18 most popular podcast apps

Using podcast apps is one of the best ways to find new programs to listen to and follow.

After many years since its creation, podcasts have finally become popular beyond a small niche of fans. While creating podcasts was just a hobby, today there are professional companies that help media platforms and entrepreneurs to live off their audio content.

This means that today there is no shortage of programs for every type of person, in addition to many podcast apps to find new options. Many of them are streaming apps that also have the option to search for podcasts.

That said, we have made an extensive selection of the most popular apps in Brazil and the world. There, you can search for different types of podcasts, as well as follow your favorite programs and even download them to listen offline.

Check out the full list below!

1. Spotify

Probably the best known among apps for listening to music online, Spotify has invested a lot in bringing podcasts to its platform. The result of this is that it has also become the most used among podcast apps.

With it, you can find practically any of the biggest Brazilian podcasts, in addition to following the work of the producers following their profiles on the platform. It is also possible to download podcasts to listen offline, if you are a paid subscriber of the platform.

Click the link to download Spotify on your favorite platform.

spotify home screen, which is also one of the podcast apps

2. Apple Podcasts

If you're a user of Apple devices, you don't even have to worry about downloading any apps. Apple Podcasts is already installed on the iPhone and iPad and also has one of the largest collections of podcasts on the market.

With it, you can find podcasts according to several categories, such as politics, comedy or PC games, among many other options. Apple Podcasts also allow you to download episodes of your favorite shows to listen to when you can't be online, such as on plane flights.

Don't have Apple Podcasts installed on your iPhone or iPad for any reason? Then click on the link now to download it!

3. Google Podcasts

If Apple has its own podcast apps, so can Google. So much so that their names are the same, changing only the company.

Google Podcasts make it possible for Android device users to find their favorite podcasts, in addition to offering recommendations based on what’s being consumed a lot and the type of podcast you usually listen to. It also allows you to download episodes for offline listening.

Click the link to download Google Podcasts on your Android.

4. Deezer

One of Spotify's biggest competitors, Deezer also started hosting podcasts in its catalog. In it, you can listen to episodes of famous podcasts like O Subject da Globo and NerdCast, from the Jovem Nerd portal.

It has several categories, making it easy to search for podcasts that interest you, as well as offering personalized suggestions according to what you usually listen to. It is worth mentioning the advantage of also having access to the platform's free music collection.

Deezer is available on iPhone and Android.

5. Castbox

Specialized in aggregating podcasts, Castbox is not limited to programs in Portuguese only, with podcasts in more than 70 different languages. Still, it is important to mention that your favorite podcasts here in Brazil are also present in it.

You can schedule notifications for when a new episode of the podcasts you have marked as favorites, and share with friends and contacts via messaging apps.

You can download Castbox on both Android and iPhone.

castbox app screens

6. Soundcloud

Known for being an interesting platform for independent artists, it is also possible to host and listen to podcasts for free on Soundcloud. Partly functioning as a social network, you can add friends and know what they are listening to.

It is like a recommendation system, but not as dependent on algorithms as the other options. Even so, you can also bookmark your favorite podcasts and receive new suggestions based on your profile.

Soundcloud also allows podcasts whose authors allow. The app is available for Android and iPhone.

7. Podcast Addict

Like other podcast apps, this one also has a recommendation system based on the programs you listen to and enjoy. In addition, Podcast Addict is compatible with Chromecast.

With this, you will be able to synchronize the podcast that is playing on your cell phone with other devices, such as speakers or even your TV. The application is free with small ads in the corners of the screen.

Click the link to download it on your Android.

8. Podbean

In a similar way to the previous one, you can also synchronize the Podbean. Instead of Chromecast, however, you can use it with the Alexa virtual assistant. This gives you one more option when choosing a podcast aggregator to look for interesting programs.

In addition, Podbean offers hosting services for creators, allowing them to submit their podcasts without the need to create websites. This means that you can use it both to listen and to send your own episodes.

Podbean is available for Android and iPhone.

9. The Podcast App

A very popular podcast aggregator, you can find the most famous programs in the country and in the world. Its collection has thousands of podcasts, in almost all possible languages.

That is, it is perfect for those who want to learn languages ​​and need to hear natives of a country speaking to improve their understanding. In addition to this very useful functionality, The Podcast App allows you to create a playlist in the order you prefer, in addition to allowing you to search for programs according to the most diverse categories.

The Podcast App can be downloaded on Android and iPhone.

10. Stitcher for Podcasts

Making it easy to keep track of your favorite podcasts without missing an episode, Stitcher for Podcasts also allows you to configure notifications for new episodes of your favorite shows. You can use it for both online and offline listening.

It also has a search engine that makes it easy to search for not only programs, but specific episodes. Stitcher can also be integrated with Alexa and played on devices like Amazon Echo or Bluetooth speakers.

Download Stitcher for Podcasts on your iPhone or iPad.

stitcher app screens

11. Overcast

One of the best podcast apps, Overcast was developed by just one person, unlike most other examples on the list. Still, it has several features.

Among them, the possibility of accelerating playback without loss of sound quality, specific audio remastering to improve the voice of the presenters of your favorite podcasts and a recommendation system based on the programs you usually listen to.

It is also possible to download programs to listen offline. Overcast is an exclusive app for iPhone. Download it through the link.

12. TuneIn Radio

One of the most used free music apps outside of Brazil, TuneIn Radio allows you to access radio stations that you could not normally access in Brazil. In addition, there are stations customized to the music and a section dedicated to podcasts.

Free and with premium edition, you can even listen to sports broadcasts from leagues such as the NFL and the NBA. Podcasts can be accessed free of charge, as well as saving them to your favorites.

For Apple device users, TuneIn Radio can be used in your car via CarPlay. It is also synchronizable with ChromeCast, allowing you to send the transmission accessed by your cell phone to a higher quality stereo.

TuneIn Radio is available for Android and iPhone.

13. RadioPublic

RadioPublic is one of the few podcast apps that allows you to include private podcasts. You can send the podcasts RSS code outside the app recommendations and start following them through RadioPublic.

The app has about half a million podcasts, in the most diverse languages ​​possible. It is also possible to organize playlists according to schedules, categories and themes created by the RadioPublic team itself.

Learn more about RadioPublic on its page on Google Play and the App Store.

14. Player FM

With one of the largest podcast collections in the world, Player FM is also one of the most popular. In it, it is possible to find new podcasts to listen according to what has received the most listeners, in addition to also having an algorithm that analyzes their behavior to offer personalized suggestions.

It also allows you to download podcasts to listen offline and even store them on a flash drive or memory card. You can program a timer, which will disable the app. Ideal for those who listen to podcasts before going to sleep and often fall asleep before the episode ends.

Player FM can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone.

15. Pocket Casts

Among podcast apps, Pocket Casts has one of the best interfaces on the list. He is one of the few who have night mode. In addition, you can change the playback speed and even skip the silent parts.

It is also possible to synchronize Pocket Casts between your devices. That is, you can start listening to an episode on your computer and continue on your cell phone, in case you need to leave home.

Pocket Casts is available on Android and iPhone.

pocket cast screens, one of the best podcast apps available

16. Laughable

Unlike most podcast apps on this list, Laughable is an aggregator focused only on comedy shows. In addition, most programs are in English. At the same time, it's interesting to follow comedians of whom you are a fan.

In addition to subscribing to the podcast specifically, it also allows you to follow specific artists, regardless of the programs in which they participate. This is an interesting function to know when someone you are a fan participates in as a guest on another podcast.

Laughable is available for Android and iPhone.

17. Castro 3

Just like Pocket Casts, Castro 3 has a good interface, including night mode. One of its most interesting features is the possibility to save an episode queue, allowing you to keep only the episodes that you are really interested in.

Because it is exclusive to Apple devices, it also features good integration between iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Click the link to download it!

18. The Podcast Player

Another application exclusively for iOS, The Podcast Player stands out for being free and not bothering with ads, something very rare in the market. It also allows you to create your own list of episodes, so you won't have to keep looking for episodes to listen to.

Still, he also has a recommendation system based on his behavior in the app. The Podcast Player also allows you to change the playback speed, access a history of what you've heard and download episodes to listen offline.

Access the link to download The Podcast Player.

Podcast apps: which do you usually use?

Which podcast apps do you use most often? What kind of listener are you? Do you have an organized queue or prefer to take the suggestions that the apps themselves give? Comment with us!

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