12 fun games for WhatsApp

Despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life, at times we ended up surprised by not having what to do. Even though there is no shortage of streaming services to keep up with your favorite movies and series, we sometimes miss interaction. If you can't get out, you might as well send WhatsApp fun games to your friends or family.

On our part, there will be plenty of riddles, games and questions that you can send to your WhatsApp contacts. So, check out the various fun games for WhatsApp that we found and received online!

1. Play in the series

Taking advantage of the fact that we opened the text mentioning series, how about discovering the personal taste of your friends on WhatsApp? Just put the image below in your WhatsApp Status and ask them to mark your favorite options!

whatsapp game to discover your friends' favorite series

2. Flirt on WhatsApp

Feel like someone on your WhatsApp? It can be that longtime friend or a new flirt you found in a relationship app, both situations are ideal for this game.

find out who's into you in this game

Just put the image above in the Status, asking him to answer with the marked questionnaire. Then, just take care of the conversations and make an appointment!

3. Tic-tac-toe by WhatsApp

The game most remembered in school notebooks has modernized and can be played on WhatsApp. To do this, just use the empty square emojis, the X and a donut. After deciding who will start and who will be the X or the donut, the first player will create a frame with nine empty squares.

Then you will place your first X or donut. Then, it will be the next player's turn to choose where he will make the mark, remembering that it cannot be where he was scored. Finally, whoever manages to complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins the game.

See what a match would look like below.

this classic could not be left out of the fun games for whatsapp

4. Two zeros two four

Unlike the other fun WhatsApp games we mentioned above, this one is a logical reasoning prank.

fun-games-whatsapp-zeros "width =" 570 "height =" 603 "src =" https://www.apptuts.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/brincadeiras-divertidas-whatsapp-zeros .jpg "/></p><p><noscript><img class=

answer: 0024. While “two zeros” is in the plural, it means “00”. On the other hand, the fact that the word "four" is in the singular indicates that the final half means "24", leaving "0024".

5. Charade of tools

In this game that also uses logical reasoning combined with mathematics, each tool has an assigned value, which is not revealed to you. You should use the result of each of the three equations to find out what each equation is worth and then solve the last problem.

math test on mobile with tools


  • The screwdriver is worth 5;
  • The gear is 10;
  • The washer is worth 1.

Now that comes the real catch, where the memory of your math classes may or may not arise. In arithmetic, it is important to remember that multiplication and division operations have priority over those of addition and subtraction.

Therefore, the right thing to do is to multiply the screwdriver with the gear. Only after that will you add the washer with the result of the previous multiplication. Considering this, the correct answer to the equation is 51.

6. House, Forest or Kiss

Another interesting game if you are looking for a new romance or just want to make fun of friends.

house, kill or kiss is one of the classic school games now on whatsapp

Just send the image and ask your friends or love interests to respond and return it to you. That way, you can find out if someone in your social circle is also interested in you.

7. Who were you at school?

Ideal to know a little more about your friends, especially those who have not attended the same school as you. This is one of WhatsApp's fun games that can be quite revealing and, therefore, even more interesting.

discovering how your friend was in choosing can be one of the best whatsapp games

Just send your friends and wait for them to respond!

8. Mother's play

Do you want to honor your mother with a game where you can compare her behaviors? Then you can put this in your WhatsApp Status yourself.

img mom

Just publish the image by checking if you, it or both have the same intensity in some behaviors. Don't forget to mark it so she can see the tribute!

9. Which animal do you see?

This is a very simple personality test. Just put the image below in your Status and ask which animal was seen first.

img animal


  • Horse: you are a patient and caring person with everyone. He usually has clear thinking even in difficult times;
  • Bull: you are a confident and a born leader. He also hates hypocrisy;
  • Bear: you are an empathetic person, who knows how to listen calmly to other people's problems.

Which one of them is you? Tell us!

10. Money charade

This is a little more complex than the other riddles on this list of fun games for WhatsApp. See the statement below and then the answer to the problem.

money charade

answer: the store owner lost R $ 170. R $ 100 was stolen from the cashier plus the R $ 70 of the merchandise that left the store, even if returned to the cashier. As the purchase was made with money stolen from the store itself, it does not enter this amount.

11. Tank test

In this game of reasoning, you must find out which water tank will fill first.

test on whatsapp to find out which tank fills up faster

answer: tank 1 fills up first, as it is constantly receiving water. Only after it is completely filled will the other tanks begin to fill.

12. What constraint has passed?

One of the fun games on WhatsApp that are ideas for getting to know your friends better. Send the image below to your friends or take the test on your own WhatsApp Status, offering a blank version.

list of embarrassing situations that can reveal

Just put it in your filled WhatsApp Status and leave a blank copy, so your friends can do it and send it to you.

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