10 things you can't miss in your home office

Anyone who is starting to work from home now because of the quarantine may be having several problems. We have selected here the main things that can not be missing to make the home office right.

Read on to discover all of them and implement them in your day-to-day.

1. Comfortable chair

Anyone who is now starting to work from home may not know how important having a really comfortable chair is. The position in which you sit, the support that the chair gives to your lower back and your cervical are fundamental things to have a good day at work.

In other words, investing in a chair is essential for everyone who works for a long time sitting and, now that he is working from home, it is even more worthwhile to buy a professional office chair.

Comfortable chair things you can't miss in your home office

2. Suitable table

In addition to an excellent chair, your desk, desk or computer rack needs to be appropriate for your work and your physical size, being one of the things that cannot be missing in the home office. It is very important that you can be seated in a good position, with arms supported at the same level as the keyboard and mouse are.

In addition, if your desk comes with drawers this is a great bonus, as you will have more space to store all the things you use daily, thus leaving your office well organized, which always results in more productivity.

3. Good lighting

For the task of making money working at home to work, you need the lighting in the room to be appropriate, in order to avoid tired eyes.

In other words, you cannot have either a very strong or a very weak light, besides that it is essential that you avoid at all costs having light hitting your eyes directly. Also, if possible, use natural light to illuminate your office, placing the table near a window.

4. Timetable

Having a calendar is another factor that is certainly important in working as a home office, easily falling into one of the things that can not be missing.

With a calendar, you can much more easily organize and organize your tasks, so that you are always up to date with your duties. It is worth mentioning that it doesn't have to be a physical calendar, one of the most traditional ones: all you need is access to some good calendar app, like Google Calendar, which is all right.

5. Good and reliable Internet

One more essential thing is that you have a really good and stable internet. That is, the most recommended that you invest in optical fiber, if this modality is available where you live.

Also, remember to make sure that the contracted speed is at least 10MB / s download and 1MB / s upload, otherwise your browsing will be too slow to support working on the internet.

Good and reliable internet things that can not be missing in your home office

6. Recycle bin

It may seem a little strange for an item so common to be among the things that can not be missed to do home office, but it is very common for people to let the trash pass, without even thinking about it.

It is a fundamental item of organization, which will ensure that your desk is never cluttered with things, having space for what matters. After all, since you are going to work at home, it is quite possible that you eat on the computer, drink 500ml water or the like, so it is good that you have a disposal site nearby.

7. Organizers

In order for you to work properly, being organized is very important. Of course, if you have a desk with drawers, having multiple organizers can become unnecessary, since you can organize with them.

However, if you don't have drawers or simply want to make your everyday items within easy reach, organizers are an excellent idea. With them, you can have pens, scissors and more in front of you, without taking up much space!

8. Dedicated environment

Somewhat self-evident, having a dedicated environment so that you can carry out your work without the people you live with interrupting you is one of the things that cannot be missed by those who do home office.

In addition, sound insulation can be quite beneficial so that you are not distracted by the sound of the TV, street noise or the natural noise of any home.

9. Quality headset

It may not necessarily be essential for everyone who works from home, but for many it is. Of course, if you work in the audiovisual sector, the need for very high sound quality is evident.

However, many people are able to work better or focus better when listening to music. To help with this, having a good pair of headphones (preferably with acoustic insulation) is very good.

10. Software

Finally, having the most appropriate and appropriate software so that you can do home office and earn extra income is something that can not be missing. Examples are a good email service, communication application like Zoom, instant messaging and a task organizer for teams.

When it comes to managing tasks for groups, the most recommended tool is MeisterTask, a complete, collaborative tool that is available for both Android and iPhone, in addition to internet browsers. To learn more about it, follow our link and register for free right now!

Software things that cannot be missing in your home office

So, did you like our list of things you can't miss in your home office?

Leave in the comments if you already knew about all of them or if we were able to help you improve your home office. Remember to also check out our complete guide on how to make extra income online and learn how to choose the right digital bank for you.

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