10 social networking sites that give results

One thing that didn't stop during the quarantine – and even increased – is loneliness. To deal with this, many resort to social networking sites, but do not know which ones give the most results.

Read on to discover the best that will take you somewhere!

1. Tinder

We will start our list of relationship apps with what is the best known: Tinder, which is largely responsible for how popular online flirting has become.

It is very easy to use, allowing your users to upload photos, define gender, age and location, as well as being able to define the maximum distance that potential matches can be from you.

To find new connections, just swipe left or right on other users' profile cards. It can be used on your Android smartphone through the Play Store, on your iPhone through the App Store or even through internet browsers on the official website.


2. Coffee Meets Bagel

Another option that has great chances of working is the Coffee Meets Bagel, which as a main differential allows you to see only one person per day. It offers several filter options so you can find the right person with ease.

In it, the conversations have a limit duration of 8 days after they start, with the app deleting them after this period has passed. This means that you will have a rapid evolution in the conversation with other messaging apps. It can be used on both Android and iPhone.

3. OkCupid

One of the best social networking sites that gives results is OkCupid, which has the most complete filtering configuration, being particularly good now during quarantine. Because it offers a wide range of sexualities and genders to users, it is the best for the LGBT community.

In it, it is possible to filter characteristics such as personality, tastes, heights and many other curiosities. It also has questions and form of cards for better filtering of matches, comparing the answers given. To use, go to the official website or download for Android or iPhone.

4. Badoo

Another one of the most recommended relationship apps during quarantine is Badoo, another one of the best known and oldest of its kind.

To use it, just enter it and create your profile (which is quite complete, however not as much as OkCupid's). It will show you only users who are close to you, if you wish, but you can change to see from anywhere in Brazil.

The biggest positive point of it is the fact that it has video chat integrated in the app, so that you can chat face to face without leaving home. Start using Badoo through the official website or go to the Play Store or App Store to download.

Badoo dating sites that give results

5. Perfect Pair

Brazilian, ParPerfeito is also very popular and is particularly suitable for those looking for a serious relationship. The platform is really focused on those who want a real commitment that will last a lifetime.

Every day it will offer you a list with up to 11 options of users that you can like, when analyzing your profile and interests. It also has the functionality "Who knows", through which you’ll see people completely different from you. To use, go to the official website or download through the Play Store or the App Store.

6. Tastebuds

Anyone looking for social networking sites that give results may have found the ideal alternative on Tastebuds, which aims to bring together music fanatics. It uses a system of questions very similar to that found on OkCupid, but focusing on creating your musical profile.

Using it, the app will recommend you to other people who have similar tastes, even allowing you to select your own songs so that everyone who visits your profile can hear them. To use it, you need to follow the link to the official website or download to iPhone.

7. Facebook Dating

A relatively new alternative, Facebook Dating is found within Facebook itself, eliminating the need to download any other application to use it and search for new connections and people to talk to.

You can filter by people who like the same things as you, by people who are in the same groups or who are going to the same events and more. The profiling process is very similar to the other alternatives, but it also has questions that you may want to answer.

To start using it, you must have a Facebook account. Download the app for iPhone or Android right now, or go to the official page.

Facebook Dating Relationship Sites That Give Results

8. POF (Plenty of Fish)

POF, or Plenty of Fish, is a completely free option that offers a large number of tools and resources for you to find new people to chat with.

You can search for shared interests and information in the profile, keeping in mind that whoever is closest to you is prioritized. It can be used on its official website or in apps that can be downloaded both through the Play Store and the App Store.

9. Her – Lesbian App

Another of the social networking sites that give results is Her, focused and indicated exclusively for women who are interested in other women, regardless of their sexuality. It is completely free, with several verification steps in the register to guarantee an exclusively female presence.

Through it, it is easy to create new friendships with similar interests, chat, create new posts and even form relationships. To start using, go to the official website or download the Android app from the Play Store or iPhone from the App Store.


The last of the best relationship apps is LOVOO, which has millions of users every month. It offers you several features, but the most striking now that you can't leave the house and live videos.

It allows its users to explore videos of those close by, and can also mark whoever finds it most interesting to always stay informed of updates. It is also possible to present other users with diamonds. Start using it by downloading to Android or iPhone or follow the link to the official website.

LOVOO social networking sites that give results

Did you like our list of the best dating sites that give results?

Leave in the comments if you already knew them or if any were new to you, saying if you intend to start using any of our list. Don't forget to also check out our guide on how to change your profile photo on Badoo and learn how to deal with boredom in quarantine!

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