18 apps and websites to create a logo for your business

Having a custom logo for your company is extremely important to start establishing your brand and branding. The good thing is that there are many applications and websites that offer various tools for you to create a logo on your own.

Most of these options are easy to use, offer very creative features and can be used even for free. If you're curious and want to know which apps and websites are best for you to create a logo for your business, just check out our list below!

1. Wix

create a wix logo

To start our list, we have Wix. The site is well known to anyone who has needed to create their own website, whether for your company, store or even for a professional portfolio.

The cool thing is that they also offer tools for those who need to create a logo. You can create a logo from scratch by choosing the design, font, icons you want to use, etc. You can check out more on the site.

2. LogoMakr

LogoMakr is a good option to consider. You can use the app and its tools to create a logo from scratch for your business, even if you have no experience as a designer.

With it, you can search and use different templates, icons and fonts to get a very personalized logo. You can also add images or other elements you have previously prepared.

The good news is that most of your tools can be used for free. You can check out more through the link.

3. Designmantic

Designmantic lets you enter your company name and choose the category it fits to offer you the most appropriate logo templates.

Once you've chosen a template, you can still change anything you want and add more elements if needed. You can check more by accessing the link.

4. Looka

The name may be kind of funny, but Looka is a very good option. Its great advantage is that it uses its artificial intelligence to consider user preferences when helping to create a logo.

This way, you can have a very unique result that can be customized by you at any time. Worth a try. Check out more by clicking on the link.

5. Shopify

create a shopify logo

Shopify is one of the best known options on our list. It has many different functions, including online stores, but today we will focus specifically on creating a logo for your business with it.

You have a lot of templates to use as examples, but you can also do something totally personalized. Of course, being a more popular and full of options site, it has many paid plans.

But you can use some of the features for free, which is great if you want to try it out and know if it's worth the subscription. You can check out more on the official page.

6. Zillion Designs

Zillion Designs is our next suggestion. Like Shopify, it also has many services, and the option to create your own logo is one of them.

Its great advantage is that the tools for creating logos are very easy to learn how to use. In addition, it has many models ready in case you do not have much experience in the subject.

Still, everything can be customized, including colors, icons, font, etc. If you were curious, you can check it out more through the link.

7. Design Hill

Design Hill is another site known for offering a variety of online services, with the logo generator being one of the most popular. Like others on our list, it offers hundreds of icons, formats, templates and other elements that you can use to create your logo.

As it also offers tools for making covers for Twitter and Facebook, you can even enjoy using your logo on this type of image. You can check more by visiting the page.

8. Free Logo Design

Free Logo Design is another good choice for those looking for easy-to-learn tools. It is even more intuitive than the others, as it allows you to select your business category to offer templates that are most appropriate.

Of course, whether you choose a ready-made model or not, you always have the option to modify anything you want. You can check more by accessing the link.

9. Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs is very similar to the other options on our list, as it also offers different templates depending on the type of project or company for which the logo will be made.

You can enter a sentence, upload images, choose from multiple items. Then customize everything as you prefer. You can check out more by clicking on the link.

10. Canva

canva create design

Canva is another popular site for those looking for certain design services. In general, you can use it to create a logo, business cards, covers, social media images and more.

It has many ready-made templates, but it also offers features for you to create your logo from scratch. There are also many format options when it comes to downloading logo, which facilitates possible changes to other software. You can check out more through the link.

11. Free Logo Services

Free logo Services also has thousands of different templates that you can use and even save to cloud storage if you prefer.

The cool thing is that you can choose from various icons, badges, text fonts, colors and more. With all the elements chosen at hand, simply customize your logo. You can check more by logging into the site.

12. UCraft

UCraft offers even more template and icon options that you can use to easily customize and make your logo completely free.

The site has several tools, which are quite simple to use for those who do not have much experience in the subject. Best of all, you can download the finished image in high resolution without having to pay anything. You can check out more through the link.

13. Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker features over 1,000 different templates, 600,000 vector formats, and 200 font types for you to use to create a logo.

Some of the templates are free, but you end up with even more options if you opt for the paid plan. One of the advantages is that even if you pay nothing, you can still download the final image in high resolution. You can check out more by clicking on the link.

14. Logo Maker

Logo Maker is much older than most of the sites on this list, and millions of people have used it to make their logos over the years.

You can choose from 10,000 available icons and then customize them to create your unique logo. Best of all, most of the features offered are completely free and you can check everything out by visiting their page.

15. Logaster

logaster "width =" 610 "height =" 327 "src =" https://www.apptuts.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/criar-um-logo-logaster.png "/></p><p><noscript><img class=

Logaster may be a simpler site than others, but it's great for anyone who needs to create a logo quickly and with easy-to-learn tools.

It is completely free, but you need to pay a small fee to download the high resolution images. You can check out more through the link.

16. SquareSpace

SquareSpace offers many types of services for online businesses, including tools for those who want to build their own website. Still, one of the most commonly used features is logo creation.

You can use various templates, icons, and other elements to make your logo, and you can download the final image at higher resolution if you buy the premium plan. You can check the site by clicking on the link.

17. Iconic Design

Iconic Design is another very interesting option to create a logo for your company. It has many advanced tools, with over a thousand templates for you to use for reference.

There are also many fonts, icons, colors and other options you can use to create the perfect logo. It is definitely a great alternative to consider. You can check out more through the link.

18. Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker is not much different from the other sites on this list, but it turns out to be much faster and easier to use than most.

You can choose from predefined templates or upload your own image if you prefer. With this, just use the tools provided to customize the logo as needed. You can check more by accessing the link.

Could you create a logo?

Can you take advantage of our top tips for easily creating a logo? Be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think of the options and if there are any other sites and apps you'd like to see in the list.

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