12 apps to speed up and slow down videos

If you want to create videos to create advertisements for your social networks or any other reason, being able to change their speed is essential. So we selected some apps to speed up and slow down videos.

If you are interested in doing this by controlling the speed to simulate time-lapse or the famous slow motion, keep reading our article and find out everything you need to know!

1. Movavi


We've started our list of the best apps to speed up and slow down video with Movavi, great computer software. With it, you can edit your videos completely, adding all the effects you want.

Through it, you can convert PowerPoint to videos, edit PDFs and photos, burn your screen, convert videos, and edit them. This edition is complete with filters, themes, cropping, resizing and more, all to get the best videos possible.

Click now on the link to learn more about Movavi!

2. Wave.video

Wave.video is one of the best options among applications for accelerating and decelerating videos. Like the previous one, it is exclusively for computers, with no smartphone version. However, it also has a browser version.

With it, you have access to a huge library of images and videos to use in your creations, making them even better. It's ideal for advertising companies, and allows you to cut, speed up and slow down your videos, and more.

Click on the link to use Wave.video !.

Wave.video apps to speed up and slow down videos

3. Filmr

Filmr is a great alternative to changing the speed of your videos through your smartphone. It reproduces results in slow motion or fast speed, making it perfect for creating special effects and posting to social media to gain followers.

With it, you can capture videos on time or use the ones already in your camera. Plus, you can edit them through features like cropping, resizing, and even including augmented reality. It is available for both Android and iOS.

4. SloPro

SloPro is a great choice among apps for speeding up and slowing down video for iPhone and iPad. It not only enables video editing, but also allows you to change your content for slower or faster speeds, but also record up to 1000 FPS.

The app has a lot of different editions, most of them aimed at slowing down video. It also lets you share your productions on social networks or even to the app community. Go to the App Store to download.

5. TiltShift Video

TiltShift Video is another great alternative for those who want to change the speed of their videos and use iOS devices. It applies your effects extremely quickly and easily, allowing you to save your favorite settings for future use.

The app allows you to process images from your library or even extract frames from your high definition videos. You can also speed up videos to simulate time-lapse or slow down to give slow motion effect. Follow the link to the official page to see more.


6. Perfect Video

Another great choice among video acceleration and deceleration applications, with many editing capabilities that make it almost ideal for iPhone users. With it, you can cut, combine, split, flip and rotate videos, and many other functions, such as adding text to videos.

Allows simultaneous playback of two videos side by side, tile creation, color change, and even video chroma keyallowing you to replace the solid background of a video. Follow the link to the App Store to download it.

7. KineMaster

KineMaster is another good choice in apps to speed up and slow down videos through your smartphone, whether Android or iOS. It's free, no matter how watermarked on every video you export, unless you opt for the premium version.

With it, you can enjoy multiple layers of videos, images, stickers, text and more. You can also invert your videos, merge different recordings, add voiceovers and other audios, or control their speed up or down. Follow the link to the App Store or Play Store to download.

8. Lapse It

We found in Lapse It a way to edit your video with many different features. Chief among these is changing the playback speed of videos to create a blur effect. time-lapse. It also allows you to import videos from your gallery and edit them.

Lapse It allows you to export videos in MP4 or MOV formats, as well as direct sharing across multiple social networks, focus, white balance and exposure control, and more. With it, you can also use the front camera when recording your videos, feature that highlights it. Scroll to the official page to see more.

Lapse It apps to speed up and slow down videos

9. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto is one of the best apps for accelerating and slowing down videos, as well as a wide range of features. You can add music, special effects, crop your videos, and more all from your smartphone.

It allows you to create the best videos to rock on Instagram or to grow your business, easily and elegantly. It is available for web, Android, and iOS use; See more on their official website through the link.

10. FilmoraGo

Another great application for accelerating and slowing down videos is FilmoraGo, an extremely complete option for those who want to edit their media. It has many high quality editing features, ensuring very attractive results for you to share.

With it, you can import photos and videos, mixing them to create anything you want, with real-time preview. It also lets you import from social networks and export in ideal formats for Instagram and Youtube. Add music, speed up and slow down, transition, and more. Go to the official website to download.

11. InShot Video Editor

InShot is a good call for anyone who wants to edit their videos by cutting them, changing their speed, adding effects, subtitles, emojis and songs, all through a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

Allows you to export video to TikTok, Instagram and many other social networks, plus more than 1000 stickers and controls for brightness, contrast, saturation and more. Go to the Play Store or App Store to download.

InShot apps to speed up and slow down videos

12. Vizmate

We've come to the end of our list of apps to speed up and slow down videos with Vizmato, an app that lets you record HD videos using any camera on your device. With it, you can insert themes and filters, ensuring an excellent result.

It's easy to use, but it has all the functionality of the most complex applications, with over 40 effects, over 20 themes, a GIF recorder, and a choice of over 30 free songs for your videos and sound effects. Download for Android or iOS.

So what did you think about our list of apps to speed up and slow down videos?

Leave in the comments your opinion about the applications included here, also saying if there is any other you prefer and we do not put here. Be sure to check out the best video cropping apps and best video editors for TikTok.

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