2-Factor Authentication: What It Is and Why You Should Use It

If you are reading this article, you are certainly interested in increasing your cyber security and have heard about the famous 2-factor authentication. But it can be kind of hard to find good, reliable information about what she is!

So we decided to create this very complete guide where we explain everything about it, how it works, what it is, and why you should use it. So just keep reading our guide below!

Why use 2-Factor Authentication?

It may seem a little strange for us to tell you why you should use this tool if you don't really know what it is. However, it is really important that you understand.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is just another layer of protection for all your online accounts. Considering that the number of scams out there is on the rise, increasing your security is very welcome.

Not only are the scams increasing, the security methods used in the past have become increasingly flawed, with many data leaks out there, making 2-Factor Authentication even more useful.

Passwords, the most used security method, are not truly secure. After all, it's us humans who decide what they are, and they turn out to be predictable in more ways than one.

Also, it is very common for us to use the same password for all platforms we use. The result is pretty obvious: your security drops, a lot.

Why use 2-Factor Authentication

After all, if someone knows your password for one platform, they will know the password for all of them. But on top of that, when passwords leak (and there have been many), hackers can use programs to try to use them all on banks, shopping sites, and social media to access your account.

Of course, using a password manager greatly mitigates this problem, making it much more difficult to guess the password, as with them it is possible to generate random passwords. Still, using 2-Factor Authentication will always greatly increase your security!

And what is she?

Right! Now it's time to explain to you what this security method is. In a very simple way, 2-Factor Authentication is a process in which the user needs something other than a password to be able to login or confirm who they are.

It is implemented in order to provide better protection for the user's credentials and also the data behind the account. It will always be more secure and reliable than 1-Factor Authentication methods like password.

This secondary method is different from the primary. That is, you will type in the password and then a security token, your fingerprint, a scan of your face, or similar things.

It is intended to add an extra layer of security by making it much more difficult for hackers to access your account or your devices. After all, even if your password gets leaked, it won't be enough to gain access!

what it is 2-Factor Authentication

What are the authentication factors?

As mentioned, there are several ways in which it is possible for you to confirm who you are and gain access to your account. There are knowledge, ownership, and inherent factors as the main ones, but there are others. Below, we'll list all the factors for 2-Factor Authentication:

  • A knowledge factor is nothing more than something the user knows, like their password, a PIN, the famous security questions, and all sorts of similar things;
  • A possession factor, in turn, is something the user owns. For example, an ID card, a smartphone, a specific mobile device, a phone number, or an app.;
  • An inherent factor, or biometric, is something the user is. They are things inherent to the user, including physical attributes. For example, using a fingerprint reader or a face or eye scanner. However, it goes further, being possible to use voice recognition, typing recognition, and speech mode;
  • It also has a location factor, which will restrict access to a particular location by tracking the GPS, IP address, or allowing access from specific devices in specific locations;
  • Finally, the time factor will restrict access to a very specific time window in which to login, and restrict access outside that window.

biometric factor 2-Factor Authentication

How does it work?

To enable 2-Factor Authentication, the app, store, or place will need to have this enabled for its users. However, the process is very similar for all services that use it.

  • To get started, you will enter your username and password to start the login;
  • Now the website or app will ask you to enter the second authentication factor. It will be received in the chosen method, be it an app, SMS, or whatever;
  • After typing and submitting, the site will finally allow you access!

Yes, the process is a bit more boring, but due to the added security you'll get, it's well worth it.

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