10 photo apps for Instagram feed

How to make the Instagram feed rock? Taking photos or videos in any way will not help you much, as you won't get likes or comments. Therefore, it is necessary to use photo apps for Instagram feed.

Luckily, there is no shortage of editors or touch-up apps that can help you do this. After all, organizing your Instagram feed with quality content is one of the best strategies for gaining followers on Instagram.

So, check out this selection of apps and be sure to also learn how to take professional photos with your phone.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Many use Photoshop as a reference for image editing, but Lightroom ends up being the best option for beginners. Among its tools, the program makes it possible to correct some imperfections and simple edits such as cropping and resizing your photos.

It also has ready-made templates that you can apply to your photos, improving them in no time. It is also possible to make more advanced edits such as adjusting lighting and colors, for example.

Click the link to download Adobe Lightroom!

adobe lightroom is one of the best photo apps for instagram feed

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Of course, if you already have some experience with Photoshop on your computer, you will certainly enjoy using the Express version, available for Android and iPhone.

It has most of the tools already available in the computer version. You can use this version of Photoshop to create collages on a set of photos, crop and resize your images, and correct imperfections such as blemishes, pimples or scars.

It is worth remembering that Adobe Photoshop Express is optimized for the mobile touch screen, so you will have no problems using it.

Access the link to see Photoshop Express!

3. PlaceIt

While the editors above are highly recognized, we don't always want to keep editing photos over and over. In fact, sometimes the most useful thing is to simply place your photo in an image that is already ready.

That's where PlaceIt comes in. This web software has hundreds of templates in which you can include your photo or even your company logo, among other examples.

It also has video templates, or the possibility to include animations in an image, if it makes sense and looks good on your post. One advantage of PlaceIt is that the image templates were created by professional designers, so everything you create with it will look great in your feed.

Learn more about PlaceIt by clicking on the link.

place it


A former competitor of Instagram, it is funny to note that VSCO today is one of the best photo apps for Instagram feed. We say this because, while Instagram started to have several content platforms, VSCO kept its focus on photography.

With exclusive filters, you end up having more options when choosing how to improve your photos to include in Instagram posts. You simply create the photo in VSCO, download it and then publish it to your Insta feed.

VSCO is available on Android and iPhone.

5. Snapseed

One of the main photo apps, Snapseed is incredibly complete, considering that it is exclusive to cell phones. Allowing you to make simple edits such as cropping or resizing, it can also be categorized among applications to remove background images, as this is a feature present in it.

Other adjustments such as color, brightness, contrasts and applying several special effects are also features of Snapseed. Best of all, you can download it for free on both Android and iPhone.

6. Facetune2

Second edition of one of best apps to fix bad photos, Facetune2 focuses on removing imperfections that may have appeared at the time of the photo. That is, images that are worth going to the feed when corrected. If they are not, they may end up hindering the assembly of the perfect feed.

That means less chances of gaining followers on Instagram. In addition, Facetune2 also makes it possible to change the image background, making it ideal for recovering photos that were a lost case.

Download Facetune2 on your Android or iPhone.

use facetune to perfect your instagram feed

7. Pixlr

A very complete app among the photo app alternatives for Instagram feed, Pixlr is great for creating collages. It allows the inclusion of text in the photos – ideal for those who enjoy motivational posts! -, perform color correction automatically and, of course, simpler options such as cropping and resizing photos.

Learn more about Pixlr by clicking on the link.

8. TouchRetouch

As its name implies, the TouchRetouch is ideal for touching up your photos. On the other hand, it ends up being more limited, since this is one of its few functions.

Still, it is great for removing people who accidentally appeared in the photo, removing telephone cables or any other unwanted objects. It also serves to remove pimples, blemishes and scars from faces.

Download the TouchRetouch on your Android or iPhone.

9. PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt Photo Editor is already more complete than the previous app. In it, you can transform photos into drawings or transform photos into caricatures, in addition to simple edits.

The application has a considerable range of special effects and stickers, which can be used even in Stories. It can also include other, simpler elements, like emojis or text.

Discover PicsArt Photo Editor by downloading it on your Android or iPhone.

picsart photo editor screen

10. Piczoo

Closing our list of photo apps for Instagram feed, Piczoo makes it possible to create collages, in addition to the simple editing tools that are available in other apps. The app also features templates in which your photos are automatically resized to the ideal image size for the Instagram feed.

That is, it ends up being very useful for anyone who is looking to pump up Instagram! So, learn more about Piczoo by downloading it on your Android or iPhone.

Keep learning more about Instagram!

The photo apps for Instagram feed can make your life a lot easier, increasing the quality of your posts. But it is only a fraction of what you can learn to extend what you know about the platform.

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