10 online photo editing and editing tools

There are several reasons you may want to edit your images in a simple way, such as work, photo retouching that you took somewhere special or important, profile photo adjustments, and more.

No matter what your goal is, it's a great idea to have photo editing and photo editing tools at your fingertips, always ready for quick, easy and effective use. For this, we have created a list of the top 10 platforms that aims this.

1. Gimp

The first of our list is one of the best known in the market, for being very complete, offering options similar to Photoshop. However, instead, this is an open source application that allows users to make changes to their own code and implement tools.

Its tools are professional-grade, have a fully customizable interface, the ability to thoroughly edit and resize images, and the ability to deliver images of the same quality as Photoshop.

All of this is in a completely free application that is also offered in Portuguese, but being so complete turns out to be confusing for new users. Therefore, it is recommended only for the most experienced. If you want to see more about it, go to the official page.


2. Be Funky

Another tool for online photo editing and editing is Be Funky, one of the best known, precisely because it is one of the best available offering a wide variety of options in its free version and even more in the paid version.

Here you can make image edits, including adding filters, textures or retouching (skin, eyes, mouth, etc.), the option to insert text, frames, and editing image features themselves such as focus or contrast.

There are also designer and collage modes; In the first, you can easily create business cards, flyers, images for social networks, among others; In the second, you can choose from dozens of themes to use, with different layouts and patterns, and text insertion. To see more, follow the link.

3. Fotor

Another of the tools for photo editing and editing is Fotor, a platform that has Windows application and also supports all the best browsers. It has a free version with many features and offers the possibility to pay for a premium access that gives access to many others.

On the site, you can create drawings, edit images, create photo collages, tooth many other things, all in a very user friendly and simple interface, making it ideal for beginners who want a good result on their photos. It is not recommended for more advanced users. If you want to see more, follow the link.

4. Canva

Another option is Canva, one of the best free photo editors with paid options available in our language, making it ideal for non-English speakers. Here you can perform professional image editing with hundreds of style layouts and more.

In these layouts, you can make fancy image montages to post to your social networks, such as Instagram, adding text, and selecting from over 130 different fonts. In order to use, you need to register, in a very simple process. To use it, go to the site.

canva photo editing and editing tools

5. PicMonkey

Another of the tools for online photo editing and editing is this, which offers only paid plans, with no free version. It has an extremely simple and user-friendly interface, which is a great plus, with nothing smearing the screen or making it difficult to understand.

It has numerous tools, including the ability to make collages in a way superior to those offered by competitors and has several templates to make the user's life even easier. Unfortunately, it is only possible to edit one image at a time on the platform and it is not offered in Portuguese.

If you want to try it out, the tool offers a 7 day free trial on its official page.

6. Photovisi

This is one of the options for online photo editing and editing tools, which make it easy to create collages, with templates created by the community and the platform itself.

It has a free and premium version, the second offering the possibility of editing without leaving a watermark. All montages are divided into 19 categories including abstract, black and white, congratulations and hand-drawn. To see more, just follow the link.

7. Photoshop Express

This is one of the best photo editing and editing tools offered by Adobe. Works on your browsers or any Android and iOS smartphone, but only supports .jpg images.

All options are very easy to use, unlike the more complete version of the product, but offer a large number of editing features. If interested, click on the link.

8. Photo Montage

This is a Brazilian collage creation platform in a very intuitive and simple way that doesn't want to login or anything and is completely free.

It offers many different filters and options to make your creation unique and special, with filters arranged in dozens of different categories to make it easy to find the one that's right for you. If you want to use it, go to the site.

photo montage photo editing and editing tools

9. Photo Face Fun

Another of the tools for photo editing and editing is the one that, as its name suggests, aims to create funny and fun images, quite simply and completely free of charge.

It has almost thirty filter categories, and can choose sports, fashion, movies, celebrities, among many others. You can add your face (or whatever you are interested in) to unusual places in a simple way. To use the platform, click on the link.

10. iPiccy

The last platform on our list is one that is very easy to use and is great for beginners. Here anyone can retouch and edit photos, and can create montages and collages with dozens of filters offered by the site itself.

Unfortunately, this tool is not offered in Portuguese, but it is completely free. It has hundreds of effects and enhancements, and can add text and more. See more on the official website.

ipiccy photo editing and editing tools

So, what do you think about the tools for photo editing and editing?

Leave your feedback on our list in the comments, if we can help you improve your photos or if we forget to add your favorite tool or platform.

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