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10 ideas for making money at home during quarantine

10 ideas for making money at home during quarantine

In the current quarantine situation due to the coronavirus, almost everyone is in need of ways to make extra income. To help you in this endeavor, we decided to create this article with the best ways to earn money at home during quarantine!

To check them all out and learn how to profit without leaving your computer, read on and see all the details.

1. Create a blog

The first of our ideas for making extra income is creating a blog, possibly one of the most complicated because of the involvement and willingness it requires, but it is also an excellent source of money.

Today, blogs are no longer what they were ten years ago and have become a professional way to expose content. For example, technology, music and even AppTuts sites are blogs!

The most recommended to be able to profit by creating no with the use of advertisements – after all, everyone uses some tool to block ads, but with the use of affiliate marketing. If you want a detailed guide on how to create a blog, just follow the link!

Create a blog

2. Create an online course

Another very good way to get extra money in a relatively stable way is by using online course platforms to create your own course, share your knowledge and charge for it!

Of course, for you to really win something it is essential that you are an expert in some area. If this is your case, go ahead with this plan, which can work. We recommend that you use Udemy, which is possibly the largest and most reliable platform of its kind and for which we have a complete guide!

3. Work as a freelancer

If you want to make money at home during quarantine to avoid getting the coronavirus, working as a freelancer is a pretty good option. This is a type of informal work, in which workers have no employment relationship.

It is possible to earn a lot of extra money by doing this, as long as what you produce is of quality. It is possible, for example, to carry out translations, voiceovers, essays, revisions, editorial works and transcriptions, in addition to almost any other category you can imagine.

4. Create an e-commerce store

In order to work from home, having an e-commerce store can be a valid alternative. In this modality of work, you need to get involved in the creation of your website, something that may seem complicated but which, thanks to the help of platforms like Shopify and NuvShop, is quite simple.

To be able to sell online, you must choose how you want to do this: selling your own products, such as handicrafts; reselling products imported from China; sales by dropshipping, which means using your site to display goods from partners responsible for delivering the product.

Create an e-commerce store making money at home during quarantine

5. Become an influencer on TikTok

If you get along with the public, becoming an influencer is an interesting option for making money at home during quarantine. By doing this, with a lot of commitment and charisma, you can reach a really large number of people, and you can be paid to advertise products to your audience.

A very good tool to help you in this process is Stim Social, which helps you to configure hashtags by the area where you produce your content, searching, interacting and giving likes on profiles of users that fit.

To see more about it and take advantage of the free 5-day trial, just follow the link!

6. Work as a virtual assistant

In a way, working as a virtual assistant could fit under “freelancing”. However, due to differences it deserves a topic just for you. In this type of work you help people to organize themselves better, helping them with tasks such as time management and their projects.

Anyone who is used to working in the office and now needs to perform professional tasks at home because of the coronavirus, will possibly look for virtual assistants to increase productivity.

Of course, whoever intends to perform this function needs to be very organized, disciplined and punctual.

7. Write an e-book

In many ways, this idea of ​​making money at home during quarantine is very similar to creating an online course. It differs in not needing you to record several of your videos, in addition to opening the opportunity for your e-book to be non-teaching, which may be fiction, for example.

It will not make you rich in any way, but it will serve as an extra almost fixed income. It's quite simple to do: you need to write, format, create a cover, publish and promote, which may seem like a lot, but it is not already that many of the tasks can be outsourced to freelancers.

Write an e-book earn money at home during quarantine

8. Use cashback services

Using cashback apps is a very interesting option to help you effectively spend a little less. It works like this: you spend, a certain amount and the app makes available a percentage of what you spent in your virtual wallet. For example, if the app gives you 10% cashback and you spend R $ 100.00, you will have R $ 10.00 in your wallet!

This has no cost and only benefits – as long as you have the patience to look for the best deals.

9. Answer paid surveys

Another idea of ​​apps to earn money is to answer paid surveys, where you receive by email or in the notification of your smartphone surveys. When you answer them, you get some virtual “coins” that, when accumulated, can be exchanged for real money!

These surveys may come daily, but it is often one per week. You need to answer them as soon as possible, as they expire relatively quickly.

10. Test websites

Finally, testing websites is an excellent alternative for those who really like design and user interfaces. The recommended site for this is TryMyUI, through which you can earn from $ 10 per website test, for which you need to give your opinion.

The operation is simple: you record your screen while using the website for the first time and give your spoken review of the website or app. Then write a summary of what you said. You can run a few tests a week and get paid every Friday on PayPal!

Test websites making money at home during quarantine

So, what did you think of our ideas on how to make money at home during quarantine?

Leave in the comments your opinion about all the options we have listed, saying what you think of them and if you already use any. Don't forget to check out, too, how to choose the digital bank and our complete guide on how to make extra income online!

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