20 best comedy videos from TikTok

TikTok may even be better known for its music videos, but it also has a lot of content of other types. TikTok's comedy videos, for example, have been quite successful lately. This is especially true for those who are not so fond of music videos or who want something fast and funny.

If you are a user of the application or are curious about it, we have separated some of the best comedy videos from TikTok. Check out all the details in the list below!

1. Scary cat

Of course, you wouldn't be able to make a list of TikTok comedy videos without putting one involving cats. In this case, the concept is very simple and those who have had a cat at home will identify themselves.

After all, the pet is approaching frighteningly every time the camera tries to film it after moving away.

2. Misunderstood lyrics

Everyone must have gone through the situation of getting a song lyrics wrong. This video plays with exactly that, putting several misunderstood letters and trying to recreate the situation with a puppy next to it.

He's really funny, we just can't guarantee he'll be able to hear these songs without thinking about the wrong lyrics afterwards.

3. Getting hurt with Lego

Anyone who has ever had a Lego collection knows the pain of stepping on a piece unintentionally. This video is keen to show that there are much worse pains than this with the toy parts.

4. Waiting for payment

The next of TikTok's comedy videos also shows a situation that most have already faced: expecting the salary at the end of the month. In this case, the user of the app tries to give a hint on how to make a sandwich even without having to buy other ingredients.

It is definitely not a recipe that we will try anytime soon.

5. The cockroach's revenge

Having to deal with insects inside the home can be quite annoying, which leads people to try to get rid of them as soon as possible. But the cockroach of this video is not that easy.

We just wish we never had to go through a situation like this or even find that dreaded cockroach.

6. iPhone vs Android

Considering how similar smartphones are nowadays, it is difficult to see iPhone and Android users still trying to prove which one is the best. Still, that doesn't mean they make a joke or two about it.

In the video above, an iPhone user shows how to have an Android camera on his phone with a simple trick.

7. Travel trick

Our next suggestion among TikTok's comedy videos is also about a trick. In this case, a humorous way to show how to travel simply and without taking up too much space.

Let's just wait for the Coronavirus quarantine to end before trying.

8. Playing with food

Almost everyone has played with their own food when they were younger. This TikTok user not only did not stop this habit, but perhaps took it a little too far.

9. Confused calf

There are those who love to visit unconventional animals, which is the case in this video. Something about visiting a small calf, the girl dressed in a cow's outfit was in for a big surprise.

Apparently, the poor thing was either hungry or missing his mother.

10. How to make music

It is not today that people think that singer Billie Eilish makes very simplistic songs, but this video decided to joke about the situation. In it, we see how easy it is to emulate the sounds of the artist's most famous music.

11. Kombucha

It is very likely that you have seen a meme made with images from this video. In it, a girl experiences Kombucha for the first time.

There are definitely many different reactions and emotions in just seconds.

12. Choreography in public

We know how impressive a dance choreography can look in a music video. But that does not mean that they are very interesting to do alone in public.

This is especially true when the music is not playing and no one around you knows what is going on.

13. Dancing dinosaurs

There really isn't much better than seeing several people dressed up as dinosaurs in the same environment. Even more if they are dancing for no reason.

14. Distorting the music

If we have already had one of TikTok's comedy videos with misunderstood lyrics, there is no reason not to see other cases of the same situation. Only this time there is no cute puppy to accompany us.

Still, it will be difficult to hear this song without remembering that alternative lyrics.

15. Pole Vault

Anyone who has watched a little of the Olympics knows that it is quite impressive to see athletes doing pole vaulting. Even more when they break records live.

What we don't see is what can happen when these athletes are still training and practicing this sport. Something that the video above shows very well.

16. Group dance

What starts out looking like another man dancing alone in public becomes something more impressive after a few seconds. Definitely a good way to surprise followers.

17. Fast food war

Everyone has their favorite fast food chains. But what would happen if you called two of them at the same time and left them talking to each other without knowing the situation.

The video above shows just that with two famous American pizzeria chains.

18. Fun cleaning

We know very well that cleaning the bathroom can be quite unpleasant. Fortunately, among TikTok's comedy videos, we found one that turns this activity into something more fun and funny.

19. Parkour

Watching Parkour videos is always interesting, but they can usually be a bit alike. In the case of the video above, we see someone who took the old attempt to slide down the stair rail at a level far beyond what was expected.

20. Spoiled childhood

In many cases, it is possible to find references to adult jokes in children's drawings. This is nothing new, but it can be quite devastating to see something like this that seemed just an innocent drawing of our youth.

The video from the TikTok user above shows exactly such a moment in The Amazing World of Gumball

Did you like TikTok's comedy videos?

Did you take advantage of our list to see some of the best comedy videos from Tiktok? So don't forget to leave your comment telling us what you think of the suggestions.

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