources, leave general information such as date of the exam, number of questions, type of exam – multiple choice, discourse or writing, for example – and even the method of evaluation in the sub-items.

In the stretch Weeks until exam, you can separate the subjects you will study each week before the exam.

Remember that, even in English, you can customize the mind map for our language. It is also possible to customize some things in the structure, leaving more to your face.

2. Essay Writing Checklist

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Not studying for exams, but working on the notorious CBT? Are you going into despair because you're having trouble knowing where to start?

So the model Essay Writing Checklist may be right for you. Translated into Portuguese, it is called thesis writing checklist. This means that you can include all stages of the writing process and keep track of what has been written and what still needs to be written.

Each stage on the map indicates a passage that needs to be written. In the template, it uses paragraphs, but remember that you can customize them according to the structure that your TCC should follow.

3. Weekly Plan

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Suitable for those who want to create a consistent study routine, regardless of an exam or CBT that is yet to be done. Translating into Portuguese, the name of the mind map is weekly plan.

It is a very lean model and can almost be confused with calendar applications.

We say this because this model is based on separating the days of the week and scheduling your tasks accordingly by day, placing the first task at the top and the following tasks below.

4. Class Syllabus

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Without a direct translation, this model is made to organize the studies of a course or subject you are taking, whether at school or college. In it, you can organize information about the teacher who gives the material and their schedules during the week.

It can also include the materials and books you will need to have on hand in class, the syllabus and even information about the tests. Ideal for the semester organization and always know if there is any pending matter.

5. Lesson Plan

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If there are free mind maps for students, why not for teachers? If you are teaching and passing tests, then the class plan is right for you.

In it, you can gather all the information and define the objectives of your classes. You can even define the materials you will need for each class, how you will approach the subject and how the assessments will be.

Everything you need and plan to do in the classroom should be listed in the topics in this template.

6. Cornell Note Taking

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If you're a fan of comedy series and followed the best version of The Office on Amazon Prime Video, you certainly had a little laugh. After all, Cornell was the prestigious university attended by Andy Bernard, the character played by Ed Helms in the series.

Like almost all the locations mentioned in the series, the university exists and is indeed prestigious. One of the things she is known for – with the exception of the series – is the Cornell method of study.

It was made to improve the quality of the notes made by students in their studies for exams. Developed in the 1940s by one of the university's professors, it consists of dividing the notes into three sections: one to keep the main ideas of the class, another to make a summary and the third to remember the questions.

This is one of the most curious and different mind maps of the majority. Divided into the three sections mentioned, you can make notes in each one.

In other words, this mental map is not used to organize, but to use in the classroom itself.

7. Homework Planning

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It works similarly to map 3 of this article, but it is ideal for those who want to incorporate their studies when looking for things to do with their children during quarantine. In Portuguese, the model can be translated as homework planning.

If your little ones are studying online, it is ideal for them to organize their tasks in order to meet the deadlines set by the school. Like map 3, it is divided by the days of the week.

Each day, you can separate tasks by subject, ideal for school chores, which are not limited to just one subject.

8. Getting Things Done

maps-mental-gratis-gtd "width =" 600 "height =" 334 "src =" https://www.apptuts.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/mapas-mentais-gratis-gtd.jpg "/></p><p><noscript><img class=

From that item, we will show the free mind maps focused on productivity, without distinction of being for studies or not. The GTD method is one of the most respected productivity models.

It consists of separating your tasks into five stages, which we will briefly describe below:

  • Collect: when you receive a request, this is where you will deposit them so as not to lose focus on the task you are performing now.
  • Process: this is where you will analyze the task and find out if it needs to be divided into other small tasks, if it is something simple to do or even if you need to take any action. Stay tuned: tasks that take less than 2 minutes to complete must be done immediately!
  • Organize: now that you know what tasks to do, it's time to program yourself to do them! At this stage you will define the context of the task – whether it is professional or work, among others – when and where you will perform each task that comes to you.
  • Review: the review phase is often underestimated, mainly because it is the one that will spend less time doing. At least once a week, review your list of organized tasks. Check if it still makes sense to run the task, review what is a priority or not and keep track of tasks you have delegated.
  • Execution: there is no point in fulfilling all the steps above if you do not perform them. This is where the items you are currently making, with purpose and focus, will remain.

To include items at each point in the list, simply add a topic in each category.

9. To-Dos

task list

Based on another famous productivity method, the model to do is inspired by Kanban. Known for its simplicity, it is practically a to-do list.

Divided into just three categories, you simply place your open tasks in the first category. The tasks in progress will be in the second column, while the tasks performed are placed in the last. That way, you can get a good idea of ​​how productive you were on the day.

10. Life Plan

maps-mental-gratis-exam-planovida "width =" 600 "height =" 410 "src =" https://www.apptuts.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/mapas-mentais-gratis-exam -planovida.jpg "/></p><p><noscript><img class=

The free mind maps on this list are useful for studies, but if you are looking for a more holistic solution, that is, one that allows you to plan all aspects of your life, the model life plan it's pretty satisfying.

Divided into six categories, it does not cover only the part of studies or career, the most common when we talk about an online mind map. In this model, you can even plan your hobbies and vacations, as well as family life and health.

Which free mind maps caught your eye the most?

As you can see throughout the article, free mind maps are the best way to start organizing your student life.

In addition, it is possible to plan both daily tasks and your whole life, going beyond tests, coursework or homework.

MindMeister is the main reference when it comes to creating mind maps on the internet. This is one of the main reasons why we chose to show your models to help organize your study routine.

The app is free and has a paid version, which frees up more resources and allows you to create as many mind maps as you want.

So click on the link now and register to start enjoying MindMeister models!

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