18 iPhone photo montage apps

As much as Apple's smartphone is getting better at editing images, some iPhone photo montage apps are still better at giving the treatment your photos deserve.

Whether it is to shrink photos, apply virtual makeup, or make interesting collages, the apps we'll show you here are ideal for starting to create your own montages and using as ideas for posts on Instagram or any other social media.

Haven't found an ideal photo montage app for iPhone yet? Then check out the best options to install on your Apple smartphone!

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

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A “miniaturized” version of the world's largest image editing software, Adobe Photoshop Express has much of the functionality already in the desktop program. In addition, its features have been adapted for use with the touch screen.

The app features a collection of video tutorials that let you learn how to use Photoshop Express. Plus, you can mount photos on iPhone by editing, correcting imperfections, and even creating images from scratch.

Click the link now to see Adobe Photoshop Express!

2. Adobe Lightroom

adobe lightroom

An alternative to Photoshop Express, Lightroom also lets you mount photos on iPhone, but focus on adjusting details such as light, color, and exposure. In addition, you can sync your work between browser, iPhone, or computer app versions.

It comes with a good range of predefined filters and features tools that cater to both beginners and advanced users. Lightroom is free and has premium features in the paid version, such as perspective correction and tweaking in more detail.

Visit the Lightroom page now to learn more about the app!

3. Snapseed

This popular Google image editing app is also available for Android. Snapseed is a complete editor that allows its users to modify various details of the photos they have taken on their mobile phone.

It has a huge variety of image editing tools, all accessible and easy to use. In addition, the app is free and does not insert watermarks in the photos it exports.

Download Snapseed on your iPhone by going to the link.


You can use VSCO to mount photos on iPhone through its unique filters. Available in the free version, it also features editing tools to make your photos amazing.

It is worth mentioning that mounting can begin even before you take your picture, as you can allow access to your camera. This allows you to make adjustments to reduce photo editing time.

Get to know VSCO through the link.

5. Affinity Photo

Like Adobe software, Affinity Photo is a mobile version of software that already exists on computers. Application specialists point to him as the “Photoshop killer” because of his huge variety of tools, elements, and filters.

If you also have an iPad, the interface will be even better as the app is optimized for the Apple tablet. You can export your photos to all commonly used image formats and are suitable for intermediate and advanced users.

Learn more about Affinity Photo by clicking the link.

6. Prism

Want to make photo montage on iPhone with a more artistic style? Prisma is the most suitable application for this. It features filters inspired by styles by renowned artists of history.

You can adjust details of these filters, but it is important to mention that it will look more like a drawn frame than the photo you originally took.

Click the link to download Prisma on your iPhone.

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7. Afterlight 2

Despite being a paid app, Afterlight 2 comes out for under $ 10 on the App Store. In return, the application has no tool limitations. It features the usual editing tools such as color adjustment, exposure and cropping.

In addition, the app also brings advanced curve and color adjustments to your photos. It has a collection of filters and layers that allow you to edit faster.

See more about Afterlight 2 at the Apple App Store.

8. Darkroom

Like most iPhone photo montage apps, Darkroom has a free and paid version. Free edition comes with a sufficient range of editing tools. Adjustments such as brightness and saturation are part of this release and are easy to find and use.

In the paid version, Darkroom has a private collection of filters and elements that you can include in your montages, as well as templates for inserting photos. You can also save your own templates for use in other assemblies.

Click on the link to see Darkroom.

9. Enlight

If you're already used to photo editing on iPhone, Enlight may be an option for your edits. It has a wide range of tools, allowing you to control exposure details and colors.

You can also clone aspects of images that already exist for use elsewhere and apply filters with different effects. Other tools also allow you to draw or write on photos, offering various types of digital brushes for this.

One of its main features is the ability to turn your photos into drawings or vice versa, making it one of the most unique apps in the App Store.

Learn more about Enlight by visiting the link.

10. Pixelmator

Another mobile version of a Mac app, iPhone Pixelmator brings optimized Mac editing tools to your smartphone screen. You can use it to blur photos and use simple tools for editing.

On the other hand, its range of tools is not as extensive as in Affinity Photo or Photoshop. This is compensated by its simple interface and its brushes to create drawings in the images.

Click the link to download Pixelmator on your iPhone.

11. FaceTune 2

FaceTune 2 is ideal for those who are addicted to taking selfies. It lets you apply virtual makeup, retouch your photos on iPhone, and include filters and backgrounds to style selfies.

The app is also perfect for whitening teeth, removing pimples and taking crow's feet from your photo. Editing tools include photo resizing, saturation and temperature adjustment, and a history to compare the different edits you have made.

Visit the FaceTune 2 page on the App Store to download the app.

facetune 2

12. TouchRetouch

While FaceTune 2 is ideal for your selfies and has a lot of fun elements to use in your images, TouchRetouch is the one to correct defects in the photos you take.

Unwanted pimples, skin blemishes, and nosy people who got into the photo unintentionally can be taken quickly by the app. He can even pull wires from the streetlights, scratches on objects he's showing, and just about anything he doesn't want to be there.

To do this, simply use the touch screen to mark unwanted objects or people and then delete them. You can do the same with pimples or imperfections on your body.

Click the link to download TouchRetouch.

13. RAW Power

If you take professional photos and want an app to make iPhone mounts up to par, then RAW Power may be the app you need. It is ideal for current versions of iPhone, such as iPhone 11 Pro or with photos taken on professional cameras.

It's worth mentioning that this perfect photo-taking application also works with common image formats like JPEG and PNG. It can also be used on Mac computers, allowing you to start your editing work on one device and finish on the other.

Need a robust app for iPhone mounts? Then click on the link to learn about RAW Power.

14. Lens Distortions

Want to make photo montage on iPhone with a wide variety of special effects? So Lens Distortions may be the ideal solution. You can insert and adjust lighting effects, add rain, fog, snow, and even simulate sunlight on your photos.

With Lens Distortions, you can also create customizable light rays. All this in the free version of the app. In the premium edition, which can be purchased through subscription, you have access to the full collection of the application and exclusive access to any new effects that may be added in the future.

Download Lens Distortions on your iPhone via the link.

15. Hyperspektiv

Despite its unconventional name, Hyperspektiv is ideal for those who work with music. It makes it easy to create covers for artist pages on streaming services like SoundCloud.

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Whether you're a guitar expert, someone who practices the piano or uses online ukulele tuners before training, you can do photo montage on your iPhone to illustrate your SoundCloud page.

Its main tool is a "distorting" type that transforms your photos or videos into a psychedelic, stylized montage. Click the link to use Hyperspektiv on your iPhone.

16. Mextures

If you like to play with the textures of an image, then Mextures will be your iPhone montage app. The app lets you apply effects such as grainy, light rays and different effects that will blend in with your photo backdrops.

In addition, it comes with basic tools for editing images and filters ready to apply immediately to the photos you have just taken.

Want to start using Mextures? Then download it from the App Store!

17. Filterstorm Neue

A complete app for editing images, Filterstorm Neue comes with all sorts of basic or advanced photo montage tools on iPhone. It has filters ready for quick editing, but also masking tools to create your own effects and improve image quality.

You can make almost any kind of adjustments, such as contrast, color, exposure level, saturation and even shadows in a photo, among many others. It also brings special effects like making photos black and white, for example.

Click the link to download Filterstorm Neue on your iPhone.

18. Superimpose X

Similar to Prisma, Superimpose X serves to turn your photos into drawings. Or rather, in works of art.

The app lets you edit your images in different layers, plus a wide range of filters inspired by the style of renowned artists. It features editing tools that cater to novice or more advanced publisher users.

These include the ability to create shadows on photos, clone elements of an image, and even export images in PSD format for editing in Photoshop.

Download Superimpose X on iPhone from the link.

superimpose x

Which iPhone photo montage app is your favorite?

Now that we've given you a complete list, it's your turn to tell us, what's your favorite app? Is it any of this list? Or was it not included? Leave your own recommendations in the comments section!

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