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19 best smartphone apps of the decade

19 best smartphone apps of the decade

Games have always been one of the most important types of mobile apps. So much so that they are compared separately to the apps of the decade for smartphones, as you can see in this article.

So it was time to know which were the most downloaded and also the most profitable apps that were launched during the 2010s. Saying that social media and messaging apps dominated the list is redundant. On the other hand, there was no shortage of surprises in the list of best apps of the decade for smartphones.

So follow us through the next few paragraphs and learn which apps have defined the smartphone era from 2010 to today!

1. Facebook

The undisputed champion of the decade is Facebook. Even as new and innovative social media applications are launched, Mark Zuckerberg's platform is still the most widely used social network in the world.

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It's worth mentioning that this is just the main app, not to mention its Lite version. Formerly just a network of friends, today Facebook is the strongest ad platform and the most versatile when it comes to content production.

You can share text posts, images, galleries, plus videos, live streams and even Facebook Stories, which work similar to what we already see on Instagram. There is great potential for making money with Facebook, as we showed in this article.

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2. Facebook Messenger

Let's start with a spoiler: Facebook apps dominate the first four positions of this article. If the social networking app is in first place, your messenger runs right behind.

Facebook Messenger is the most downloaded chat app in the world. Although WhatsApp is the darling of countries like Brazil and India, Facebook Messenger is mostly used in the United States itself and in other nations.

In addition to the functionality and ability to make audio or video calls, Messenger also has its own Stories platform. The use of chatbots has made it a popular tool with companies that already have a Facebook Fan Page, expanding its use considerably.

Download Facebook Messenger on your Android or iPhone.

3. WhatsApp

The second largest chat app is also the third most downloaded app of the decade, according to App Annie, which unveiled the app list of the decade.

As we mentioned earlier, the app is the preferred option in many countries, even if it generally loses to the Facebook messenger. However, the dispute is "at home" as WhatsApp is part of the Facebook group.

Despite not having chatbots, many entrepreneurs use the messenger to answer online and make sales. The popularity among businessmen was such that one business alternative was created: WhatsApp Business.

However, it is worth remembering that WhatsApp Business was not considered in counting the best applications of the decade.

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4. Instagram

Closing the part of the list of best apps of the decade occupied by the apps belonging to Facebook, we have Instagram!

Insta is part of the select group of apps that have surpassed one billion users, even though it is still far behind Face. This is because of its growing popularity, especially after the release of Instagram Stories in 2016.

Besides Stories, Instagram today is perfect for any post idea you have. You can post images and videos up to one minute long in your feed, along with hashtags that extend your reach on the platform.

You can also stream live or even post bigger videos via IGTV, which competes directly with YouTube, another app you'll also see on this list.

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5. Snapchat

The creator of the Stories format has gone through good times, but also dark times, where it almost ceased to exist. However, its popularity with young audiences remains intact, which ensures loyalty and an excellent user base.

In addition, Snapchat never ceased to be at the forefront when it came to the invention of new filters and masks. In 2019, the filters that made us babies or an old person were quite successful. Because of this, Snapchat has never left the list of most downloaded apps and has thus established its name as one of the best apps of the decade for smartphones.

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6. Skype

Skype has always been known for allowing video conferencing without the need to pay. Used extensively in companies for remote team meetings or even job interviews, the app was purchased by Microsoft in 2011.

From then on, it adapted to the trends of this decade and could be used also on smartphones. Membership was immediate and the messaging and calling app remains a solid alternative to free meetings and video conferences.

Download Skype on your Android or iPhone!

7. TikTok

Despite appearing in the late middle of the decade, the app formerly known as took the world by storm. Developed in China as an alternative to Instagram Stories, the app allowed its users to post videos with voiceovers of their favorite songs.

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Like Snapchat, TikTok has had meteoric adhesion from young audiences and is what attracts the most engagement today. Also, it doesn't look like the app will disappear anytime soon. Although its success seems meteoric, the application has been successful for some years in the market. That's why he is on the list of best apps of the decade.

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8. UC Browser

AliBaba Group's browser, which controls AliExpress, is the most downloaded mobile browser of the decade. It is worth mentioning that Google Chrome and Apple Safari are left out because they are already installed on Android and iPhone smartphones, respectively.

Why, then, did UC Browser become the most widely used alternative to these options?

This is due to the possibility of blocking unwanted ads, as well as its simplicity and more robust tools for managing downloads by the application. It also features easy shortcuts to access your bookmarks, night mode, and even supports Flash Player, which has been replaced by the HTML5 standard.

Want to know more about the browser? Download it on Android or iPhone!

9. YouTube

The largest video platform could not be left out, although it is notable that, even available since the beginning of the decade, it has lost positions for recent platforms like TikTok.

YouTube remains the best place to watch video content, be it for entertainment or education. On the other hand, the platform has never gone beyond that and has only recently included content similar to Stories.

That is, the very lack of innovation and the emergence of other platforms has eventually thrown YouTube into ninth place among the best apps of the decade, although it is a sure prediction that it will remain relevant for many years to come.

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10. Twitter

Another of the most influential social networks in the world, Twitter has also marked the decade for remaining a highly engaging platform, especially in the political sphere.

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In addition, it is still widely used by fans of games and pop culture. Throughout its existence, the platform was recognized for using only 140 characters. The change of the limit to 280 characters and the introduction of paid posts were two of the main news about the platform.

Learn more about Twitter by visiting this article!

11. Netflix

Although not one of the most downloaded, Netflix has established itself as the most profitable application for smartphones. Therefore, its presence in the list of applications of the decade is essential.

Innovating the way we consume shows and movies, Netflix's subscription model and its compatibility with almost every kind of device that connects to the internet has made it the main streaming service of the decade.

Even losing users to rivals like Amazon Prime Video or HBO Go, Netflix still remains at the top. Not just among apps in its category, but among all apps except mobile games.

Are you a user of the service? So now check out our series recommendations for marathon 2020!

12. Tinder

Just as Netflix revolutionized the way we consume movies and shows, Tinder has innovated the dating dating sites. Putting away the extensive personality quizzes, the relationship app has made finding soul mate simpler.

Just post a few photos, add a flashy description and set your gender, distance and age preferences. From here, just view the profiles and swipe left if you don't like it. If someone piques your interest, just swipe right. If the person has also slid your profile to the right, you can start chatting.

Today, some advanced features like using superlikes – a paid tool that notifies who you like, putting you on the list – have made the app the second most profitable, second only to Netflix.

Want to know more about Tinder? Then check out this guide with the best tips for getting along with the app!

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13. Pandora Music

Available only in the United States, Pandora Music is more popular than Spotify in Uncle Sam's land. Because of this, it is also more profitable than the Swedish rival. We already mentioned it in our app lists for listening to music online.

Pandora Music allows its users to create playlists of their favorite songs and track podcast episodes of various subjects available on the platform. Despite having free registration, Pandora Music's paid user base has made it the most profitable music app in the world.

14. Tencent Video

Tencent is one of the largest groups of companies in the world, embracing media, videos and games of all kinds. Its mobile video platform, Tencent Video, is fourth among the decade's most profitable apps, surpassing YouTube itself.

Although available for mobile phones, it is only in Mandarin, making it impossible for anyone who does not know the language. Even with a language-limited and below-YouTube user base among the most downloaded apps, Tencent Video's profitability “bought” it a spot on the apps list of the decade.

15. LINE

Although unknown in Brazil, LINE is the most profitable messaging app on the market for allowing financial transactions through it. However, it is important to remember that the feature is not available in all countries, including Brazil.

Still, its use in countries where the practice is authorized has made it incredibly profitable, even if it's not one of the most downloaded apps in the world. The platform mixes messages, calls and social networks in one place, even with a tool to publish and exchange stories with friends and contacts.

LINE is available on both Android and iPhone.

16. iQIYI

Developed by the notorious Baidu, iQIYI is a streaming service similar to Netflix but specializing in Asian movies and series. Although not in Portuguese, his works carry English subtitles, facilitating access and subscription by Western users who are fans of Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese dramas, among others.

Plus, it's a great way to combine fun with the language learning activity, whether you master English or train your ears for Asian languages.

IQIYI is available on Google Play or the App Store.

17. Spotify

Even losing to Pandora Music, Spotify has nothing to complain about, as it is also one of the decade apps that marked the 2010s. Helping to revolutionize the way we consume music and getting rid of the obligation to download music, Spotify has one of the biggest holdings of songs and podcasts.

While also offering the ability to listen to this collection for free, the removal of ads and extra functionality such as being able to skip music without limitation is quite convincing when it comes to convincing users to subscribe.

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Cheaper student accounts and family plans are also some of the strategies that made Spotify one of the apps of the decade.

Want to know more about the app? Then check out this complete guide with Spotify tips you need to know now!

18. HBO Now

Not only was Netflix on the apps list of the decade because of its profitability. HBO Go is also one of the most profitable streaming services of the decade. There is no denying the influence of series such as Game of Thrones – also the most talked about on the internet – Westworld and the recently launched Chernobyl in this profitability.

Because of these works, the platform has become one of the most targeted by fans of series and movies, making it one of the main options among the services available. To learn more about HBO Go, check out our comparison between it and Amazon Prime Video!

19. Kwai

Closing the list of apps of the decade, we have Kwai. A platform that helps you create videos for WhatsApp Status, it quickly entered the apps list by offering special movie effects to its premium subscribers.

It greatly eases the task of becoming a digital influencer by facilitating the creation of original and well-produced content. Want to be successful on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok, Kwai can be a great ally on this journey.

Download the app on your Android or iPhone.

What are the apps of the decade for you?

Now that you know which apps marked the decade that is over, how about you play this game?

Tell us: What were the apps of the decade for you? Which else did you use or play? Comment with us!

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