12 Best Phrase Apps for Android and iOS

If you want to send beautiful morning messages to your friends or if you need motivational phrases for yourself, our list of phrase apps can be very useful.

Here we list options that offer phrases for WhatsApp status, phrases for those who never quite know what to say, the infamous Indirect, and more!

1. Great Thoughts

This is one of the best choices among phrase applications, with quotes from the greatest thinkers, philosophers, and scientists in history. They are people like Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Buddha, Confucius and Dalai Lama, among many others.

In the app you can find information about these thinkers. It totals over 4000 thoughts and phrases to make you reflect and think about your daily life. The app allows you to share messages via Facebook, SMS, Twitter and other messaging apps. To download, follow the link to the App Store.

Great Thoughts

2. Phrases of Books

If you're someone who likes to read, you'll surely put this on your personal list of phrase apps. The app offers hundreds of quotes from famous books to inspire you with your favorite characters and authors. Phrases can be favored to find them more easily and share them by email, Facebook, SMS and Twitter.

Phrases are separated into several categories and tags to find them more easily. They are ideal for inspiring the app user and giving them advice. It is available for download for Android and iOS.

3. Phrases for Photos and Status

This is one of the great phrase apps on our list, which has hundreds of sentences ready to use as WhatsApp status or as text for images. You can post these phrases on social networks like Instagram to gain more followers.

This app has its sentences divided by categories, with a very good search option, which allows the user to find the ideal phrase quickly. Most quotes offer moments of reflection and thought. To download the app, go to the Play Store.

4. Phrases and Status (Android)

This is an app that provides over 25,000 phrases to its users. They are divided into over 300 different categories. They are messages of affection, thanks, indirect, reflection and inspiration, among many others.

They can be used for WhatsApp status, motivational phrases, famous thoughts, Instagram biography and more. You can share them through WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks. To download it, just follow this link.

Phrases and Status Phrase Apps

5. Indirect Phrases

This is a great choice among phrase apps for those who have trouble expressing themselves appropriately in many different social situations. The app offers hundreds of indirect phrases so the user can always give the best answer possible.

They are divided into several categories, such as love indirect, flirting, repression, fake friends, kicks, enemies, songs and more. You can also use them as social media status, as well as funny, motivational and thought-provoking phrases. The app is only available for Android by the link.

6. Phrases

This app has a very simple but at the same time very noble premise: giving the user one lesson a day, so that by the end of the year he has learned 365 new lessons. It allows you to favorite the phrases you like best, so you can review them later in an uncomplicated way.

Phrases allows your users to choose a time to receive three phrases daily on their lock screen, without even having to open the app to make use of it.

Here you can share your favorite phrases with people you care about, such as friends or relatives. If you want to buy the premium version, you get access to the full history of your sentences and the ability to filter them by categories. If you're interested, download for Android or iOS.

7. Mobile Ready Messages

This is another of the phrase apps on our list, which offers over 20,000 different phrases and messages to use on social networks and WhatsApp. In it, you find phrases of love, friendship, good morning, good night, motivation, reflection, thanks, among many other categories.

You can easily share and send them to friends and family, to convey your feelings in an easy way. Don't let important dates pass by and motivate your friends by downloading this exclusive Android app.

Mobile Ready Phrase Phrase Apps

8. Status Ready

This is an app that allows users to find status messages ready for any situation. The more than 21,000 phrases are divided into more than 180 categories, such as love, music and indirect, among others.

You can also create custom images with your favorite photos and phrases. You can also share them on social media like Instagram or Facebook. The app is updated with new phrases and statuses monthly, so the user always has news to use. It is exclusive to iOS and can be downloaded via the link.

9. Beautiful and Ready Messages

Then we have Beautiful and Ready Messages to list with the best phrase apps. The app has over 7000 ready messages to choose from and send to your friends and acquaintances by the best messaging apps. Best of all, you can do this with just two clicks!

The phrases are divided into 90 themes such as friendship, love, birthday, good morning, good night and many others. The app also provides a history of all messages you have sent. The highlight is the category called “Top Sent”, which lists the most chosen by users. To download the exclusive Android app, just go to the Play Store.

This is another of the phrase apps that offers a wide variety of content. In addition to indirect and good messages to the most introverts. It has hundreds of phrases, spread across many categories, so you always have something to submit.

The themes of the messages are, for example, love, congratulations, jokes, and indirect quotes from books as well as great thinkers. Surprise who you like with these beautiful phrases. To download this iOS exclusive app, follow the link.

phrases and indirect phrase apps

11. Phrases and thoughts

This is another of the phrase apps that is unique to Android. It has over 6,000 sentences, separated by categories and authors. A big differentiator of this app is that the user does not need to install to use, only need internet connection.

Messages are displayed randomly and you can copy them to the clipboard and then send them to your friends and family. To download it, just go to the Play Store.

12. Inspiration of the day

We finished the list of the best phrase apps with this app, which has a very simple premise: to be a source of inspiration for its users. It has hundreds of different phrases and is always being updated with new messages.

Phrases come with beautiful images and you can favor your favorite ones for future access. If you want to send one to someone, it is also possible through the app itself, using email, Facebook or Twitter. You can also suggest phrases to be added in the future. Download for Android or iOS.

Inspiration Of The Day Phrase Apps

So what did you think about our list of the best phrase apps?

Leave us comments if we help you find alternatives to your WhatsApp status or if you've found the ideal app to send beautiful messages to your friends. Don't forget to say if you already used any of them.

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