15 Instagram polls to have fun with followers

Doing polls on Instagram can be a great way to interact with your followers, but it's also great for those who just want to have fun on the social network. Only of course, many people may be in doubt as to what kind of poll to take or which model to use. The good news is that there are many types of surveys that are really cool and that fit well for just about anyone. The best part is that it can even inspire your friends to use these same models, almost like a chain.

If you are curious and want to know what kind of polls on Instagram you can do, just check out our suggestions. Take a look and choose your favorite polls below!

1. What would make you happy today?

instagram polls happiness

The first of the Instagram polls that we can recommend is quite simple. Just ask what would make your followers happy today, something that will certainly generate quite different responses.

2. What games have marked you?

polls on Instagram games

Our next suggestion is to ask which games have marked the lives of your followers. There remains a good opportunity even for a more nostalgic poll on old childhood games.

3. What can't be missing from your tour?

instagram questions scroll

Another really cool poll to do on Instagram is a question about each person's role. Basically, your followers can say what they prefer or what they can’t miss when they leave home.

4. What's in my gallery?

polls on instagram gallery

The next suggestion is perfect for those who want to take surveys on Instagram that will certainly have many answers. Just ask your followers to send a specific date and say that they will show you a print of what you have in your photo gallery with that date.

There will be no shortage of curious people wanting to see your photos, just don't forget to delete or hide what you really don't want or cannot display.

5. What do you need to do before you die?

what to do before you die

A poll that can be quite successful is one that talks about the things people want to do before they die. You can put some options or leave the question open to your followers.

This is one of the types of polls on Instagram that can generate quite different responses, which in itself is quite interesting.

6. Survey of self-esteem

self-esteem instagram questions

The self-esteem poll is good for the day when you want to feel good about yourself. Just tell your followers to say something they like about you, but promising to return the answer with something you like about them.

Of course, this is the kind of poll to do with followers you really know or talk to often. Otherwise, it will be difficult to think of traits that likes strangers.

7. What kind of makeup do you prefer?

instagram makeup polls

Our next tip is a nice poll to do for those who like makeup. The suggestion here is to ask followers what kind of makeup they like best, whether to do it on their own face or to see it on other people's faces.

8. Gratitude survey

question of gratitude

Another nice poll to do when you want to feel good is gratitude. You can ask what causes this feeling in your followers or ask them to express their gratitude with just one word.

9. What was part of your childhood?

childhood questions

If you want one more type of poll on Instagram that brings feelings of nostalgia, we recommend one that talks about things people did when they were kids. As in other situations, you can leave the question open or give examples.

10. What do you know about Harry Potter?

poll about harry potter

Here we have the perfect suggestion for Harry Potter fans. Just ask questions about the saga or use a ready-made template.

11. Which series do you recommend?

Instagram polls

Another good tip following this entertainment scheme is the series tip. You can give series options you are interested in or ask for free referrals from your followers!

12. What are your favorite sagas?

poll about movie sagas

Going along the same lines for cinema lovers, you can ask about your followers' favorite sagas. You can do the same as the image above or let the staff respond with totally different sagas.

13. What are your personality traits?

polls on Instagram traits

It can also be really cool to ask about the most striking personality traits of those who follow you. This poll, like the others, can be more open or closed depending on what you prefer.

14. Who are you on WhatsApp?

polls on Instagram behavior

Everyone who uses WhatsApp ends up developing some curious habits. So, what better poll than one asking what behaviors your followers have in the chat app?

15. What are your biggest hobbies?

poll about hobbies

Finally, we also have the suggestion to ask about your followers' hobbies. You can name some of your own hobbies and put options on which ones they like as well.

Did you like the polls on Instagram?

Did you take advantage of our suggestions to get to know some Instagram polls to have fun with your followers? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the poll tips and which one you liked the most.

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