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12 content ideas for Stories to rock Instagram!

12 content ideas for Stories to rock Instagram!

Instagram is one of the most used social networks these days, with around 1 billion users around the world. Stories is an excellent engagement tool on the platform, but we often run out of content ideas to post there.

If this is an issue you're experiencing and you want some cool tips on what to post on Instagram Stories to get a lot of engagement, this article is for you. Check out all the ideas below!

1. Ask questions (polls)

By far one of the best ways in which you're certainly going to generate engagement, more views, and more loyal followers is poll questions!

After all, when someone is browsing Instagram and comes across a poll you created, it's natural for them to feel compelled to respond. It is natural for human beings to want to be a part, even more so to see how the answers are going.

The trick with this content ideas for Stories is to ask simple questions that have easy answers. You can even ask what kind of makeup you should do tomorrow, and put up background images that reflect them!

Below are two generic examples:

Ask questions (polls) content ideas for Stories

2. Talk about how you feel

Without a doubt this is one of the best content ideas for Stories. After all, everyone has good days and bad days (and many average days out there), including the famous and biggest influencers.

When you talk about how you feel and how you are, you will humanize yourself in front of your followers, show your vulnerability. Of course, you don't need (and really shouldn't) expose yourself in depth on the networks, telling all the most intimate details. But give a general idea of ​​how you are!

Better yet, if you're in a depressing moment, for example, it's perfectly okay to create a Stories and say that, explaining to your followers why you didn't post this week, or other similar situations.

3. Location

Another of the content ideas for Stories is sharing your location. This is particularly good if you own a local store, or sell products locally. After all, by sharing your location, people will find out where you are.

In addition, Instagram will show your Story to people who live near where you are, generating new views that you wouldn't otherwise have. It's almost guaranteed to get new followers and more views!

4. Make teasers

What this idea of ​​what posting to Stories means is that you should post teasers for your products that you plan to release, for example, as well as teasers for any kind of releases of yours.

A teaser, for those who don't know, is nothing more than a preview of something. A short movie trailer is a teaser, as is a blurry photo of an upcoming sneaker.

5. Use links in your posts

What was done until today (and until August 30th) was to use the “drag up” tool, available only to those who have 10,000 or more followers. Now, Instagram is deleting this tool, and adding the one of links on the stickers.

And precisely that is one of the content ideas for Stories. You should create posts like Story, and add a sticker with a link to your page on them. With that, you'll generate traffic on your other channels and posts!

6. Promote your latest post

Certainly very important if you want to generate more engagement and get more views overall, providing your posts is pretty easy to do. For that, you can simply add a link to Stories, as mentioned in the previous topic!

And with that you'll be able to promote, for example, your blog, your podcast, or even an Instagram post that you want to be popular. Just put an image in the Story referring to what you want to promote, and next to that the link.

Promote your latest post content ideas for Stories

7. Encourage followers to turn on notifications

One of the content ideas for Stories is to encourage your followers to enable notifications for their posts. Keep in mind, creating Stories with this too often is boring and will ensure that people want to avoid keeping notifications turned on.

Now, if this is a rare post, it can be a very useful tool. After all, you will encourage your followers to always be aware of when you make a new post, increasing the number of likes and comments you will get.

8. Show off your work

It truly doesn't matter what your Instagram is about using this idea. After all, Instagram is a place where it's always good to share art and stuff like that. This idea actually is particularly sharing about the things you create.

Easy examples are your designs, photos, the code of some program, your writing, your drawings… whatever. This will generate more engagement with your followers as they will get to know you better!

9. And show HOW you work!

This one of the content ideas for Stories is related to the previous one. However, here we are talking more about the way you work. For example, taking several pictures during the process of drawing an image, to get a timeline of the progression.

Another thing is sharing your workplace, your writing or drawing station, your office, or whatever. Again, it's another thing that will humanize you, which is good for your popularity.

10. Share tips

Do you know a lot about a subject? I'm sure yes, everyone is good at at least one thing. And if you think your knowledge of anything is above average, it's a good idea to share it!

This is due to the fact that whoever follows you follows you for a reason. And if you share your knowledge by giving tips, those who follow you will appreciate your profile much more!

11. Promote products

Are you launching a new product? Well then, use this one of the content ideas for Stories! Stories is a phenomenal tool for anyone who wants to generate animation about something.

You can use this to generate quite a bit of anticipation and anticipation from your followers that they will want to buy whatever you are going to sell. Check out how @lucianolarrossa did it:

Promote product content ideas for Stories

12. Publish quotes

Quotes are really useful and appreciated by many users. Simply put, quotes can be quite motivational or inspirational, which ends up helping.

Of course, if your account isn't dedicated to them, it's good that you don't post very often, but still seeing a Story with some quote can be really cool.

Did you like the content ideas for Stories?

Leave a comment with your opinion about our article, saying if it was helpful to you and if you managed to make any new posts!

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