10 most watched international Netflix series in Brazil

In November last year, this streaming platform launched its official list of the most watched international Netflix series in Brazil, with names like Sex Education and The Rain.

Check out the full list below, along with our own suggestions with series you can't miss!

1. Sex Education (United Kingdom)

The first of the most watched international Netflix series in Brazil is Sex Education, originally from the United Kingdom. It is one of the original Netflix comedy series, created by Laurie Nunn. It follows Otis, a teenager with social problems and his mother, a sex therapist.

In the first season, Otis is not sure how he feels about sex, even though, due to his mother, he has a lot of knowledge about the area. At a certain point, the protagonist helps his bully who suffers from anxiety about the topic and ends up seeing in it the opportunity to create a sex education business for his colleagues. Head over to Netflix to watch!

Sex Education (United Kingdom)

2. The End of the F *** ing World (United Kingdom)

The End of the F **** ing World is one of the best teen series on Netflix, also original from the platform and the UK. It is based on a comic book of the same name – see how to read HQ on Android – and follows two teenagers: James, who is sure to be a psychopath and Alyssa, the person he decided to be his first victim.

Both are obviously very strange young people who end up dating, with secret plans for each other. However, nothing goes as expected for any of them. The second season was released recently and introduces a new character, Bonnie. Click the link to see more!

3. The Rain (Denmark)

Another of the most watched international Netflix series in Brazil is The Rain, of Danish origin. His plot is set in a dystopian future, six years after a rain-loaded virus eradicated almost all of Scandinavia's humanity. A pair of brothers, Simone and Rasmus, hide in a bunker and manage to survive this.

When six years pass, they leave and go in search of their father, a scientist who sheltered them in the bunker and never returned. On the way, they join a group of survivors who, together, travel through Denmark and Sweden after a safe place and for a possible cure. Check it out right now!

4. Dark (Germany)

Another of the most watched international Netflix series in Brazil is Dark, of German origin. She follows four families from a small fictional town, Winden, and shows all the secrets they have kept over the years being revealed. Right at the beginning, a young boy disappears and another's body appears in his place.

Shows the connection of events that occurred between several different years, with intervals of 33 years between each. It deals with macabre and supernatural themes, in a final set that is somewhat complicated to understand, but which is very worthwhile. Watch on Netflix, where you can also watch movies!

Dark (Germany) international Netflix series most seen in Brazil

5. The Last Guardian (Turkey)

An excellent series of Turkish origin, The Last Guardian, created by Çağatay Ulusoy, follows Hakan Demir, a young Istanbul shopkeeper who discovers, after the death of his adoptive father, being connected to a secret order whose duty is to protect the city.

Hakan must accept his family legacy and become The Guardian, a hero who must kill the Immortals and prevent the destruction of the city. It has two seasons available on Netflix and has already been renewed for the third and fourth.

6. La Casa de Papel (Spain)

One of Netflix's most popular series, La Casa de Papel tells the story of a group of burglars from the Spanish Mint, narrated by one of the characters, Tokyo. A man, who goes by the alias Professor, saves all the police characters and convinces them to get involved in this robbery.

The episodes intersect present events with the planning of the assault. All the characters are dressed in red, with Salvador Dalí masks. Watch the three seasons now via the link!

7. The Witcher (USA)

The Witcher is another of the most watched international Netflix series in Brazil, of American origin, which was released at the end of last year. It is based on a series of Polish books of the same name, which also served as inspiration for one of the most famous PC game series.

It takes place in a fictional medieval world and follows three characters: Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter; Yennefer, a magician; and Ciri, the princess of one of the kingdoms, Cintra, who has coveted and secret powers. The series shows the path of each one until they are at the end. Check it out now on Netflix, one of the best apps for watching movies and series.

The Witcher (USA) Netflix International Series Most Viewed in Brazil

8. Titans (USA)

Another American series, Titãs takes place in the DC universe and is based on the comics The Teen Titans. It starts with the disbanded group, but soon after they come together, including original and new members.

In the first season, Rachel asks for protection from a former member of the group, Dick, which leads them to join with Kory and Gar. Eventually, they discover that she is being pursued by her demonic father, Trigon, who wants to enslave the world. Watch it now through Netflix!

9. Stranger Things (USA)

Stranger Things is one of the most viewed series in 2019 and takes place in the fictional city of Hawkins in the early 1980s. The Hawkins National Laboratory does several secret scientific research on the supernatural, including tests on humans.

By accident, they also created a portal to an alternative dimension, the World of Ponta-Cabeça. The first season begins when Will Byers is kidnapped by a creature from this world, and at the same time, a girl known by the number Eleven, escapes from his laboratory and assists in the search for Will. Go to Netflix to watch.

10. The Umbrella Academy (USA)

The last of the most watched international Netflix series in Brazil is The Umbrella Academy, of American origin. It is an original series, developed by Steve Blackman and Jeremy Slater and is based on the comics of the same name.

It follows the story of a dysfunctional family of adoptive brothers, all with super powers, who are forced to reunite after their father's death. They have to unravel the mystery behind his death and prevent the apocalypse, which one of them predicted. Check it out through the link!

The Umbrella Academy (USA) Netflix international series most viewed in Brazil

So, what did you think of our list of the most watched international Netflix series in Brazil?

Tell us in the comments if you agree with the series we decided to include, saying if you have watched them and if you like them.

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