15 programs to update PC drivers

Updating PC drivers can be an extremely annoying task, especially for those who have no idea how to do this. Still, it is quite necessary to make sure that your components work well and are safe. The good news is that there are many software that can update your PC drivers for you.

If you're curious and want to know which programs to use, we've sorted out some of the best on today's list. You can check all our suggestions in detail below!

1. Driver Booster

Update PC Driver Booster Drivers

To start our list we have the Driver Booster. It is easily one of the best programs for updating PC drivers completely for free, being also one of the most popular.

It is compatible with all latest versions of Windows and is very easy to use. You can search and download updates directly from the app, and you can compare versions there as well.

A good advantage is that it can also create a restore point if the update installation goes wrong. You can check out more through the link.

2. Driver Easy

Driver Easy is another great software for updating your PC drivers. It is compatible with most versions of Windows, can scan for updates and even possible issues with your PC components.

You can schedule the app to perform this scan on fixed dates, which is great for those who don't want to do the manual process every time. Other than that, he downloads the updates himself. Check out more through the link

3. Driver Genius 19

Driver Genius 19 is a very interesting option you can consider. The software itself is very fast and efficient when it comes to scanning your PC, downloading drivers and performing installations.

You can even program the frequency of these checks, which can be performed fully automatically. It still has other functions to improve the performance of your system, but it can make the paid version more expensive. Check out more through the link.

4. Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care is perfect for those who really want to be careful when updating PC drivers. It can back up all drivers on your PC, ensuring a restore point if something goes wrong between updates.

It's all done automatically, so you don't even have to worry about it. Other than that, it works with any modern Windows and has an easy to handle interface. Check out more through the link.

5. DriverPack Solution

Update PC DriverPack Drivers

DriverPack Solution is another good option. It is one of the simplest driver update software to use, with just a few essential options for handling download and installation.

The cool thing is that you can program it to search for and install updates alone. This way, you don't even have to do anything manually. Check out more through the link.

6. Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer is another free software we can recommend for your PC. It can download multiple updates at once and you can choose which one will be updated or not.

The great thing about this software is that it doesn't have to be installed on your computer, just run if you prefer. This makes it great for those who need to upgrade more than one PC, as you can take the program on a flash drive.

Another advantage is that it does not limit how many drivers can be updated at a time. You can download it via the link.

7. Driver Talent

Driver Talent is also a very simple program to use when updating PC drivers. It does everything pretty much on its own, without you having to keep looking for something manually.

It can update your drivers and fix those that are broken or corrupted. Other than that, the software is very easy to use and is compatible with various versions of Windows. Check out more through the link.

8. DriversCloud

DriversCloud is a very interesting option among the others on this list. It works in your browser, but you still need to download a program so that it can detect your PC hardware information.

Other than that, it can give you reports on what can be updated and more. The process is really kinda different from the others, but it's worth a look. Check out more through the link.

9. DriverIdentifier

DriverIdentifier is another basic software for updating PC drivers. It scans your computer to see what needs to be updated and shows you the list of everything available.

It does this through an HTLM file, which is then used to check their internet base. With that done, it will give you a link to update each driver. Check out more through the link.

10. Free Driver Scout

free driver scout

Then we have Free Driver Scout, which is also a very interesting option. It will basically scan your entire PC, download the drivers and install them without you having to do anything at all.

It is one of the only ones to work fully automatically. So it is great for those who just want to update PC drivers without having to see anything of the process.

It also backs up everything in case something goes wrong at some point. Anyway, you can download it for free through the link.

11. Device Doctor

Device Doctor is also a good alternative for those who want something easy to use. It can be used as normal software or in its portable version without you having to install it.

No matter which version you choose, it regularly checks for updates to your PC drivers. Whenever you find something, it will take you to the correct website for you to download the driver manually.

Clearly, you end up having more work, but this can be an advantage for those who want more control over the upgrade process. You can check out more through the link.

12. Driver Hub

DriverHub already works like most other apps we show here. It checks your PC, downloads the necessary updates, and installs them automatically if you want.

The cool thing is that he can still recover a driver if something goes wrong. The interface is very clean and simple to use, great for anyone who has never used such software. Check out more through the link.

13. Avast Driver Updater

Even if you don't use PC Antivirus, you might have heard of Avast. Well, they also have specialized software for updating PC drivers, known as Avast Driver Updater.

The problem itself is very good, fast and efficient. It can scan your PC and look for updates to its drivers or fix errors in something that is corrupted. Unfortunately, the option of using it to install drivers is paid. Check out more through the link.

14. Tweak Bit

Tweak Bit offers several services that can benefit your PC, but let's focus on updating drivers. The software can scan your computer, find necessary updates, and perform installations.

It can also detect if there is something wrong that needs fixing. The app is completely free and compatible with most versions of Windows. Check out more through the link.

15. DriverMax

update pc drivers

DriverMax is our next recommendation. It also works well with any modern version of Windows and can auto-scan on a user-scheduled basis.

It can tell you which drivers need to be updated and if there are any issues to be resolved on your PC. The only thing is that it only updates two drivers per day in the free version. You can check out more through the link.

Like the tips for updating your PC drivers?

Have you taken advantage of our tips for updating PC drivers more easily? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think and if there are other software you would like to see in the list.

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