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18 best games of the decade for smartphones

18 best games of the decade for smartphones

Regardless of discussions about the right way to calculate when a new ten-year cycle begins, calculations have begun to find out which were the best games of the decade for smartphones, as well as which apps were required to be featured on Android and iPhone smartphones.

It seems like a long time since we ventured into messaging apps that allowed us to exchange text and make video calls on mobile without having to pay, but this was an achievement of the early part of this decade.

App Annie, a site that specializes in statistics about the use of mobile apps and games, has put together a list of the best games of the decade for smartphones. They were ranked by both the number of downloads and the monetary value invested in the game.

That is, even if an application is not among the most downloaded, if it has a high financial income, it was included in the list. So check below which were the best games of the decade for smartphones!

1. Subway Surfers

One of the most traditional mobile games, the high popularity of Subway Surfers in India has made it the most downloaded game of the decade. More than 15% of the game's download volume came from the Asian country.

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The infinite racing game was one of the most popular of its kind, which has always been well accepted by Android or iPhone users. With charismatic characters to collect, simple gameplay that lets you play anywhere, Subway Surfers was the best-downloaded game in this decade.

Play Subway Surfers on your Android or iPhone.

2. Candy Crush Saga

It may be surprising to see Candy Crush Saga ranking second on the list of best games of the decade for smartphones, but that's the reality. The puzzle game that forces you to put together three similar pieces to advance is the most popular of its kind.

To this day, the game is one of the most downloaded and played on Android or iPhone phones. The flashy colors, sweet content and social element of sending lives to your friends make the experience captivating, if not addictive.

The game is also one of the three most profitable games of the decade, still generating a lot of sales for Activision Blizzard, which today manages title management.

Candy Crush Saga can be played on any Android or iOS phone.

3. Temple Run 2

Despite losing to Subway Surfers, we can say that Temple Run 2 is the biggest reference in infinite racing games for mobile phones. Its predecessor inaugurated and popularized the genre, with the sequel being a direct improvement.

With more characters to unlock and a mood that resembles classic Indiana Jones movies, Temple Run 2 put him in the role of an explorer who collected a lost treasure but needs to escape the forest as quickly as possible.

Like all infinite racing games, it is impossible to escape and at some point you lose. But the game challenges you to try anyway, offering coins to collect along the way that unlock new characters.

Did you miss Temple Run 2? It is still available for Android and iPhone!

4. My Talking Tom

The talking kitten is the first of the "Tamagotchi" type. That is, it offers you a virtual pet to care for and interact with, just as Japanese gadgets did in their golden age.

You must take care of the pet's basic needs: feeding, ensuring that it has a good night's sleep and that it goes to the bathroom regularly. These tasks are interspersed with minigames of various types.

Jigsaw puzzles, action and adventures are part of My Talking Tom, which repeats everything you say funny. One of the best kid games you can play for your little one.

My Talking Tom is still available to play on Android or iPhone!

my talking tom screen

5. Clash of Clans

One of the best-known smartphone strategy games of the decade, Clash of Clans is a war game that sets you up as the leader of a Viking-inspired tribe. With charismatic characters and diverse possibilities to build an army, the game remains one of the most played, even though released in the first half of the decade.

Proof of this is that, even though it ranks fifth in the best games ranking of the decade considering the number of downloads, Clash of Clans is considered the most profitable game in the world to date, even though it's a free game that lets you play without spending a dime. even.

The fame of the game is such that an alternative card game with the same characters was released in 2016, called Clash Royale. Spoiler: He is also on this list!

Clash of Clans is available for Android or iPhone.

6. Pou

Competing directly for the most beloved virtual pet job, Pou lost to the talking kitten. That doesn't mean the app is a defeat, as it's the sixth most downloaded game of the decade, among thousands of other games available at Google and Apple stores.

Recently the app has been down for a few days. However, with all its fame, the fans and homesick people who already took care of the Pou manifested and ended up bringing the virtual pet back.

What does that mean? Who can take care of your Pou again by downloading the game again on your Android or iPhone!

7. Hill Climb Racing

The first car game to feature on the list, Hill Climb Racing has earned its incredible number of downloads for its simplicity. Even with a sequel, the original title remains one of the best games of the decade, with an impressive 9.5 million downloads in the Play Store alone.

Although it contains cars, Hill Climb Racing looks more like a platform game, as its goal is to move through the levels collecting as many coins as possible. These coins can be used to customize your vehicle, allowing you to play with bikes, police car or even battle tanks.

Like most of the best games of the decade, Hill Climb Racing has achieved this position by having a simple yet addictive formula.

Download the game on your Android or iPhone!

8. Minion Rush: Despicable Me The Game

Infinite racing games dominated the best games lists of the decade. Although not as famous today as they were in the early 2010s, they still have a loyal following.

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An example of this is Minion Rush, a game that takes inspiration from the friendly characters of Despicable Me and puts them in a frantic race. Like other games in the genre, it's impossible to win, but your attempts are recorded and the coin you collect can be used to buy other Minion models.

Haven't heard of this racing game with the minions? Then help it keep up for another decade by downloading it to Android or iPhone!

9. Fruit Ninja

Another smartphone classic, Fruit Ninja does not have a character that appears on the screen, being you the fruit cutter ninja. And how to do it on mobile?

Running his fingers across the screen, cutting the fruits that are thrown in front of him. At the same time, you must avoid pitfalls like bombs that ruin your attempt and hence your score.

Like titles like Candy Crush Saga and Subway Surfers, Fruit Ninja lets you record and share your score with friends. Miss one of the most downloaded free games in the world?

So cut fruit right now on your Android or iPhone!

10.8 Ball Pool

Pool games were never new. Even in video games that came before the era of smartphones, there were already games of the famous sport. But the touch screen of mobile phones made 8 Ball Pool one of the best games of the decade for smartphones.

With a simple flick of the fingers, it is possible to adjust and stroke to pocket the balls. In addition to the classic mode, various pool modes can be played at 8 Ball Pool, embracing all types of players.

It features simultaneous online matches, allowing you to play with friends over the internet in multiplayer mode.

8 Ball Pool is available for Android and iPhone.

11. Monster Strike

Not all the best games of the decade for smartphones is available to us. Monster Strike is the first example. Extremely popular in Japan, the title was the second most profitable of the decade, second only to Clash of Clans.

However, its success was not repeated in the western countries, where the game was canceled in 2017. The game allowed to collect monsters with special abilities, whose function was to be launched by the player – as if in a slingshot – to overcome the challenges imposed.

Still, loyalty and ongoing in-game purchases make it one of the most profitable titles in the world even outside the Western market.

12. Puzzle & Dragons

Another example of an oriental game that is a fever in Japan to the point of being ranked as one of the best games of the decade for smartphones, but has never been so famous here. Combining mechanics like Candy Crush's in a medieval fantasy setting, he tries to please the puzzle game audience, but also the fans of role-playing games.

puzzle and dragons

Unlike Monster Strike, however, Puzzle & Dragons is available in the West. To check out the unusual mix of “match 3” games in an RPG setting, click the download link on your iPhone.

13. Fate / Grand Order

Like Minion Rush, Fate / Grand Order is inspired by a Japanese-only animated series. Like most Japanese games, it features an incredible range of characters to collect, which are obtained in lucky draws or as quest rewards.

Featuring mechanics from online RPGs and card games, you can create a combination of heroes to meet the challenges of the game, which already has a large number of quests and lots of fun content.

Fate / Grand Order is available exclusively on iPhone.

14. Arena of Valor

We know that MOBA games are a fever for those who like to play group games on the PC. But this is also reflected in mobile phones with high-profit games. Arena of Valor is the best case to explain this, as it is on the list of best games of the decade for smartphones.

Like the other games mentioned above, you compete online with 9 other players, divided into two teams of 5. Each one chooses a character with different skills and roles. The goal is to defend your base while overcoming that of your opponents.

This requires good reflexes and good team coordination. Although easy to learn, becoming a skilled player requires some training. The advantage? There are several professional competitions in the game!

Download Arena of Valor on your Android or iPhone.

15. Fantasy Westward Journey

You may not have heard of this game and, honestly, by the time we write this story, neither have we. Developed in China, the game is available at Google and Apple digital stores, but only in its original language.

Fantasy Westward Journey is an online adventure game known by the acronym MMORPG. This means that you create your character in the fantastic world of the game and can accept adventures to explore your map and story, along with your friends and strangers who populate the server.

As we mentioned earlier, you can download Fantasy Westward Journey on Android or iPhone, but you need to know a little of the language to get the most out of it. Before giving up, it is worth a warning: even with the barrier, it is still one of the best games of the decade for smartphones.

16. Pokémon Go


It may not be high on the list of best games of the decade for smartphones, but it was certainly the most remarkable game of this decade. Pokémon Go was responsible for reliving all the nostalgia of the early 2000s, when children and teenagers accompanied the drawing and played the game on their Game Boys.

Realizing the dream of walking the streets and catching the Pokémon, the game took over the news on its release. Today it no longer causes such a stir, but continues with a loyal and dedicated audience, who invests hours and money in the game, making it one of the most profitable of the last ten years.

Feel like going back to the Pokémon world and catching the little monsters while walking? Then download it again on Android or iPhone!

17. Game of War: Fire Age

This strategy game has become widely known not for its gameplay but for its TV ads featuring stars like Mariah Carey and Kate Upton. Despite the marketing ploy, Game of War: Fire Age is a solid strategy game for mobile phones.

Especially if the cartoon side of Clash of Clans doesn't please you. Your more serious grip suits you better if you prefer something with a more dramatic tone. On the other hand, the mechanics are similar: collect resources, set up your base and raise an army to defeat game missions and other players in multiplayer mode.

Game of War: Fire Age conflicts can be locked on Android or iPhone.

18. Clash Royale

Closing the list of the best smartphone games of the decade, we couldn't leave Clash Royale out. Derived from Clash of Clans, the game mixed card game mechanics with MOBA game mechanics. On a smaller scale than Arena of Valor, the disputes are from player to player.

Each summons soldiers and creatures to topple the other's base and the action goes out of your control as you position your minions. Whoever destroyed the enemy castle or knocked down more towers wins at the end of the game, which is done in a matter of minutes.

Currently, the game is not only one of the most profitable, but has its own competitive landscape with professional players.

Replay Clash Royale on your Android or iPhone.

What were the best smartphone games of the decade in your opinion?

With our list, you already know which were the most remarkable games of the decade that is over – or about to end!

But what really matters is your opinion! What were the best games for you? Which ones did you play the most? Comment with us!

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