14 free recipe apps for Android and iPhone

One of the biggest challenges of everyday life is having to think about what to do for meals. This is a task with very little time off and never on vacation. Therefore, free recipe apps turn out to be quite useful when creativity is lacking.

These apps avoid additional expenses and many of them allow you to search for meals based on specific ingredients. Is there only chicken breast in the freezer? Then search for the ingredient and see the different types of cooking recipes you can make with it.

In addition to the free recipe apps that offer all kinds of recipes, our list also includes some specific options, such as healthy recipes. While cooking games are fun, the benefits of using these apps are that you can eat the real food after you're done.

So check out our list below with some of the best free recipe apps available on Android or iPhone!

1. EverythingTasteful

Perhaps the most well-known and downloaded application on this list, TudoGostoso has a complete service for those who need to consult recipes of all kinds. Powered by the users themselves and serving as a kind of social network, you can post your recipes there.

In addition, other users who try to execute this recipe can rate it, according to how much you helped them or how delicious the dish you taught them to make. That is, it is possible to both evaluate what is available in the collection of the app and to help other people to make a good meal yourself.

It is worth mentioning that TudoGostoso does not restrict meals. Snacks, lunches and desserts with any ingredient can be sent to the app. TudoGostoso serves as a JustWatch for those who don't know what to cook and is available on both Android and iPhone.

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2. Tastemade

Tastemade also ranks among the most famous cooking apps. Because of its collection, it can also be interesting for those who want to make extra income selling food and delivering it through iFood, for example.

The great advantage of this app is that the recipes have a step by step video, being easier to execute. Like the previous one, it also has no restrictions on the type of revenue available.

It is also worth mentioning the app's original cooking programs, which are shown live. Learn more about Tastemade by downloading it on your Android or iPhone.

3. CookMate

One of the free recipe apps that allows you to find recipes in a simple and practical way. Although its name is in English, the application has our language, making it more accessible.

He is one of the few to ask you to register before you start using it, but it offers the advantage of saving recipes you find as favorites. So you can refer to them later when you want to cook again.

Another advantage of CookMate is the possibility to generate shopping lists, also helping you save money when shopping or looking for your favorite drink that you found in the wine apps. The app is available on both Android, iPhone and iPad.

4. Petitchef

In addition to helping you find recipes, Petitchef is a step further, also showing the nutritional information of the dishes and ingredients in your collection. It can also function as a social media, allowing you to include recipes and photos of the dishes you already know how to cook.

In other words, when you publish a recipe, make sure you have enough and don't forget a good app to make photo montages to make it as attractive as possible. You can also leave comments on the recipes and save them to your favorites.

Petitchef is only available on Android.

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5. Light recipes

Don't you want to be tempted to make fat recipes and end up ruining your diet and trying to lose weight? Then Light Recipes may be the ideal alternative for you.

By restricting the content only to healthy and low-calorie recipes, the dishes in its collection also avoid recipes with excess gluten, sugar and carbohydrates. The interface is simple and easy to use, without much news compared to other free recipe apps.

Light Recipes is available on Android and iPhone.

6. Fit and Healthy Recipes

Are you complying with your physical exercise routine and want to stick to the way you eat? Fit and Healthy Recipes can be an interesting option.

Like the previous one, it limits recipes to avoid fatty meals and snacks, replacing them with healthier versions. That is, no excess carbohydrates, calories or gluten.

The interface is separated into several categories, such as breakfast, dinner and afternoon snack, for example. This makes the app suitable for anyone who wants to plan their fit meals in advance.

Fit and Healthy Recipes is exclusive to the iPad and iPhone. Click the link to download it!

7. Kitchen Stories

One of the simplest interfaces to use, Kitchen Stories focuses on making you feel like you're in a restaurant. The recipes available on it appear to have been placed as if it were a menu.

Without limiting recipes, you can make both fitness recipes and a pizza filled with lots of cheese. One of the things that makes it unique among free recipe apps is the possibility to learn how to make some of the ingredients at home.

That is, instead of the recipe just saying that you should have 500ml of tomato sauce, you can learn how to make yours without having to go to the market. Despite the name in English, the entire application is available in Portuguese.

Download Kitchen Stories on your Android or iPhone.

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8. Tasty Recipes

Like Tastemade, Tasty Recipes bets on having a vast collection, which includes all types of food. Most of them with video guides, allowing you to know exactly how to work with each ingredient of the dish you chose for the day.

The app also keeps your phone on while you're making the recipe. That is, the screen does not go out while cooking. This prevents you from staining the cell phone screen by turning the screen back on with your hands covered in dough, oil or sugar.

It also allows you to apply several filters, and can also be used by those looking for recipes of a specific type only. Tasty Recipes is available on both Android and iPhone.

9. Runtasty

From the same creators of the application to monitor Runtastic races, Runtasty complements your physical exercises with fit recipes to maximize your gains with this physical exercise. Its collection was created by specialized nutritionists and recommended daily.

In addition, you can filter recipes according to the time of day, such as afternoon snacks, low calorie meals and dinner, for example. Runtasty is a good option to make your routine healthier.

The application can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

10. Boteco recipes

Meanwhile, Boteco Recipes is one of the free recipe apps that don't want to know about health or thinness. Its collection is focused on common bar recipes, such as hiding places of various types, cod cakes and traditional soups such as caldo verde or the famous pea soup.

In addition to food, drinks could not be missing in an app that is inspired by bars. Caipirinhas of different types, mojitos, free vat and different types of piña colada are also present in the Boteco Recipes.

Best of all, the app is available on both Android and iPhone!

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11. Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes is another one of the free recipe apps that focuses on those who need a healthier diet. With a generous collection of recipes that will not raise your cholesterol, it allows unlimited offline access, even if free.

You can share the recipes on your social media or through messaging apps. In addition, Healthy Recipes also provides nutritional information on the dishes in its collection.

Click the link to download Healthy Recipes on your Android.

12. Fit & Fat kitchen

So far we have shown free recipe apps with all kinds of recipes, or restricted to healthy recipes. But we know that a lot of people end up moving between healthy meals and more fatty alternatives, especially on the weekend.

Fit & Fat Cuisine has exactly this proposal. Its collection has several recipes, but also sends daily recommendations.

Throughout the week, he recommends healthy dishes to stay in shape throughout the week. Towards the end of the week, she indicates more fatty recipes, as a reward for having followed a healthy schedule.

Fit & Fat Cuisine is available on Android and iOS.

13. Pip Recipes

With the proposal to make alternative versions of classic recipes, Pip Recipes is one of the free recipe apps that teaches you different methods and techniques to improve the taste of what you already know how to do.

Of course, he also has dishes he never made, but which he can now learn in a more tasty way. The app also makes it possible to share your recipes with other users, even sending a photo of the dish you prepared.

Learn more about Pip Recipes by downloading it to your Android or iPhone.

free app home screen pip recipes

14. Delicious Fitness Recipes

Closing the list of free recipe apps, we have Delicious Fitness Recipes. You can use it to re-educate eating habits. For this, you will have free access to the collection of healthy recipes in the app, all in a simple and practical way.

It has search filters to easily find the right type of recipe for your day. In addition, the app also provides nutritional information about the dishes, allowing you to make a choice with more information.

Delicious Fitness Recipes is available exclusively on Android. Click the link to download.

Which free recipe apps do you use?

Planning your meals is one of the best ways to achieve a healthy routine, something that will also improve your body, self-esteem and mind.

Do you use free recipe apps to plan meals for the week? Comment with us as you usually do your planning!

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