18 sites to download free music of all styles

For those looking to download music online to download, options abound on the internet. There are numerous websites that you can consult to download free music of all styles. Of course, because we have so many options, it can be tricky to know which are the best and most reliable sites to do this.

So that you don't have any more doubts, we've separated some of the best places to download free music of all styles. They are very diverse options and we are sure you will find the best one for you in the list below!

1. Open Music Archive

download free music of all styles open music

Our first suggestion is the Open Music Archive. As the name makes clear, the site consists of a large open collection of online music that you can check and download your favorites.

It is definitely not the site with the best interface you will find, but that does not mean that its service is bad. You can search for songs by title, artist / band name or even date. If you are interested, just access the site through the link.

2. Free Music Archive

In addition to having a name somewhat similar to the option above, Free Music Archive is also a site with a good collection of songs that can be downloaded for free. He's a little more familiar and intuitive, so it's worth checking out.

You can find several songs online, from some well-known to others that do not have copyrights and can be used in projects. For those who want to check out more, just access the link below.

3. Music Stage

If you want a Brazilian option, Palco Música can be a good option to download and take your music offline. As expected, it has more Brazilian options than international songs, so it can work well for those looking for this type of music.

In addition to newer songs, you can also find songs by well-known artists on the website. You can check this and more by accessing the Music Stage at the following link.

4. YouTube by Click

Another option that you use is YouTube by Click. A little different from the other suggestions that we present, this site works to remove only the audio from YouTube videos and download the file to your PC.

This way, you get your favorite songs and can download them in MP3 at any time. It's a good way to get your music offline quickly. You can check out more by accessing the link.

5. CCTrax

download music on cctrax

CCTrax is a website focused on electronic, techno, house and ambient music styles, just to mention a few examples. As there are not many sites that offer this type of music, it can be the most suitable if that is what you are looking for.

There are many songs, artists and albums of this type made available totally free. You can check if there is something you like when accessing the website at the following link.

6. 8Tracks

8Tracks is a popular site for those who like streaming radio. It has a large collection of playlists created by other users that you can listen to at any time.

You can also explore and search for playlists based on artists, music genre and number of songs. You can start using the website through the link.

7. Last.fm

For those looking for a way to download free music of all styles, Last.fm is one of the best options. It works as a type of online radio service, with several stations available.

Only you can also use it to listen and download your favorite songs. As it is the artists themselves who decide whether or not to make the songs available for free, it is not all that can be downloaded. Still, it is worth checking out the link below.

8. MP3.com

You may not even imagine it, but MP3.com is one of the oldest music sites on the internet! Still, he doesn't have a song library as vast as the sites mentioned in this list.

But you can always find amazing music there, especially since young artists end up sharing their work on the site for anyone who wants to listen. You can access the website through the link.

9. Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle ends up being a great site for those who want to meet more independent musicians. For that reason, it is possible to download free music there without any problem.

There are many different genres of music that you can choose from and explore, so it's great for those who are more eclectic. Click on the link to check the site.

10. Bandcamp

download music on bandcamp

Bandcamp is a good site to meet independent artists. Usually, the musicians themselves put their records and songs on the website, which is a very interesting touch.

The cool thing is that each artist has a personalized section on the website, which makes the experience more enjoyable. Like the others, you can also receive song suggestions based on your interests. Click on the link to check the site.

11. Hits and Beats

Hits e Beats is an interesting site that looks more like a music blog. In it, you can check out new releases, new artists, discover or create playlists, download songs or listen to songs by streaming.

The platform is very complete and has a pleasant interface and very simple to use, besides being all in Portuguese. You can check out more by accessing the link.

12. Musicpleer

Musicpleer is a very large and popular site for downloading free music these days. It can be used directly in your browser or on mobile devices.

Basically, you can search for the songs you want and it shows the main results from different sources. Check the website with the link below.

13. Krafta Songs

Krafta Songs is the simplest site on our list in terms of features. It allows you to search for the name of the song or select different musical genres to find your favorite song and artist. With that done, just download the music on your PC and enjoy it on any audio player. You can check out more about the site with the link.

14. Incompetech

Incompetech is also an excellent and vast music library. Unlike the other suggestions, the focus is greater on instrumental and copyrightless music.

This is perfect for anyone looking for something to use in their video projects, for example. Definitely one of the best sites to download music of all styles. Check it all out by accessing the link.

15. ReverbNation

download free music of all styles reverb

ReverbNation is another very interesting site that you can check out. It works as a platform on which musicians can make their songs and albums available and decide whether they are free or not.

You can register on the page as an artist or as a fan and, from there, you will have the possibility to insert your own songs or download tracks by other artists. To check out more, just access the website with the link.

16. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade works almost like a social network for musicians and fans. Artists can use the site to share their songs, albums and projects with the world.

You can take advantage of this to find and download free music of all styles you can imagine. If you want, you can even tip the musicians you like best, which is something cool and helps to support them. To check out more, just access the link link.

17. SoundCloud

SoundCloud may have stayed at the bottom of our list, but it is far from being less recommended than the others. It is one of the best known for anyone who wants to have offline music at their disposal.

It features famous and independent artists who are still starting their careers. Therefore, it is a great platform to meet possible new musicians who will still gain prominence in the future.

It is the artists themselves who decide whether the songs are available for free, so it is good to pay attention to that. You can check out more by accessing the link.

18. Jamendo

download free music of all styles jamendo

Finally, we can also recommend Jamendo to find music online. It has a collection of more than 400 thousand different songs that you can listen to or download if they are available for download.

The cool thing is that the site can be accessed in different languages, which is already a good differential compared to the others. You can check out more by visiting the official website.

Did you like the sites to download free music of all styles?

Did you take advantage of our tips to get to know some of the best sites to download free music of all styles? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us where you decided to download the songs online.

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