10 parental control apps to keep your kids safe

One of the biggest modern concerns that people have with their children is the possible dangers that they can encounter on the internet. Whether on websites, applications or even browser or mobile games that have online resources. At least, there are great parental control apps that you can use to keep your kids safe.

Of course, among so many options available, you may have difficulty knowing which app is the best or which one has the tools you need. To help you with this, we have separated some of the main parental control apps and detailed them below. Check out!

1. Qustodio

use the qustodio

To start the list of parental control options, we are going to recommend the Qustodio app. You may even have heard of it, as it is considered one of the best tools for parental control.

It has many features, it is compatible with different platforms and you can customize it in different ways. In addition to allowing you to monitor your child's device, you also set certain limits.

This includes which apps and websites can be accessed and the times of use. If you are interested, you can start using Qustodio by accessing the link!

2. mSpy

Next, let's talk about another very popular app for anyone looking for something with parental control. The mSpy is actually one of the most used in the world today and you can't help but check it out.

The cool thing is it can be used in almost everything you need to control, which includes social networks, chat apps, calls, etc. Other than that, you can count on a GPS location system and 24-hour support in several languages.

The app also has a great interface to use. If you liked what you saw, you can try it for free by accessing the link.

3. OurPact

OurPact is one of the few iOS apps that can offer parental control features more freely. After all, Apple is not a big fan of other people's device monitoring schemes, even though they are their children.

Fortunately, with this security app it works very well and can be an alternative if you don't like the other iPhone options. It's only worth saying that the Android version has even more features if you have how to use it.

But other than that, it is good to mention that its interface is easy to understand and the app has several great features. This includes allowing access to apps and websites, for example.

To check out more, you can check out the link below.

4. Locategy

Overall, Locategy can also be a great option for monitoring your kids' cell phones. It has a location monitoring system, in addition to the expected app blocking and usage analysis.

It just doesn't let you monitor messages, calls and interactions on social networks. Other than that, its interface is great and the options are advanced even in the iOS version. To check out more, just go to their official website.

5. Boomerang

Unlike some other apps on our list, Boomerang is exclusive to smartphones. It can help you monitor your kids 'apps and internet usage on your kids' phones easily.

It is very simple to learn to use in general, which is always a positive point. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive for all the features it offers. To find out more about him, just check the official website.

6. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Our next tip for parental control apps is Kaspersky Safe Kids. Currently, it is not only available for smartphones but also on computers, a great advantage for anyone who wants to use it on multiple devices.

Speaking of which, the cool thing is that it has no limit on devices that can be used. But we also can't ignore its many features, which are some of the most complete of apps of this type. The application was created by the famous antivirus program company, so there is a lot of expertise involved in creating this app.

You can control access to websites and apps, check GPS location, establish usage times and even know the battery level of your child's smartphone. Enough, don't you think ?!

If you found it interesting, you can check out more at the link below.

7. Net Nanny

Then we can recommend Net Nanny, which is quite complete. In the past, it even had the problem of only being compatible with Android, but today there is also an iPhone version.

Other than that, it is also possible to use this tool on Windows and Mac computers. It is worth mentioning that it has many features, filters that can be customized and settings for the use of apps and websites.

The disadvantage is that it is a very expensive service, but offers different plans depending on its use. See more about the app at the link below.

8. PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff is another alternative that is well worth checking out. It has the basic features to monitor your children's cell phone, as well as letting you establish how long a day they can use their smartphone.

You can also block specific numbers and calls, applications and certain websites, especially “free games” that use abusive tactics to force children to buy things in the game. There are special options for children and teenagers. To see more, just check the link.

9. MamaBear

MamaBear is a slightly different app, since it is more for GPS monitoring. Its main focus is to know where your children are and whether they are safe in traffic mainly.

You can even tell if the car is going too fast, for example. It is certainly a very cool app for those who have teenagers. To check out more about the app, just go to the official website.

10. MMGuardian

parental control apps

To end our list of parental control apps, we chose MMGuardian as a recommendation. This is the type of application that you may even get confused at first by the amount of options available.

Even so, it ends up having a somewhat confusing interface and it may take a few days to get used to. Its price is also kind of expensive, but that is because it is really very complete.

You can configure and monitor almost anything with this app, including websites, social networks, messaging apps and more. We just have to mention that it has a more limited use on the iPhone than on Android.

If you found it interesting, just follow the link on the official website.

Did you like the parental control options?

Did you take advantage of our parental control apps suggestions to learn how to keep your kids safe? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the tools presented.

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