10 Most used social networking sites in Brazil

For a long time, social networking sites were viewed with suspicion and even sarcasm. With the arrival and popularization of Tinder and other dating apps, it is now common to use technology to find a pair and live a romantic comedy story.

In Brazil, apps are also successful and help in this search. So much so that Tinder is not the only one of the most used social networking sites in Brazil with popularity.

Do you want to know which ones are used the most and increase your chance of meeting new people and, who knows, finding your ideal partner after quarantine?

So stay with us throughout this article!

1. Tinder

It is impossible to start this list with the most used dating sites in Brazil without mentioning Tinder. Mainly responsible for popularizing this type of app, Tinder stands out for its simplicity in use.

So much so that most social networking sites have adopted his interface, even with other ways to introduce people to the app.

Start using Tinder by accessing the link!

tinder is the best known of the social networking sites

2. Badoo

A traditional option among social networking sites, Badoo has been around since before Tinder emerged. This means that it has also changed a lot over the years. This means that its current version is unrecognizable compared to other versions.

You can search for partners and friendships according to the algorithm, swiping left or right. On the other hand, it is also possible to search according to tastes and interests that you have defined on the website.

Click on the link to access Badoo and see our tutorials teaching you how to use Badoo on your phone and PC, how to delete all your photos at once and also our complete app guide!

3. C-Date

Unlike the examples we showed above, C-Date is aimed at more mature people. Therefore, it is limited to users aged 30 to 50 years.

Another striking difference is that C-Date is one of the dating sites most geared towards casual dating, rather than more serious and committed relationships. The goal here is to find someone for a pleasant meeting amid extensive work.

Click on the link to sign up for C-Date!

4. Happn

Another widely used app that is also available for internet browsers, Happn uses its location to find options for users to try. You can define the radius in kilometers of people who will appear to give the match.

From there, you can distribute likes and super likes. In the first, you can only contact the person if they also give you a like. In the second, the person will be notified of his super like, but you can talk to her only if she leaves a like too.

Access the link to use Happn.

5. POF

Acronym for Plenty of Fish, this is one of the dating sites indicated for those who prefer to find the ideal person for their life. Easy and fast to use, its interface is simple and does not require Facebook login, protecting your account data on the social network.

plenty of fish

You just need to do a compatibility test, which will consider your tastes and interests when looking for someone to have a pleasant meeting.

Click on the link to know the POF.

6. Perfect match

Perhaps the best known among social networking sites, before the arrival of Tinder. Even adapting to the rival's interface, Par Perfeito did not refrain from continuing to try to introduce people of greater compatibility to each other.

Active since 2005, it also has an extensive user base, making it really easy to find an ideal partner.

Learn more about the Perfect Pair by clicking on the link.

7. The Other Half

This site brings a great similarity to the C-Date, but also a huge differential. Also aimed at people over 30 years old, The Other Half is not for those who are looking for games or casual encounters.

That is, if you just want to meet new people without commitment, C-Date is ideal. If you are looking for a partner for life, The Other Half is the most suitable site for you.

The site allows contacting users without the need for match, as well as a search engine that makes it possible to find people according to the criteria you set.

Click on the link to try to know The Other Half.

8. be2

Another alternative between social networking sites for those looking for something more stable, instead of casual dating. Be2 also has a personality test, in which the site team finds compatible users with you every day.

be2 ​​is one of the social networking sites for anyone who wants something serious

To keep away curious and people with bad intentions, be2 allows communication and viewing of photos only through its paid plan.

Learn more about be2 by accessing the link!

9. Grindr

Some of the dating sites shown here focus only on heterosexual relationships, or even have the option of choosing people of the same gender. However, users with bad intentions can register as homosexuals just to practice homophobia against those who are gay.

Grindr is one of the dating sites aimed only at gay men looking for a casual partner. Working similarly to Tinder and Happn, Grindr uses its GPS to find nearby men, using the match system to open a conversation.

Access the link to create your profile on Grindr.

10. AstroMatch

If you are strongly connected to astrology and would not like to find someone who doubts your beliefs, AstroMatch is the best place to find your match written in the stars.

Considering its sign and astrological characteristics such as its astrological chart and the Mayan calendar, AstroMatch looks for compatible people according to the information you provide. That is, if you are an Aryan who is not at all compatible with Cancerians, you may be unconcerned.

To use AstroMatch, just click on the link and register.

Which social networking sites seemed ideal?

Did you like the sites you found here? Which one thinks about registering to find a partnership for life or a nice date after the quarantine?

Comment with us!

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