15 WhatsApp Web Shortcuts (2019)

The most popular messaging service in Brazil is undoubtedly WhatsApp Messenger, a platform that was acquired by Facebook in 2014. One of the things that makes it so well known and used is simplicity of use and easy accessibility for all audiences, including a browser version and an application for both Windows and Mac.

There are numerous shortcuts to WhatsApp Web, many of which are available on desktop apps, Android smartphones, as well. on iOS. These tricks greatly help users to more easily use the service and can perform more complicated actions by pressing a few keyboard buttons.

With all this in mind, we decided to write an article detailing these shortcuts, explaining what they do and how to enable them so you can enjoy it too. If you're interested, keep reading and be sure to check out the best apps to get even more out of WhatsApp.

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1. How to focus on the emoji button

To do this is quite simple, with two alternatives: the first is to push the button Tab – the two little arrows on the left of the keyboard – three times to get to it; the second is even simpler and just push the button Shift at the same time as the Tab to hit the emojis. After that click "Enter" to open the selection.

To choose which emoji you want to use, you can now search for text in the window that has opened – for example, if you type “heart”, emoji containing a heart will appear – or choose from the arrow keys on your keyboard. To select, just click "Enter" and when you finish adding, click Esc to close the window.

Focus on emojis

2. Turn text into emojis

If you were from smileys, the predecessors of emojis, you may miss them or you might be used to them instead of the younger faces. Another great shortcut to WhatsApp Web is the ability to automatically convert smileys to emojis, making it easy to add them to conversations.

Remember that this shortcut is not exclusive to computers, being available on your favorite smartphone, be it one of the newest iPhones 11 or one of the best Androids.

Text in Emoji Shortcuts to WhastApp Web

3. Add emojis using the colon commands

Another way to use this image communication tool is, instead of opening the panel or writing smileys, type a colon -: – followed by the name of the emoji, that the platform will show you all emoji related to it. The hardest part of these WhatsApp Web shortcuts is knowing everyone's names.

This tool is also available on smartphones, so you can use this shortcut on them. As examples of what you can do if you type ":mask" all emojis that have a mask will appear. You must type a minimum of two characters before suggestions begin to appear.

Command colon shortcuts for WhastApp Web

4. How to change text formatting

Some of the best shortcuts for WhatsApp Web are text formatting, allowing you to type in bold, italic, change the font or make a scratch on the text.

To use them, just follow the steps for each one: if you want to type in bold type the text between *asterisks*; in italics, just put the text between two _underscores_; If you want to change the font, put your text with three « crases' `before and after it; Finally, to make the risk, put the text between two ~tiles~.

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5. How to change focus on application

This is very basic computer functionality, which is also present in both WhatsApp Web and its desktop version.

You can switch between what is selected by pressing the Tab. Once brings you to the search box, two for chat, three for emoji selection, and four for textbox so you can type.

6. Search for conversations

As explained in the previous item, one of the shortcuts to WhatsApp Web allows you to go to the conversation search box. However, there is still a specific shortcut to allow the user to do so.

All it takes is pushing the buttons. "Ctrl" and "F" together, the search box will be selected and the typing cursor will go there. After that, search for the name of whoever you have in your contact list and you can easily go into the conversation with the person.

This was the last of the shortcuts that work in the browser version of WhatsApp. From now on, everyone requires you to download to the platform from their official website.

search shortcuts for WhastApp Web

7. Mute a conversation

Sometimes someone sends you a lot of messages and you don't want to reply, or you have some very active group and the user wants to be at peace for some time without receiving notifications. To do this, there is a way to mute notifications of some chat via shortcuts to WhatsApp Web.

It's simple enough: if you use a Windows computer, just open the conversation and click the buttons. "Ctrl", Shift and "M" at the same time to open a window where you can select mute for 8 hours, a week or a year. On Mac, click Cmd, Shift and "M" together and the same screen will appear.

If you prefer, you can do this using just your mouse buttons: click the right button in chat, whether group or individual, who wants to mute to open the menu and then click “Silence”. To re-enable notifications, perform the same process.

mute shortcuts for WhastApp Web

8. Switch between conversations

Another shortcut to WhatsApp Web is to change focus between different chats. If the focus is on the chats, just click the arrow keys on your keyboard that will change which chat you are on.

Now if the focus is on something else, like the text box or emojis, just click "Ctrl", Shift and “(“ to go to the next chat and on in "Ctrl", Shift and "` " to go to the previous one.

If you prefer, you can also use "Ctrl" + Tab to go to the next conversation and "Ctrl" + Shift +Tab to go to the previous one. If you are using a Mac device instead of "Ctrl" press on Cmd; The rest of the commands are the same.

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9. Create a new conversation

In Chrome, use shortcut “Ctrl”+ "N" opens a new window, which makes it not working in browsers to open conversations. Now in desktop applications, the user can use this command to create a new chat.

Pressing will open a pop-up window. “New Conversation”; Here you can select who you want to chat with, as long as you have never talked to them on this platform. Again, if you use Mac, click Cmd + "N" instead of "Ctrl".

new chat shortcuts for WhastApp Web

To do this through the browser, click on message icon at the top of the screen to open the selection window you want to chat with. From the desktop application, click on plus symbol to do this.

10. Create a new group

A great feature of this messaging platform is the ability to create huge groups of up to 256 people. To do this, it has shortcuts to WhatsApp Web that allow it easier.

Just use the same command to create a new chat, the “Ctrl”+ "N" and on the screen that opens click "New group". You can still click “Ctrl, Shift and "N" to directly create a new group. After that, add as many people as you want in it and choose name and image.

If you prefer to go by the normal method, just click on three little dots at the top of the screen and then on "New group" or follow the methods of opening a new conversation and clicking "New group".

11. Change the read status of messages

It is very possible that you open a message unintentionally and want to change the status of "Read" for "Not read". To do this, it is usually necessary to open the menu by right-clicking on the chat and clicking on the option. "Mark as unread" or “Mark as read”, if you want to enter the status telling you that you have viewed it.

Fortunately, one of the WhatsApp Web shortcuts allows the user to do this much more simply by using a keyboard shortcut; just click on "Ctrl", Shift and "U" while the open chat status will change to "Not read". As always, if you use Mac, the "Ctrl" is exchanged for Cmd, with the rest of the command equal.

12. Delete a conversation

WhatsApp is a great tool for private conversations as it features very advanced encryption, ensuring no one can access conversations without having your platform account. Or you may have severed relationships with someone and want to forget about them. No matter the reason, you can delete the conversation.

If you want to make sure no one can know the content of messages, even if you have your smartphone, you can delete the entire conversation using one of the WhatsApp Web shortcuts; just click on "Ctrl" and Backspace – the delete text key. Again, click Cmd if using Mac; This command does not work on groups.

To delete a group chat without leaving it, you must first open it, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and then click “Clear Messages”. Find out at this link how to permanently leave a group.

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13. Archive the conversation

If you want to hide a conversation so that it is not easily visible to anyone who has access to your WhatsApp or to give someone a break, you can archive a chat using one of the WhatsApp Web shortcuts.

To do this, all the user needs to do is click "Ctrl" + "AND" on Windows or Cmd + "AND" on Mac when chat is open it will be archived. You can also right-click chat in the pick list and click “Archive conversation”.

to file

To view archived conversations, click the three little dots near your image and click “Archived”. This will list all your archived chats. To unarchive, right-click the chat in question and click “Unarchive Conversation” or use the keyboard command again with the conversation open.

14. Open Profile Window

To open your profile and change information such as the photo, the name that will appear on your WhatsApp or your message, just click "Ctrl" and "P" at the same time if in Windows, or in Cmd and "P"if on the Mac.

Remember that if you prefer to use the mouse for this, just click on your image in the upper left corner of the screen to open your profile.

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15. Close the app

The last of the WhatsApp Web shortcuts is essential for anyone who uses any desktop application: how to close any open apps in the foreground, including WhatsApp. Here are the best shortcuts for Windows computers or, if you use Mac, here are the best ones for it.

To do this from your Windows computer, click the buttons. Alt and “F4” together; now, to do this from your Mac, you need to click the Cmd and "Q" together.

So what do you think of the shortcuts for WhatsApp Web?

Tell us in the comments if you know of any that we do not put on our list. We hope it has been helpful for you to use this application even more easily or that it can serve as an instruction to someone you know and do not know how to use. Check out our list of features we want for WhatsApp.

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