10 sites to make your home office comfortable in quarantine!

One thing that has become almost a necessity because of the quarantine is working from home to earn money. In this article, we selected the best sites to make the home office even more comfortable.

Keep reading and check out all our tips, saying which ones you already knew and if you plan to use any!

1. Basecamp

The first of the tools on our list is Basecamp, a real-time communication tool that allows all participants in your company's teams to be always on the same page.

It appeared in 2004 and since then it is always improving. Currently, it has versions for any of the best internet browsers, in addition to smartphones with Android and for iPhone.

Through it, it is possible to create to-do lists for members, with calendars, delivery dates, article sharing and much more. Follow the link to the official website to see more!


2. Dropbox

Another site for you to make your home office more comfortable is Dropbox, one of the oldest and best known places for storage in the cloud. With it, you can access files and folders anywhere!

It is particularly good for those who have a remote job that requires transferring and storing many files and documents. Offers synchronization of documents across platforms, receiving edits updates almost instantly. Go to the website and find out more!

3. Evernote

One of the best known information managers, with a main annotation function, Evernote is perfect for facilitating your remote work. With it, it is possible to take notes, create notebooks, put labels on them and synchronize your devices, whether Windows, iOS, Android or in browsers.

It is also possible to search your notes, including various file formats, images and photos. It is free on the basic plan. Check out more information through the link!

4. LogMeIn

With a very simple functionality, LogMeIn is one of the best additions for you to be able to make home office more comfortable. It works in a way that allows you to access your computer remotely, from your smartphone or tablet.

For example, if you finished a project but forgot to send it, just access the computer through the app to be able to upload it. The only thing that can be bad is the cost, which is quite high, starting at R $ 50.00 per month. Find out more on the official website.

LogMeIn comfortable home office

5. Slack

Slack is one of the most well-known platforms for members of professional organizations of any size to communicate easily.

Through it, teams that need daily communication can organize themselves by channels, separating conversations by company area and improving overall productivity. To find out everything about him, follow the link!

6. Facebook Workplace

Created by Facebook, one of the largest social networks, Workplace is a tool that serves to connect the employees of a company, with resources such as groups, chats, conference calls and even live streams. The teams also have access to a business feed, where they can see the company's news.

Currently, more than 30 thousand companies use Workplace for their communications. In the free version of it, groups are allowed to have up to 50 people, which calls have up to 20 users and offers 5GB of file storage. Go to the official website and see more!

7. Trello

A collaborative tool for project management, Trello will also make the home office more comfortable. It is particularly good for you to organize team tasks, specifying deadlines for delivering results.

It is a complete and easy to use platform, with a flexible “framework” for the organization, being completely integrated with applications such as Google Suite and Slack. In its free version, it allows 10 frames per team and files up to 10MB each. Follow the link to find out everything!

Comfortable home office trello

8. Google Drive

One that is part of a suite of Google tools, the Google Suite, is Google Drive. It is the cloud storage service of the computing giant (and search).

With it, you can upload files of any type to the cloud, which can be accessed on any of your devices, simply by connecting to your Google account.

Through Drive, you also have access to the files that are in Google Docs, for example, being a really complete (and free!) Alternative. Go to the official website to start using!

9. TeamViewer

The best known of the applications that grant remote access, TeamViewer works in a somewhat similar way to LogMeIn. Through it, you can control another device that is connected.

Better than that, you can access your employees' devices (of course, with permission) to solve possible problems they have without having to guide them remotely. Click the link to see more!

10. Asana

Finally, we have Asana, which allows teams of remote employees to organize themselves much more easily, making the home office even more comfortable.

It is available for both mobile devices and the web, allowing the creation of projects that can be followed step by step by all employees. In its free version, you can create teams of up to 15 people. Go to the official website and find out everything.

Comfortable home office asana

Did you like our selection of sites to make the home office more comfortable?

Leave in the comments if you already knew all the sites we include or if any were new to you, also saying which one you use. Remember to also check how to choose the best digital bank and learn how to work from home to make extra income!

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