20 best action series to boost adrenaline

The catalogs of streaming services do not live only on the complicated plots of the spy series. Sometimes we just want to see some explosions, without caring too much about the plot unfolding. That's what action series is for.

Of course, having a weak plot is not a requirement. There is no shortage of good action series with engaging stories or that make us think, as you will see throughout the list.

If you're looking for suggestions of what to watch next, then keep an eye out for our action series recommendations available in the main apps for watching movies and series!

1. Sherlock

One of the best Netflix series of its kind, Sherlock shows what the iconic investigator's routine would be like if he lived today. The detective is played by Benedict Cumberbatch, known for his role in the superhero film Dr. Strange. His friend Watson is lived here by Martin Freeman, also a star in The Hobbit, one of the best trilogies for marathon films.

On the other hand, the sarcastic humor of the original character was not lost, as were the seemingly unsolvable mysteries. Of course, there is no shortage of action and breathtaking pursuits! Watch Sherlock on Netflix through the link.

sherlock is among the best action series

2. The Boys

One of the main action series of rival Amazon Prime Video, The Boys brings a more pessimistic view on the existence of superheroes in our society. Inspired by a comic book, the parody follows a group of individuals whose goal is to end super individuals.

But are they super villains? Not necessarily. All of them were, in some way, victimized by the inconsequential actions of these superheroes.

However, it is worth mentioning that this damage was not caused by heroic actions, but by selfish attitudes, such as the search for likes on social networks or ways to promote and earn more money, while posing as good guys and girls.

Click on the link to watch The Boys on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Jack Ryan

Mixing espionage and lots of action with explosions, Jack Ryan is one of the action series for those who enjoy Mission Impossible movies. The series follows the protagonist who names the show, a CIA analyst who discovers suspicious bank transactions and will need to leave the office and thwart plans for terrorist attacks in the field.

The series is available on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Peaky Blinders

If you like to watch period series, Peaky Blinders has the good mix of past references, without losing the rhythm of the action. Starring Cillian Murphy, the series follows the British gang that gives the series its name.

It is worth remembering that the gang existed and dominated the streets of London in the first half of the last century. Their growth, motivations and history of the gang is told over its five seasons, with a sixth already confirmed.

Click the link to watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix.

5. The Man in the High Castle

Like Jack Ryan, here are touches of espionage and action. The Man in the High Castle shows a different world, in which Nazi Germany and the Japanese empire won World War II. Things start to change when alternative realities present themselves, showing our world to those who live in it through films.

Where's the action? The Nazis do not want these “subversive” films to be shown at all, generating a lot of tension, escapes and, of course, shootings and explosions.

The Man in the High Castle stands out for showing a rather frightening simulation of what our own world might have been like if it had taken a different turn. The series is available on Amazon Prime Video.

6. The Forgotten Army

Not as on the radar as The Boys and The Man in the High Castle, The Forgotten Army is one of the best action series, as well as an excellent war series.

Inspired by historical events, the series covers the story of Lieutenant Sodhi and his group of soldiers, who fought a landmark battle in history for the independence of India, until then a British colony.

With only one season of five episodes, it is ideal for a marathon, as it can be seen completely in one day. Click the link to watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

7. Demolitionist

Marvel's first series with Netflix, Daredevil remains one of the best options among the action series. Without as much exaggeration as the Marvel films, the series stood out for the realism of its battles and the complex emotional debates of the hero known as the Man Without Fear.

But the series focused not only on the psychology of its protagonist, but also that of its antagonist, lived brilliantly by Vincent D’Onofrio.

Following the life of blind lawyer Matt Murdock, the series shows the origin of his super powers, how he was trained in martial arts and his motivations to fight crime also outside the courts. The series has three seasons and is available on Netflix.

8. Hanna

Mixing suspense with action, the plot follows the young Hanna, raised in the forest and with extraordinary skills. Pursued by a CIA agent with motivations specific to the case, he tries to discover the source of his skills.

In other words, you can count on a series full of persecutions, battles and mystery. You can watch Hanna on Amazon Prime Video.

9. The Punisher

Also made in the Marvel-Netflix partnership, The Punisher will appeal more to those who prefer more beating and explosion and less emotional complexity. Not that she doesn't have her moments portraying the psychology of her characters, but the focus here is on the visceral action of the antihero.

Played by Jon Bernthal, the series has two seasons and no shyness to portray naked violence, in the same way as the stories that the character lives in Marvel comics.

Click the link to watch The Punisher on Netflix.

10. The Family Man

Want to see action series that escape the American or British circle of television and streaming? Then The Family Man can be a production that you like.

Created in famous Indian Bollywood, The Family Man depicts the life of an apparently normal middle-class man who works as a spy for the country's intelligence agency.

The Family Man is available on Amazon Prime Video.

family man

11. Hunters

Hunters is another one of the period action series. However, it does not go so far in time, portraying the late 1970s, in which a team of Nazi hunters operates in New York. Because they have no intention of arresting the Nazis they encounter, they operate outside the law, which also puts them in the sights of the state.

With only one season to date, it is perfect for marathoning on a weekend.

Hunters is available on Amazon Prime Video, one of the best alternatives to Netflix.

12. The Witcher

If you like fantasy series, so you've probably watched The Witcher. If you haven’t already, then don’t wait and put it on your playlist now.

Inspired by the iconic video game franchise, the series portrays events similar to the award-winning third game in the series. In a medieval world, Witchers are humans trained extensively in both military and mystical arts, as well as undergoing alchemical processes to achieve superhuman abilities, becoming mutants in the process.

The aim of these Witchers is to be able to fulfill contracts to destroy monsters that plague the land and the protagonist of the series is no different. Follow The Witcher by accessing the link to Netflix.

13. Justified

Another series that is also not so acclaimed, but very well evaluated, Justified follows the plot of police officer Raylan Givens, an enthusiast from the Wild West, following the style now considered obsolete. Having shot a mob killer, the policeman is relocated to his hometown.

Obviously, returning to the place where he was raised was apparently not a good idea, since the protagonist left there a past to which he did not wish to return. Justified is available on Amazon Prime Video and has five seasons.

14. The Tick

Like The Boys, O Tick also takes place in a world accustomed to superheroes. Unlike the first, however, here things are more directed to humor. Tick ​​can also be classified between comedy series.

The series begins when a simple accountant with mental health to be desired begins to suspect that his city is secretly controlled by a villain who was presumed dead. On this journey, he meets the strange blue superhero that gives the series its name.

Inspired by the homonymous animation of the 90s, Tick tries to translate the series' crazyness, but now with real actors. You can watch The Tick on Amazon Prime Video.

15. Wu Assassins

If you like martial arts, Wu Assassins can be a full plate. Similar to other platform action series like the forgettable Iron Fist, Wu Assassins also addresses the life of a young man who becomes chosen to receive ancient mystical powers and fight evil.

In this case, a chef named Kai Jun. In addition to fighting evil spirits with elemental powers, he must also deal with the Chinese Triad, which dominates his neighborhood in San Francisco's Chinatown neighborhood, in the United States.

In Wu Assassins, there will be plenty of beating and magical powers to spare in its first and only season so far, available on Netflix.

16. La Casa de Papel

One of the phenomena of Netflix, La Casa de Papel is a Spanish series that shows the unfolding of an apparently impossible robbery: the country's Mint itself. Becoming iconic due to their red overalls and masks that refer to the painter Salvador Dalí, each gang member is identified with the name of a city in the world.

La Casa de Papel is on its way to its fifth season and all episodes are available exclusively on Netflix.

17. Relentless Search

Already known as a classic, Relentless Search is one of the action movies best known by Liam Neeson, especially because of the meme. Taking place a few years before the feature, the series of Implacable Search shows the protagonist's youth, showing in his past the loss of a loved one.

With two seasons, the series shows the character's entire revenge journey, as well as the possible improvement in his abilities to find and kill people who harm his family.

The Relentless Search series is available on Amazon Prime Video.

18. The Umbrella Academy

If you love cinema filled with superhero movies these days, then streaming services should also be waiting for you.

Based on the comic of the same name, The Umbrella Academy shows a group of adoptive brothers who, after years apart, get together to investigate the death of their adoptive father and discover a threat capable of bringing apocalypse to the planet.

It is worth mentioning that most of these brothers have super powers, but also their own personality and moral code. That is, in addition to their powers, they must also deal with their past conflicts and personalities.

The Umbrella Academy is an exclusive series from Netflix.

19. Spartacus

We have already shown action series that take place at different times, even one in an alternative medieval universe. But so far, none of them took place in one of the most violent periods in our history: Antiquity.

Spartacus is a four-season series that recounts the story of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who led a slave revolt in Rome. The series tells everything that had happened until that fateful moment in the history of the gladiator.

Spartacus is available on Netflix in full.

20. Chicago Fire

Unlike the action series so far, Chicago Fire is not about beating and shooting. Instead, he accompanies a fire brigade and its seemingly impossible challenges on a daily basis.

A different type of action, here the enemy is fire, explosions and natural disasters, in addition to the protagonists' own dramas.

The five seasons of Chicago Fire can be watched on Amazon Prime Video.

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