16 best videos for WhatsApp status

WhatsApp is one of the largest communication platforms with millions of users worldwide. It features individual, group messaging with a browser version – here are tips on how to get more out of it – and now also with status, a way of expressing yourself.

If you use this tool, you can get a lot out of our list where we talk about some of the best videos for WhatsApp status. And if you don't know her, here's a guide to how she works and what she is!

How to find and place videos for WhatsApp status

Let's start with an essential step: find what to put in status. To do this, we recommend the Zapee app, where the user can find millions of different videos for all kinds of situations. Includes categories such as indirect, songs, relationships, memes, love and motivation, among other categories.


Through the app, you can download videos for later use and access them offline. It also allows shares to any social network. To put the videos in their status, all it takes is a click on the app.

If you want to find videos for WhatsApp status without having to use any applications, you can also. Just search YouTube for “WhatsApp Status” and you'll find many playlists of all kinds. If you want to refine your search for love status, look for “Love WhatsApp Status,” for example.

Then, to add to the status, click the three dots next to the video, click "To share" and select WhatsApp. On the screen that appears, select the status.

1. Love Status

We have selected some of the best videos for WhatsApp status to convey love messages with many different intentions. Love for friends, romantic love, family love; We have a little of everything.

We start the list with this very cute declaration of love, which features a montage of a couple in various fluffy, accompanied by a beautiful song.

You can use this, among WhatsApp status videos, to make a declaration of love to someone who doesn't see you or treats you the way you think they should.

This is ideal for someone who is in a distant relationship and is very homesick for the other person. If you find yourself in this situation, use this to show how much you care about who you date.

Among the videos for WhatsApp status are also this, which uses one of the best-known television series, Supernatural, to get the message about how important family is to you.

The last of our love selection is this, which aims to show what would be an ideal friendship for you. That way, people around you will better understand how you feel.

2. Funny Status

Here we will list some of the funniest WhatsApp status videos, so you can make your friends laugh. With them, you will be known as the funny guy of the group.

We begin this topic with one of the best moments of the classic Chaves. Everyone knows this program and certainly had a lot of fun watching it, so putting this video as status will start a lot of laughs.

This uses one of the best moments of Brazilian television, which eventually became a very famous meme. Mix it with a well-known gaming character to make a very funny video.

This, among WhatsApp status videos, is a joke about how people behave when they see a dog behind the gate. Who has never done that throws the first stone.

This video mixes one of the biggest forró hits of the year, “Jennifer”, by Gabriel Diniz, with one of the most famous cartoons, SpongeBob, resulting in a very funny combination.

Among the funny videos for the status of WhatsApp we find this, which shows one of the biggest difficulties of our language: speak “hairdresser”.

3. Motivational Status

We also have a series of motivational videos and texts to add to your status, to give that little push to your friends and family in need. This way you can easily help people around you.

The first one is a scene from a great 2015 movie, Creed, which has numerous positive ratings on all platforms of its kind.

Here we find a sentence from the book "The secret", one of the biggest best sellers of the past decade. It helps to alleviate the concerns of others so that they stop thinking about everything that can go wrong.

In this topic of the WhatsApp status videos, we also find this motivational reflection, which demonstrates that everyone is wrong, but while we are trying to do good, mistakes are forgivable.

This is a motivational one to bring peace of mind and help lessen the worries and daily fights we have. It brings the message that everything that happens in life stays in life, so we must live with less conflict to enjoy more.

One more of the WhatsApp status videos on our list is this one, which carries the message of a soccer player. It shows the need to follow, even if criticized and discouraged by others.

We come to the bottom of the list with this video, which brings the message that no matter what you're going through, things can always get better and you will only learn from the conflicts you go through.

So what did you think of our list of the best videos for WhatsApp status?

Leave it in the comments if you liked them and if you found any particularly interesting. Be sure to leave links to your favorite status videos. If you don't know how to download other people's status, check out our guide and don't forget to check out how to view status anonymously.

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