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20 best apps and websites to check the weather forecast

20 best apps and websites to check the weather forecast

As simple as it may seem, the possibility of checking the weather forecast is very useful. This is especially true if you are thinking of traveling or doing an outdoor activity. But of course, you can't always know which app or weather site to trust.

Therefore, we have separated some of the best options on which you can check the weather forecast. This includes temperatures, rainfall, humidity, wind and any other information you need. To learn more, just check out our tips below!

1. Climatempo

use the weather

Climatempo is possibly the most famous site among Brazilians for checking the weather forecast. Therefore, he could not be missing from our list, even as a recommendation for those who do not know him yet.

It is extremely complete, has forecasts for all cities and states in the country and is updated at all times. There are still satellite images and predictions for more than a week.

If you want to know more, just check the link.

2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the best apps for checking the weather, offering instant updates every minute. Its interface is beautiful and the app offers several different widgets for you to make your smartphone more beautiful.

You can give the app a location or let it use your GPS to check where you are. This will allow him to give much more specific weather forecasts based on his region.

You can check out more by accessing the link.

3. Arcus Weather

Arcus Weather is another one that brings very detailed forecasts with updates every minute. It has a beautiful and functional widget and, if you wish, it also sends notifications and alerts of possible weather changes.

It can be downloaded for free, but has some ads. It's not something that bothers you so much, but if you prefer, you can purchase the premium version for a very low price.

It's a really good option if you want to use a weather app on Android. If you are interested, you can check the link below.

4. Navy Thousand

Our next suggestion is Marinha Mil, which, as the name already suggests, is a great site for marinas and yacht clubs. For those who do not know, this is the official bulletin of the Meteorological Service of the Brazilian Navy.

Of course, it is not that simple to use at first glance, but it is one of the most complete and reliable. It can only take a little getting used to the acronyms and the way you call the regions of the country.

You can check it out for yourself by accessing the link.

5. 1Weather

1Weather is a very popular tool for those looking for weather apps. It offers constant climate change updates and has many important details.

There are even some interesting options for you to choose how you prefer to receive your notifications. Unlike many apps of this type, it is available in several languages, which makes the experience much better and easier to understand.

To check out more, you can access the link.

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6. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is another very popular and free option that you can try. It has a very unique function, which warns its users about lightning and thunder and how far they are from their location.

It sends you notifications about changes in the weather and offers constant updates to your forecasts. You can find out about the tool at the following link.


The Center for Weather Forecasting and Climate Studies, also known as CPTEC, is another option for those who want something very detailed. This website is official of the National Institute for Space Research.

It has a lot of data and detailed information on temperature, rain, humidity, wind and even on atmospheric pressure in Brazil. There are also specific details for navigators.

So it is easy to check the sea condition close to coastal cities, for example. If you want to check out more, just access the link.

8. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is another option that should not be missed by those who want to check the weather forecast. Its design is very well done and beautiful, with a super simple interface to understand.

Other than that, the app offers constant updates to your weather forecasts. It is still free, sends important notifications about the weather in regions close to where you are and also shows very beautiful animations at sunrise and sunset.

Check out more at the link.

9. Windguru

The next suggestion on the list is Windguru, which despite not being Brazilian, is available in Portuguese. It is great for anyone who wants to check the weather forecast or simply have more details about the winds in certain locations.

For that reason, it is widely used by surfers and other sports athletes who depend a lot on the weather. If you want to take a look, just go to the official website.

10. Buoyweather

weather apps

Buoyweather is used all over the world and is perfect for those who need a tool that can check the weather in several different places. It is very simple to use, even though it is extremely complete in its information.

It is worth mentioning that even for being so complete, it offers a paid service for those who want to have access to everything. But you can test these features for 15 days at no cost before deciding whether you really want to pay.

To check out more, just access the link.

11. Google News and Weather

If you use an Android smartphone or just love using Google services, this is an app you can't miss. Google News and Weather is great for keeping up with all the news in the world as well as checking the weather forecast.

It updates itself throughout the day, both in terms of news and weather. Certainly an app that complements your phone very well.

You can download the app by accessing the link.

12. The Weather Network

Although not available in Portuguese, The Weather Network is one of the best ways to check the weather forecast. It has a beautiful design and offers real-time weather updates.

If you want, the application can also send you notifications and alerts about storms and sudden changes in the weather, something extremely useful. The app can be found at this link.

13. Weather Underground

The next tip for those who want to check the weather forecast is the Weather Underground. This tool is very functional, easy to use and still offers details that many other apps and websites do not have.

This includes the time of sunrise or sunset, possible outbreaks of flu in your region and even visibility conditions. Definitely a good option for those who want something different.

To check out more, visit the link.

14. Weather Now

Going to a simpler site, we have Tempo Agora. This option is more recommended for those who really just want to check the weather forecast quickly and without many additional details outside the weather.

It is very straightforward and is updated quite frequently. Other than that, he reports on temperatures, possible climate changes and humidity.

Check out more at the link below.

15. The Weather Channel

weather channel

Another well-known and used option is The Weather Channel. The site is extremely popular in various parts of the world precisely because it is very complete and very accurate in its predictions.

You can check forecasts every day, week, fortnight or even monthly forecasts. Of course, everything is updated every hour, so you have a better idea if there is a sudden change.

The cool thing is that it can be used on the website or on their official smartphone app. You can check this and more at the following link.

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16. Climate of Brazil

Another very simple website that you can use to check the weather forecast in our country is Clima do Brasil. Like some other sites that we present here, it is very straightforward, but still offers a lot of information.

You can check the forecast for the day, the next hours or the next few weeks. There are still details about chance of rain, humidity, winds and more.

Check out more at the link below.

17. Dark Sky

If you're looking for an app to check the weather on your iPhone, there's no better suggestion than Dark Sky. In fact, the app was already so good and popular that Apple made a point of purchasing it some time ago.

Even so, the app has grown even more and has become much more interesting in recent years. If you want a complete, very informative and beautiful experience, this is the right app for your iOS device.

Check out more on the App Store.

18. Flowx

Another good suggestion that you should check is Flowx. It not only informs you about the weather forecast, but it can inform you of sudden changes in the weather.

This includes storms, gusts, cyclones and more. It takes all your information from satellites, so its update is quite frequent and accurate.

If you want to check out more, just access the link.

19. Weather Line

The Weather Line is another great option for those who own iOS devices and want an alternative to Dark Sky. This is one of the most complete apps you'll find on Apple phones, and it even offers a premium subscription.

It basically offers extended forecasts and with information from various sources to deliver the most accurate result possible. There is a free version, but then it just kind of offers data similar to Dark Sky and still has advertisements.

If you want to check the app, just access the link.

20. Weather Live

use weather live to check the weather forecast

Finally, we have an app called Weather Live, which you can try on your smartphone. Its main focus is to offer all the important information about the weather while also delivering a very beautiful and interesting look.

Considering how much people like the look of weather apps, it looks like they got it pretty well. It offers complete data on climate, sudden changes, winds, humidity and more.

If you want to download the app, just check the link.

Did you like the tips to check the weather forecast?

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