10 types of posts to pump up your Instagram

One of the biggest social networks in recent years  is Instagram, with nearly 1 billion users, and it has never stopped growing! There are people who use the platform for a long time, and that's why they may be without good ideas for posts to pump up their Instagram.

If you fit in with what you read above and want to discover new kinds of stuff to post, just check out our list of various options below. So without further ado, read on to find out!

1. Create riddles or puzzles

That's right! It may seem strange, but usually when we see some kind of riddle in our feeds, we stop and try to solve it, and then comment on the answer that we think is correct.

And precisely this is one of the best types of posts to pump up your Instagram. After all, when you share a riddle (it doesn't have to be anything too complicated, but it's good to make sense of what you usually post), you're going to get a lot of comments.

A good example is, if you are an artist, post something you drew or edited and ask followers to guess what it was!

Create riddles or puzzle posts to pump up your Instagram

2. Take part in a challenge

There are challenges of many different types. Usually when you hear about challenges on social media, you think of TikTok Challenges. But that's not necessarily what we're talking about.

Things you can do, for example, include taking care of plants and posting a daily update, or participating in the well-known Inktober (where you have to draw a specific theme per day).

3. Show behind the scenes

Another type of posts to pump up your Instagram is the well-known behind-the-scenes, or behind the scenes. That term is usually reserved for series and movies, but it doesn't just refer to that sort of thing.

After all, you can put your smartphone to record your drawing session, or while you do your makeup to create a timelapse. With this, your users will be able to know you better and feel closer to you and your reality.

4. Make a LOVE

If you don't know the term, don't be scared. It's nothing too grand! LOVE means, in English, Ask Me Anything or, in free translation, Ask Me Anything. This can be a very good way to generate engagement with your followers.

It's really simple to do, just create a post where you ask your followers to leave questions in the comments. Then you can leave your answer to their questions. This will humanize you and improve engagement by default!

5. Create photo collages

As hard as it's really hard to create photo collages on your profile, they can be very worthwhile, being one of the types of posts to pump up your Instagram. With a collage, you can gain a lot of attention from those who visit your profile!

That's because it shows not only dedication, but also a high creativity and artistic ability. An Instagram collage, in short, is when you create a large image using multiple posts. In each post, there is a part of the image.

An application that makes the process much easier is InstaGrids. Follow the link to see more!

Create photo collage posts to pump up your Instagram

6. Don't hide your mistakes

Everyone knows that no one is perfect, but it's still easy to believe that the profiles we follow are. And by breaking that notion, you'll add a touch of reality and show your followers some of your vulnerability.

Make a post where you show that drawing where you missed a stroke to the point that you can't save, show your 3D printing failed… anyway. This will, again, humanize you, which is good for engagement!

7. Talk about what you care

The entire year is filled with various causes and events that are important to different groups of people. For example, the Black Lives Matter movement is always gaining traction in the US, and showing your support for it will get you engaged, being one of the types of posts to pump up your Instagram.

Similarly, there are several other minority movements, LGBT visibility months, prostate and breast cancer awareness months, and much more. Talk about how these things impact you, why they matter to you!

8. Make fun posts on Reels!

Do you already know (or use) Instagram Reels? If the answer is no, be aware that they are extremely similar to TikTok videos. In it, short and generally fun videos are posted, and anyone can see them.

They are really useful for those who want to gain popularity, as their reach is greater than with regular posts and Stories. And actually, if you don't want to create comic videos, you can join in too. You can create tutorials, show recipes, and more!

9. Share the good old memes

Ah, memes. Who, who uses the internet, doesn't know them? Of course they're also one of the types of posts to pump up your Instagram! After all, with them, you can share ideas in a succinct and funny way.

It's also great that you create new memes, making use, for example, of your pets. If you have a funny picture of your cat this is the perfect opportunity to go viral!

10. Animals and Pets

Finally, we have what is also one of the biggest tips for taking cool photos for social networks: photos of pets (and animals in general). This is easily the most popular type of post, as the fondness for animals is almost universal.

No matter who you are, you will almost certainly enjoy seeing a picture of a cute pet. This will be even better if your profile is related to the subject (ie if you own a pet shop, for example).

But regardless of who you are and what your profile is about, animal photos will always give you a boost!

Animals and pets posts to pump up your Instagram

Did you like the various types of posts to pump your Instagram?

Leave in the comments if we were able to help you or if you still have a question or a lack of ideas.

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