10 quiz games for iPhone and Android

Whether you want to spend your time alone, playing with friends online or in on-site party parties, quiz apps can be a great option.

To do this, we've put together a list of the top 10 of its kind, so you can use your knowledge to answer countless questions and learn in a fun way.

1. Asked

This is undoubtedly one of the best known quiz games for smartphones, be it Android or iOS. It has six different categories: Sports, Entertainment, Science, Art, History and Geography. The category of the question you will answer is randomly drawn by spinning a roulette wheel.

The app users themselves submit the questions, moderated by other players using the platform. You can play against other people, either in duels against strangers or against friends.

If you are interested in learning a variety of content while having fun using a pretty and friendly interface, download this app from the App Store or Play Store. Also be sure to check out our article detailing this app further.


2. Food Quiz

If you like food, this will be the best quiz game for you. The app has over 6900 food items for you to guess. They are separated into 400 packages from 25 different countries.

In it, the user can log in with their Facebook account and ask for help in identifying items they are having difficulty with. You can also compare yourself with your friends through a scoring ranking system.

If you want to use the app, you can download it for Android from the Play Store or for iOS from the App Store. You can also play it on your computer, thanks to the sync with social networks, allowing you to play on Facebook in the best browsers.

3. Truth or Dare

This is a great app to use at parties and times when you and your friends are together for fun. Remember the classic Truth or Dare, where each one spun a bottle to indicate who would ask and who would answer? This app does this function to make the game easier!

It offers hundreds of very fun and challenging questions and consequences, with modes for children, teens or “brave people”. If you want to download, go to the App Store or Play Store.

Tip: If you want to see more app options to play Truth or Dare, click the link!

4. 94 seconds

If you enjoyed playing the famous “Stop!” Or “Adedonha”, this is one of the best quiz games for you. It has a very similar premise, where the app offers the initial letter of a word for a specific theme and asks the user, within 94 seconds, to guess the answer.

It has over 50 different themes such as human body parts, feelings and emotions, drinks, colors, movies, series and books, having subjects for everyone. If your answer is considered rare, you will earn two points instead of one. If you are interested, you can download the app for Android or iOS.

94 second question and answer games

5. GuessIT – Guess the words

This is another quiz game app designed to be used at parties and friends gatherings. In it, one of the participants must find out what word has appeared on the screen of their smartphone, which needs to be held above their head. For this, others give tips and do related mimes, resulting in a very fun experience.

It has a large number of categories, such as celebrities, video games, movies, television, comic characters or accents and imitations, among others. You can also create your own words.

To play it, follow the link to download it from the App Store or Play Store, depending on whether you use iOS or Android.

6. Flags and Capitals of the World

This app is for those who like geography and want to learn more about it, offering the possibility to know a lot of information about hundreds of different countries and cities. It has various levels of difficulty, so the user can choose which one is right for him.

The app has 200 flags and 200 cities, divided into 10 levels. You will have 20 seconds to relate the flag to the country and, correctly, you will receive data such as capitals, currencies and populations. The game also has a ranking of the top 100, to instigate competitiveness. It is available for both iOS and Android.

7. World History

Following the line of the previous app, this is another quiz game that allows its users to test their knowledge and learn new content, this time about History. You can even challenge your friends to see who knows more.

It has only 150 questions, but they are about unknown facts, so you can enjoy learning. You can ask for tips if you're stuck with any questions or ask friends for help if the clues are gone. It is only available for Android on the Play Store.

world history quiz games

8. QuizUp

This is one of the most interesting quiz games on our list, offering a wide range of general topics such as movies, Brazilian politics, geography, history, art, and music. It also covers specific topics such as famous movie franchises. Harry Potter and Star Wars are some examples.

In it, you can compete with strangers and your friends, and talk to those who are battling. It has a global ranking, so you can compare yourself with users from all over the world. To download, follow the link to the App Store or Play Store.

9. True or False: Quiz Games

This is a quick thinking app, offering hundreds of questions in over 16 different languages. Mix facts with made up stories so you can answer them as quickly as possible.

The questions are about various topics, making the user, besides having a lot of fun, learn a lot about general knowledge. This is an Android-only app and to download it follow the link.

10. Quiz: Logo Game

We came to the bottom of our list with one of the best quiz games. Logo Game focuses on the user guessing brand logos. It has a large number of different logos, with over 2600 that are distributed in 86 levels.

It also has a level for Brazilian brands. The difficulty only increases as you play, but it's still fun from start to finish. You can also compete with friends and see a ranking of the logos you've got so far. To download for Android, follow the link; The app is not available for iOS.

quiz logo game quiz games

So what did you think about our list of quiz games?

Leave your feedback on the apps we listed, telling us if you already knew any of them or prefer other ways to pass the time. Also, be sure to check out our list of top Apple Arcade games and top apps and games of the year, as listed by Apple.

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