10 tools that will help remote work

For those who prefer to work from home to earn fixed money or a simple extra income, there are certain tools that cannot be missing. They are apps and software that can help you work remotely in many ways, simplifying your workflow and routine.

Only of course, with so many different options that do different things, it's normal not to know which ones to choose and try first. To help you with this, we've separated the essential apps that will help you work remotely efficiently. Check out more below!

1. MeisterTask

use meistertask

To start the list in the best way, we will recommend MeisterTask. This service helps you set up and organize your projects, tasks and deadlines with your team, all in a way that is simple to understand.

For those looking for such a good manager, there is no better suggestion. Although there are other similar apps, this is one of the few that has a beautiful, interesting and customizable interface.

You can still use it yourself if you are not doing a group project. If you want to try it, you can start using MeisterTask for free by accessing the link.

2. Trello

Since we're talking about project management apps, I couldn't help mentioning Trello either. It is one of the most famous and used in this category, although not exactly the best.

Our suggestion is more for those who are in a team in which many people already use the app or already know it well. After all, not all of you like to try new apps when it comes to something more professional.

With this tool, you can create multiple cards for different projects, ideas, concepts or tasks. Then, you can add more things to each of them, marking different team members.

The cool thing is that you can also specify deadlines for delivery, separate the types of tasks and customers, for example.

If you are interested, you can use it by accessing the link.

3. TickTick

Following on our list of apps that can help you with remote work, we have TickTick. It also serves to create tasks, but it is another application that we recommend for those who work alone.

You can create your list of goals, whether related to work or not. next tip among essential software for remote work is TickTick. The cool thing is that there is still integration of calendars, in addition to support for almost any device.

To use the app, check out the link.

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is our next suggestion and has a very different focus from the others. It serves to help you manage your finances, whether to facilitate payments, stay on top of expenses or collections.

If you work in a home office and have multiple clients, you know how important it is to keep an eye on your payments. The cool thing is that the app still has team collaboration and time management tools.

If you liked it, follow the link below to learn more.

5. Google Drive

use google drive at work

Of course, another application that could not be missing here is Google Drive. After all, you can not only use it to leave your files stored in the cloud, but you can also create documents online.

With this possibility, you can create text files, spreadsheets and even presentations. The best thing is that everything can be shared and edited online and without the need to download.

If you want to know more, just access the link.

6. Slack

Next, we have an indication if you want an app to bring teams together. Slack is one of the best when it comes to communicating with professional groups, whether through messages or audio and video calls.

Since it can be used for free, it has a good advantage over other paid apps in this category. You can create multiple conversation channels, whether for a professional group or individual client.

You can also share files, make video and voice calls and share the screen. If you want, you can check the official website to find out more.

7. Todoist

Another application that could not among those who can help you with remote work is Todoist. It is one of the best known for those who like to list their tasks throughout the day, be they professional or personal.

The cool thing is that you can organize everything with folders and different colors to facilitate their identification. Other than that, you can say that its interface is minimalist and easy to understand.

You can download Todoist at the link.

8. Tiny Scanner

For anyone looking for something to help with remote work, Tiny Scanner is great. Home office workers often need to scan multiple documents and files from time to time.

And for those who don't have a printer with this functionality, here's the tip for this application. With it, you can take photos of the document you need so that it becomes a PDF.

You can still choose between several filters to leave the file as you prefer. If you liked Tiny Scanner, just download it from the following link.

9. Hours

Hours is one of the apps that can help with remote work. With it, you can basically mark the time you spend on your professional tasks, your distractions or even hobbies.

Thus, it will show the comparison of the data at the end of each week. This makes it easier to know how you are using your time efficiently or if you are spending it and you will see if you are using yours effectively or not. With the information presented, you can also see what needs to improve and what needs to decrease in your daily habits.

To learn more, visit the link.

10. Doodle

help remote doodle

To end our list of apps that can help you with remote work, we have Doodle. It is not known as some of the others we recommend, but it is great for those who want a calendar app.

It is great for keeping up with your meetings, deadlines and other commitments. The online calendar also allows you to send a poll to your team members.

Thus, they are able to say the best date and time to hold the meeting. To find out more, just check the official website.

Did you like the apps to help with remote work?

Did you take advantage of our list to find good tools to help you with remote work? Don't forget to let your comment tell us what you think and which of these tools you are most interested in using.

And taking advantage of working at home, be sure to check out our guide on digital banks. So you can manage your finances without leaving your home!

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