20 Best Romance Series to Keep Passion Alive

Romance series are one of the most diverse types that exist when it comes to watching series.

Many may think that we are talking about that “water with sugar” novel or even American teen series, which always follow the same repetitive pattern.

But these are not always the subjects that romance serials address. Some of them don't even speak of that romantic love of a couple, but their rediscovery in new phases of life and even novels that are not at all healthy.

To help you in the task of finding romance series that serve to warm your heart, have a few laughs or even reflect on the role of romance in the different stages of our life, the works we have indicated will certainly keep you busy for a long time.

It is worth mentioning that they are all available in different apps to watch movies and series on the market, either as part of the Netflix series catalog or available on Amazon Prime Video.

Check it out below!

1. Jane the Virgin

Before we start talking about the series, we need to clarify that this version of Jane the Virgin is available on Netflix. As the story is retold in different formats and even in different countries – there is even a Korean version of the series! , it is common to confuse the work.

In the version available on Netflix, the protagonist who gives the series its name finds itself in a very troubled stalemate: despite remaining a virgin and having a fiance for whom she is willing to lose her virginity only after marriage, a medical procedure done by mistake ended up inseminate her, making her a pregnant virgin.

To make things more complex, she discovers that the donor is none other than her boss at the hotel where she works.

In addition to showing the complexity of the incident and its consequences for her family, boyfriend and work, Jane, the Virgin also shows questions about the lives of young Latino women living in the United States.

The series is in its fifth season and is available on Netflix.

Jane the Virgin

2. Sex Education

One of the most acclaimed series among streaming services, Sex Education stands out for talking about taboos about the sex life of young people. Even with a well-known story about the lives of teenagers near the end of their high school life, the show differs by not clinging to gender stereotypes.

Sex Education talks about the life of the teenager Otis, who differs from his colleagues by having a mother who is a sex therapist. That is, he knows the answer to most of the doubts his colleagues have, even if he hasn't lost his virginity.

The plot follows him and his two colleagues, who decide to open a sexual health clinic within the school itself to earn money. With two seasons, Sex Education is one of the best series to do marathon and is available on Netflix.

3. Anne with an E

Although it is also a series with a teenage protagonist, Anne with an E goes in an entirely different direction than Sex Education. Starting at the time: this series takes place in 1890.

Young Anne is an orphan who, by accident, is sent to live in a house with two unmarried brothers. The series addresses the difficulties of the protagonist, as well as her doubts about her new life, especially in relation to the acceptance of people who will become part of her routine

It is interesting to note that this whole scenario takes place at a time when being an orphan made him considered an inferior citizen.

With a curious and imaginative mind, the series addresses these issues lightly, much like the adventure series. You can watch Anne with an E's 3 seasons on Netflix.

4. Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Mixing fantasy series with romance, Shadowhunters shows a universe in which mystical creatures and humans live together, even if in secret. On her 18th birthday, young Clary ends up discovering the existence of this mystical world that works in secret after her mother's kidnapping.

In her search for answers and to rescue her mother, she ends up discovering to be part of an ancient lineage of Shadowhunters, hunters of dark creatures. In addition to investigations and action sequences, there is plenty of room for romance during the discovery of this new world.

Shadowhunters has four seasons and is available on Netflix.

5. Pretty Little Liars

If you want teen drama, then you need to meet Pretty Little Liars. Set in a country town in the United States, the plot follows the investigation into the disappearance of a teenager, leader of the group of friends who star in the series.

A year after the girl's clueless disappearance, the protagonists begin to receive mysterious letters with a very suspicious handwriting. Despite indicating to be from the friend who disappeared, the group's distrust of everything around them will make them start to evaluate their old relationships with a new perspective.

Pretty Little Liars has seven seasons available on Netflix.

pretty little liars is one of the teen romance series with a lot of mystery and suspense

6. Most Beautiful Thing

One of the best Brazilian series on Netflix, Coisa Mais Linda brings the story of four women in the 1950s. The plot begins with Maria Luiza, who goes to Rio de Janeiro to find her husband to open a restaurant together.

However, upon arriving in the city, she discovers that her husband has abandoned her. In the space where the restaurant would be, the protagonist decides to open a bossa nova club, which will take her to meet the other three protagonists Lígia, Adélia and Thereza.

Coisa Mais Linda is a story about feminist women who had to face offensive stereotypes given to women at the time and that continue today.

The series is in its second season and is available on Netflix.

7. She Wants Everything

If you want convention-defying romance series, She Wants It All might be the right series for you. Following the life of a young artist from New York, the plot revolves around her search for identity, in addition to addressing her relationships with three different men.

With the protagonist herself being a person considered nonstandard by society, Ela Quer Tudo deals with novel formats outside the conventional, but addresses topics such as self-acceptance and female empowerment.

Ela Quer Tudo has two seasons and is available on Netflix.

8. Grace and Frankie

Until then, we talked a lot about romance series involving teenagers and people in their early adulthood. Grace and Frankie goes in the opposite direction, bringing two protagonists already in old age.

After discovering that their husbands are gay and ending their relationships with them to be together, the protagonists start to face together the challenge of a new life, after so many years married. With distinct personalities, the series will show the development of this relationship in the midst of divorce.

Grace and Frankie has six seasons and is available on Netflix!

9. Once Upon a Time

Another option among romance series for those who like the fantasy genre, Once Upon a Time imagines a world in which the fabled characters migrate to our planet and need to learn to live here. That means seeing characters like Cinderella, Captain Hook and even Elsa from Frozen interacting in our world.

Are you curious to know how this mixture works? Although the series recently left the Netflix catalog, it will be available from November 17 with the arrival of Disney + in Brazil.

10. Gray’s Anatomy

A classic among romance series, Gray’s Anatomy is one of the longest running series still on display. Launched in 2005, the series revolves around the routine of the protagonist Meredith Gray and the staff of the Seattle Grace hospital.

In addition to taking care of the various patients that appear, team members also need to deal with their personal issues, in addition to the relationships they have established with each other. If you want a long series to follow, Gray’s Anatomy is one of the best options, as it has 16 seasons available on Netflix.

grey's anatomy

11. Sex and the City

Another classic series dating from the 1990s, Sex and the City premiered in 1998 and is still one of the most referenced romance series to date, even featuring some drama films that continue the series' events.

The series follows the misadventures and experiences of four friends who live in New York, with touches of drama and romantic comedy. All six seasons of the series can be viewed and reviewed on HBO Go.

12. Magnolia Sweets

While Sex and the City addresses a group of friends venturing into an urban and metropolitan setting, Doces Magnólias switches the scene to a small town.

Friends since adolescence, Dana Sue, Helen and Maddie share their confessions, outbursts, experiences, and help each other to take care of their love problems and difficulties in life.

Don't want to spend hours on end watching long series like Gray’s Anatomy? So Doce Magnólias is ideal for you, since it is a series of 2020 and is available on Netflix!

13. Virgin River

A nurse moves from a metropolis to a small American town and sees her routine and lifestyle change considerably. This is the beginning of Virgin River, a story that deals with everyday life and the change of routine, it also shows that surprises can happen even in unexpected places.

Released between the 2019 series, Virgin River is an original Netflix production and has a season. Click the link to watch!

14. Back with the Ex

Unlike the other romance series so far, Back with the Ex is a reality show. Similar to the Brazilian reality, De Férias com o Ex, in Back with the Ex, four singles are reuniting with ex-partners, with the chance to rekindle their passion or reaffirm that separation was the best choice.

What sets it apart from the Brazilian reality is that here we are not in jovial and “cruising” scenarios, bringing couples of different ages and experiences. Click on the link to watch the first season of reality!

15. Lovesick

Also a romantic comedy, Lovesick relives the love stories of the protagonist Dylan, diagnosed with chlamydia, an STD.

Together with his friends, he will remember his affairs and romantic relationships by informing his ex-partners about the diagnosis. Lovesick is available on Netflix and has 3 seasons.

lovesick is one of netflix's most watched british romance series

16. You

If you want to watch disturbing romance series that can barely be part of the genre, you can be an interesting option. The series deals with exactly one side of the little talked about novel until recent times: when the interest is, in fact, obsession.

The series shows the life of a bookstore manager who becomes obsessed with a writer, taking extreme steps to become part of her life, all without her realizing it.

With two seasons, You are available on Netflix, but here is the warning: we do not recommend it to anyone who has had abusive relationships.

17. Riverdale

One of the Netflix teen series, Riverdale also takes place in a small and mysterious town, which gives the series its name. Adapted from a comic series, Riverdale follows the lives of the young protagonists after a mysterious murder that took place in their city.

The group decides to take the crime investigation as well as to discover the reason behind the violent way in which the murder took place. Throughout history, we see the relationships of the characters go through turbulence, as they discover events in the city that until then were hidden.

Riverdale has 3 seasons available on Netflix!

18. Gran Hotel

A Spanish series available on Netflix, Gran Hotel also begins with a murder investigation. The protagonist Julio starts to work in the hotel where his sister, murdered, also worked.

Throughout his investigation he meets the daughter of the hotel owner, with whom he falls in love. Throughout the plot, the two develop a relationship, to the point that she becomes a helper in the investigation.

In addition to the investigation of the crime, Gran Hotel also shows us the difficulties and prejudices that happen with couples from different social classes. The season series has 3 seasons and you can watch it through the link.

19. Elite

If you like teen dramas, then we have to recommend Elite. Like Riverdale, it is a romance series that bets heavily on suspense, counting with much of the twists and turns of teen series.

She follows the routine of three public school students who receive scholarships for a school attended by Spanish high society. The class conflict ends up leading to a murder at school, but the perpetrator is unknown.

Like Gran Hotel, Elite also addresses romance between people from different social classes, but during adolescence, different from the previous series. Click on the link to follow the three seasons of the series!

20. The Eternal King

Closing our list of best romance series, The Eternal King is a South Korean series that features two parallel worlds that intersect. When crossing worlds, a Korean emperor ends up entering a totally unknown world where he has no authority.

However, a determined detective crosses his path, offering him a chance for romance without the demands that his position in the old society he lived demanded of him. Click on the link to watch the first season of the series, launched this year!

eternal king romance series

Which romance series are on your list?

We believe there will be no shortage of romance, at least on your list of series to watch on Netflix. Which of these romance series do you recommend? Which ones have you watched and marathon without mercy?

Tell us in the comments!

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